hippy gear

A-”R”ex (Moon 2007)

I’m sorry, but this is a profoundly boring show. Being fluent in Japanese might help since it’s all talk and no action, but I sincerely doubt it. It’s some kind of meta play within the play about Alexander the Great, with Asa as the actor Alex playing “A rex”. Few actors could save a show like this and Asa is not one of them. We mostly see her neutral or vaguely sceptical face as other people talk and then some angsting, which is not her most convincing genre. There is zero opportunity for her great smoulder mode.

This was Yashiro Kou’s send-off so she gets a big role (perhaps even bigger than Asa’s), which is good. Izumo Aya is in it too, as Athena in a communist-style uniform with floor-length tight skirt (what’s with those impractical long uniform skirts in zuka?). Kiriyan plays Dionysus in hippie gear, though without obviously representing any dionysian principle - she only gets to very subtly homoerotically tempt Asa. Masao has a smallish role as one of Alexander’s men.

The DVD includes the dress rehearsal of a jazzy finale which was for some reason never performed.  I love jazzy finales but it feels a little lackluster - maybe because they don’t get any energy from the audience since there is none. I still think the audience sitting through this show deserved a finale! Maybe the director, Ogita Kouichi, thought it didn’t go well enough together with the play. He’s the one who made these thought-out revues where all the numbers blend together seamlessly: King Solomon’s Ring, Tuxedo Jazz, Tarantella!, Romantica Takarazuka, Passage.