hippy and the snake


Pictures of my two new tattoos- the one is of two roses with the number 45, and the second is Ouroboros. I’ve wanted tattoos for years now- and the decision to get these two first was definitely a difficult decision. It was fascinating watch the artists work- I’m utterly obsessed with it now. I’m already hoping to get another soon! The overall message is to keep moving forward- no matter how low or how high you are 🌹🐉


saturday, june 10, 2017

today’s outfit: blazer/jacket that used to belong to my friend marina, old jeans from clothing swap i patched up, green crop top i don’t remember getting, hippie hat, docs, GLASS SNAKE NECKLACE I BOUGHT TODAY AT REPTICON TAMPA, misc. other jewelry, kohl, “neutral” colored grown-up lady lipstick, floral socks from target, sleep deprivation, crippling depression

today’s song: “down I-5″ by case/lang/viers. good song for summer road trips where it’s raining or about to rain, contains william blake references and neko case’s singing voice, what more can you ask for? some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night– i’ve tasted both, they are the same


Horned deer have been connected with magic and the Gods since the earliest of times. Antlered human forms are to be found in cave paintings and religious icons around the world. Gods have been depicted or associated with stag from the Inuit to the Inca.

Probably the best known forms today are Cernunnos and Herne. 

Cernnuous literally means ‘the horned one’ and is often referred to as the Horned God or Stag lord. He is usually depicted  as a seated human with antlers, holding a snake in one hand and a torc in the other.

Herne’s name is thought to have come from the call of the hind in the running season. Herne the hunter is said to appear in Windsor Great Park at times of national crisis.