Today’s crystal grid.. It’s really been a stressful, difficult few days and my emotions are all over the place. I decided to make a grid that would help me regain some balance! I chose Fluorite octahedrons (balancing), Amethyst (calming, cooling), and clear Quartz (to lend some love and amplify). I think next time I’ll add a few grounding crystals as well.

On days where you find love is not winning, try fighting with compassion and understanding, not with violence. You will find times where your heart sinks, where evil may be victorious and your liberal heart beats alone. Do not give up, do not get angry, fill yourself with power, positivity and understanding. The world cannot push down what is right, the light will shine again, if only you will hold out for it.

liberal hearts by Amy Kennedy


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The first episode of the “Morning Magick” segment on my brand-spanking new channel, where I lounge in bed, drink a crap load of tea, and talk about witchcraft and magick in all it’s glory.