My Scooby Gang:

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  2. sexyladyface (8%)
  3. natasi (4%)
  4. madameshocking (3%)
  5. hippylovebug (3%)
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  8. emosauras (2%)
  9. but-not-worthy-of-your-love (2%)

Well surprise, surprise. Well not really, and look who’s back on top! All amazing blogs more importantly amazing people.

Trying to write my letter to the visa people is proving to be harder than I thought it was. There aren’t enough words to prove to them how in love with hippylovebug I am. I wish they could just see us together, I wish they could see how my eyes light up when I see her even on FaceTime, I wish they could feel my pulse race when she kisses me, I wish they could know how I’ve never felt comfortable with anyone before, but with her it’s like coming home, the place I’ve always been searching for. Words can’t tell them this, but words are the only thing I can give them right now. I just want them to know that I can’t possibly live much longer this far away from her and I need to be allowed to never have to say goodbye again and only goodnight.