The #Supergirl guitar is finally finished


2 piece swamp ash body, 1 piece maple neck, stainless steel frets, 7.25″ freatboard radius, TV Jones Classic Plus brdige pickup, Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack neck pickup, Hipshot bridge, 1 volume and 1 tone control, 3 way toggle switch, 50s wiring, Kluson Deluxe tuner.

The SUPERGIRL inlays on the fretboard are aluminum, The inlays on the back are aluminum, copper and brass. The symbol is also made of copper and brass and the ‘belt’ of brass.

Post Unruhe

She kind of knew he’d come tonight.  This strange ritual they’ve started since Modell.  It happens, every now and then.

She’s typing.  

And he starts off the same way he has, other nights.

His hand in her hair, rubbing, stroking along her neckline.  Massaging but it’s erotic nonetheless.  His fingers trailer goosebumps down the ridge of her neckline, onto her shoulder.  

It’s friendly. Partners do this.

She turns her face, nuzzles her nose against his wrist bone.  It’s okay.  It’s partnerly.  

She’s typing.

His massage turns insistent, light fingers turning to deep tissue.  Soft breathing in the room slowly becoming harsher.

His fingers slip back up. Tickling the soft hairs at her jawline. Tracing the fine bone there.  Up to her earlobe, tracing, then back.  

Her right-hand returns to his wrist and there is breath without word.  Gasps without insistence. A gentle encouragement as he strokes that spot along her jawline, back and forth, back and forth.

She’s a little ashamed at herself.  This has been a terrible case.  But those fingers, slowly stroking themselves by her jawline… that fucking finger and the look on his face.  

She bites her cheek, focuses on the computer, rakes her finger nails up his inseam and relishes the groan.  She trails her hand higher.  She knows what she will find.

Her hand strokes from his base to his tip and there is just sound. He even controls the roll of his eyes to a slow flicker.

“Fuuuuuck me.”

“Close call, today, Mulder.” Down stroke.

Breath.  Suck air.

“I’d rather… talk about something else.”

She is looking at the screen.  Today scared her, in Schnauz’s trailer.  She hasn’t been much scared.

She strokes up, clamps a little…   She pulls free a minute and unceremoniously spits in her palm, tugs his zipper down.  He loves it.  “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.”

She doesn’t know how long this goes on, how long she can keep doing this with him.  But now, with him at sundial strength, isn’t the time to argue so she turns, licks, root to tip, and strokes.

“Scullllllayyyyyy.” He buries himself in her face before he lets go.

The primordial pump initiates and there they are, Yin to fucking Yang, buried hip to face deep and not letting go.  

Soon she will be sick and soon she will be dead and she feels as if she’s leading him further down the road of shoot or don’t shoot, but tonight she’s onboard.  

He’s hipshot up in her and she’s down on him in every way she can and they come down together.  

He’s praying to a God he doesn’t believe in and she’s not sure she does, either, anymore.

He’ll be okay though. This will make him okay, she hopes.

He breathes similarly  This will make her stay.

His Daughter

A/N: Long time no see! I hope y'all like this one! Criticism welcome (constructive kind though).

Word Count: 745

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Warnings: None

You fixed dress as the carriage bumped up and down on the gravel. You were heading to the Winter’s Ball with you parents. This year it would be held at the Schuyler Estate. A big house came into view. You heard talk about the Schyluer’s being rich but, wow.

Your thoughts were soon cut off by the stop of the carriage. You let your parents get out first and saw them get bombarded with people. Your dad was after all THE General Washington. This caused a lot of guys to come your way. They only wanted to meet your father.

You wanted a boy to like you, not because of your last name, but for you. That was hard though. Tonight you pledged to get that done. You had to find a eligible suiter so you wanted to be for love not force.

The ball room was huge like the rest of the house. People talked and danced. You never seen so many people drink this much wine. There was at least three drunk people. Found yourself a spot at the ballroom. You watched as couples dance elegantly. They seemed like they were in love. As you were staring at the couples you didn’t see a man walk to stand beside you.

“They dance so beautiful.” Said a man. You jumped, not noticing that the man had walked up. You turned to him seeing that he was chuckling.

“It’s like they practiced it for years.” You said glancing at the couples. Some twirling not to the beat, like they had forgotten anybody was there.

“Marquis de Lafayette, but call me Gilbert.” He bowed and kissed your hand. A light blush made it’s way across your face. Men have done this before, why were you blushing now?

“Y/N” You said remembering your promise. Confusion crossed his face. He was probably wondering your last name.

“Will you happen to give me your last name?” He said motioning his hand. You smiled a big smile.

“That is something better saved for later.” You smiled rocking on your feet. Until the time was right you would tell him you name. First, he will know just know Y/N.

“Ah, I see. Would you like to join me on a walk Miss. Y/N?” He said holding out his arm. You smiled even bigger, if that was possible, and took his arm.

