hipster!darcy meme

'All your base...are belong to us'
hanzo fucking shimada
'All your base...are belong to us'

i saw some people talking about this audio clip being a Real Thing That Actually Exists and was like “no that can’t be true” and then i found it after spending around an hour looking and i’m posting it now because i don’t want to have gone on incognito to search “hanzo shimada ‘all your base’” for fucking nothing

Sup, Broshevik? (Is that insensitive? I can’t tell if that’s insensitive or not.) 

I bought you a thing in Chinatown - the man at the checkout assured me it will definitely help you if you “come under fire”.

Or maybe it was if you “become one with fire”..?

*shrugs and does teh finger guns*

Darcy Lewis, MBA

lewis. this is categorically not a hand grenade. this is, if possible, the exact opposite of a hand grenade.

i’ll still take it, of course. it’ll make a decent melee weapon. and with tony around theres no such thing as too many fire extinguishers.