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Bones' favorite sex position? (If you do this sort of headcanon)

(Uhhhh, you better believe I can write this type of headcanon! I don’t write real, super long fic smut but I can write these)

-It really depends on your height when it comes to sex with Bones

-If you’re a normal, average sized person, Leonard highly enjoys scissoring or old school missionary style. Not only is it pleasing for both parties, it provides a perfect view for the other person, and gives a lot of options for touching.

-If you’re shorter, you and Leonard found standing up to be an exciting experience. You are easily able to wrap your legs around his waist/hips, as he holds you up. He’s most likely drilling you against a wall or the kitchenette counter. It also opens the opportunity for kissing, since you become more eye level with him, making kissing a whole lot easier.

-You once convinced him to have shower sex, even though he protested against it. Running water, combined with rough, uncoordinated movements is a recipe for disaster. Still, you managed to convince him. As he held you up, he lost his footing multiple times, and it finally got to the point where he moved you both out of the shower, and finished business on the freezing bathroom floor.

-Leonard likes the idea of trying new things, so you’ve pretty much tried everything in the book, including every place possible. To name a few: on a bio bed (it happens a lot more often then the others), in his office, on the bridge (when the ship was docked and deserted), a supply closet, among the machinery in engineering, and even on James T. Kirk’s bed (he really pissed Leonard off that day).

-You learn something new every. single. time. Whether it be about him, yourself, basic human anatomy, or random historic sex rituals, Leonard always makes your sex life more interesting.