In response to hippywithachainsaw’s post, here is my body!

I’m 5 ft-something and weigh 165 lbs, hovering around that for some time. I grew up practicing karate and ninjutsu, but I stopped a few years ago. As far as I can recall I’ve always been stocky, and there have been days where I’ve been upset with my body. Continuously exposed to the media’s concept of beauty, it plants something in my head and sorta makes me turn on myself, I admit. Sometimes I wish I had a flat stomach, or I could just melt off all the layer of fat that hugs my muscles. I get insecure about my lower abdomen, arms and sides.

But I try and remind myself that my body is mine to protect, and that I should never try and abuse it into what media would deem sexy or perfect, because to me it should fine as it is. I’m strong, I’m healthy, and only with time and hard work could I improve in both strength and health. I feel really good when I exercise, and it’s not just because I want results. I love to eat, and I’m not afraid to eat. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself but
hey, food is delicious and I’d never starve myself to look pretty.

For right now, I’m strong and healthy, I feel sexy, and I appreciate my body! I hope to see anyone else reply with their body and positive attitude, regardless of size :D Make sure to tag it with #hippywithachainsaw!

this is the start of my journey.. to becoming a better me.. every day I will hopefully take a picture of myself to reflect the changes that are happening to my body. and once I start getting comfortable with myself most likely a few shirtless selfies.. im looking forward to the future..:) motivation is welcome…