He led you outside to a garden you didn’t notice on the way in. Tulips, roses, and violets were most of the flowers. They were arranged into ways that made them all look unique.

You and Gilbert talked about everything. Hobbies, horses, and even the Revolution. He was supposedly a general. You had never heard about him from your father.

“I rather do love horses. They seem peaceful.” You claimed, holding onto the crook of his arm. You looked down then up to see Gilbert’s eyes on you.

“I shall have to take you out on a ride sometime. I have a ranch back in France. It’s rather beautiful at night.” He looked deep in your eyes as he said that. You were close to him, hipshot breath fanning your nose.

“That sounds lovely.” You said breathless. This man had truly took your breath away. Who could blame you with his trimmed beard, handsome bun, eyes that are like chocla-

“Y/N! Where are you!” You heard your mother scream. You sighed backing away from Gilbert.

“I’m over here!” You screamed back. A few seconds later your mother’s head poked out of the corner of the garden.

“There you are!” She said hugging you looking for injuries. You laughed at her doing this. You were not little anymore, bit she still checked.

“Have you found her, darling?” Called your dad. You groaned seeing your dad come out of the bushes. He looked at you then Gilbert then you again. “Lafayette.”

“General.” Gilbert saluted. Your dad nodded and Gilbert relaxed.

“C'mon Y/N, we have to head home. It’s getting late and we don’t want to be home at three.” Your father complained. You turned to see Gilbert standing their confused, but regained his posture.

“Will I have the pleasure in writing to you, Miss …” Gilbert trailed off hoping to get your last name. Your dad was pushing you a long away from him, but you kept eye contact.

“Washington. Y/N Washington.” You said before you were pushed back through the party and into the carriage.


2016 Oceana “O6-S” DuoTone 
• Mahogany body and neck
• Ebony fretboard
• 25.5″ scale, 22 Jescar .047x.095″ stainless steel frets
• Medium C ultra-slim taper neck profile
• Celluloid tortoise binding
• Black Diamond Firemist top color
• Roadhouse Super Alnico bridge and Kingston neck pickups
• Mastery bridge and vibrato
• Hipshot classic open gear tuners

Fic:  Hurl Clichés At Me

Title: Hurl Clichés At Me
Rating: R for sexual situations
Characters: Mulder/Scully sex
Summary:   “You do have some pretty bad pickup lines, Scully.”

For kateyes224, who wanted sweet happy smut.

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Warmouth neck - decal by me, 10-16 deg. rad.
3.4 lb Roadworn body
Hipshot floating trem
Dimarzio Injector series Pups
Electronics pretty standard - though tone knob hung on bridge and a push pull remaps middle and neck to 5 way so I can get tele pup combos.

Cost me 525$ all used bits off eBay.

It smokes.

Jabba Custom is an exclusive classic instrument with the modern touch. I’ve played one but really want to. I bet it will sound beautiful through my Edens rig. The Custom boasts Ash body with two sound chambers, Eye Poplar top, Maple neck and Rosewood fingerboard. Equipped with Aguilar AG 4J-70 (or AG 5J-70 in 5-string version) Alnico V pickups, Mayones 2-band GP-BP2 active electronics, Mayo Vintage Bass bridge, Hipshot tuners and Schaller straplocks.  bassistsunited bassguitarplayersunite

1974 (June) Rickenbacker 4001 :: reglued loose binding, replaced broken “wavy” Grover tuners with Hipshot HB5’s, installed Schaller strap locks, dressed the worn saddle slots, new Bakelite nut, new string damper pad and a push-pull pot for the bridge pickup.

The 4001 has a 0.0047 µƒ capacitor (not your standard 0.047 µƒ value found connected to the tone pot) in the bridge circuit that cuts bass frequencies and the overall output.  The push-pull pot gives the option of removing the cap from the circuit for increased volume and fuller tone.  I highly recommend this mod as it gives you a lot of tonal options.

Note:  Those looking to do this bridge cap bypass mod - Rickenbacker sells a shorter 330kΩ push-pull pot that they use on the 4003.  Other push-pull pots (Alpha, etc)  are often too tall to fit in the control cavity without modifications.  Always think twice before permanently altering your vintage instruments!


Winter NAMM is this weekend, which means lots of lovely new guitars unveiled for this year. Since I’m a huge gear dork I thought I’d talk about some of the instruments I’m most excited for! This is just stuff that’s been unveiled so far, so there’s probably more to come. ANYWAY:

Jackson Guitars- Misha Mansoor Signature Model

Jackson has been hitting it out of the park the past couple years, and these guitars look to be absolutely the TITS. Alder body, optional maple top, maple neck, ebony board. BKP Juggernaut pickups, 25.5" 6 strings and 26.5" 7 strings. The Periphery inlay is a little corny but entirely optional. And dig that sparkle silverburst. Unfffff. Will probably come in around the 2.5-3.5K mark pricewise, depending on how fancy you go.

Carvin Vader

Carvin responds to years of begging for extended-range headless guitars. This is clearly meant to compete with Strandberg at a more affordable price point (and without the Washburn-made Strandbergs’ host of QC issues). I’m not 100% sold on the shape, but this would be a really comfortable writing/recording guitar, and by all accounts Carvin’s new Keisel passive pickups actually sound good, unlike every other pickup they’ve ever made.

Caparison Brocken

By all accounts, Caparison makes fantastic guitars, and I am super psyched about this 8. 27 frets(!), 27" scale, mahogany/walnut body, maple/ebony neck, DiMarzio pickups, Hipshot bridge. If this comes in under $3500 I could see it being a big hit.

Ibanez RG852MPBAGBSGLHRLHGSGH seriously Ibanez stop it with the stupid model names

The Ibanez RG2228A was my go-to 8-string for years, until I stupidly sold mine. They’re really great guitars, and the new standard bridge is actually a significant upgrade over the old double-locking monster they put on the 2228s. The burl veneer is a bit gaudy for my tastes, but this is sure to be an excellent guitar at a great value. 27", what look to be DiMarzio pickups (probably D-Activators), basswood body with aforementioned burl veneer, maple neck, 27" scale.

Mayones Legend 7

Mayones makes the best extended range guitars I’ve ever played, which is why I own two of their 8-strings. I’ve always liked the Legend body shape, and it looks great as a 7-string. I’m guessing at the specs, but it looks to be 25.5" scale, set neck, Bareknuckle pickups, and Schaller Hannes bridge. Mayones typically offer a couple different options for woods, so my guess is we’ll see ash bodies with maple caps and maple necks, as well as a mahogany/maple body with mahogany neck.

PRS- Mark Holcomb Signature

PRS finally comes out with a fixed-bridge 24 fret guitar, and it looks fantastic as usual. Mahogany body, maple top, maple neck with ebony board, 25.5" scale, Seymour Duncan Holcomb signature pickups. It’ll be pricey, but it’s PRS so that’s to be expected. Those Periphery boys sure know how to spec out their guitars, eh?

And finally, the guitar I am MOST EXCITED FOR…

lol just kidding


Mayones Regius 8 MM QM Djentelmen

Periphery Misha Bulb Mansoor

  • Profiled Basswood back
  • Quilted Maple top
  • 3-ply acrylic pearl binding
  • Neck-thru-body
  • 11-ply / Maple-Mahogany-Amazakoe-Wenge
  Neck dimensions
  • Width at nut - 55 mm
  • Width XII fret - 70 mm
  • Width XXIV fret - 78 mm
  • Ebony
  • 3-ply acrylic pearl binding
  Fingerboard Radius
  • 16" (406 mm)
  • 27" (687 mm) - baritone
  • 24 medium jumbo 18%NS Ferd Wagner 9665 2.64×1.20 mm (w×h)
  Markers & inlays
  • Plain, no markers + side dots
  • Luminlay side dots, 3 mm, Blue
  • Angled; topped with chosen body wood
  • 3-ply acrylic pearl binding
  • Sperzel Trim-Lok
  • Hipshot 8 String Fixed Guitar Bridge
  Pickups / Electronics
  • H-H / Bare Knuckle Aftermath Set
  • 1xMaster Volume (push-pull for coil splitting)
  • 3-way toggle pickup switch
  • Q-Parts knobs
  Body finish (front)
  • Transparent NaturalFade Blue Burst OUT / Matt finish (T-NF-BL-B-OUT-M)
  Body finish (back)
  • Transparent Blue / Matt finish (T-BLU-M)
  Neck finish
  • Transparent Blue / Matt finish (T-BLU-M)
  Headstock finish
  • Body matching
  Hardware colour
  • BLK (black)
  • SIT - S1074 Powerwound [8]
  Additional equipment
  • Ebony nut, Switchcraft jack, Schaller Security Straplocks, Hardcase
  • All Mayones instruments are 100% handcrafted.
  • The actual colour, finish, shading or texture may be different from the samples shown on the website and in the catalogue.
  • Prices and delivery times may vary depending on version, chosen finish and hardware.
  • All features, specifications, and availability subject to change without notice.
  • Mayones and the Mayones logo are registered trademarks of Gitary Mayones Partnership. 
    All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Confession: Now, understand that Loghain is pretty high up on my ‘Love to Hate’ list and I had absolutely no sympathy for him (before reading Stolen Throne. Now I have a smidgeon.) He’s never survived a single one of my many playthroughs, but I did see a video of his appearance in DAA (I think…) He appears, arms crossed, hipshot and leaning against a pillar. To my horror, I found (and, if I am honest, still find) that utterly sexy. Thanks, Bioware, for that unwanted bit of insight into myself.