Definitive Proof That There’s Nothing Cuter Than A Baby Hippo Learning To Swim

Baby pygmy hippo Obi might only be 3 weeks old, but he sure is getting the hang of this whole swimming thing.

Obi and his mom, Petre, ventured into a large pool at the Melbourne Zoo last week for Obi’s first real swim – and, by the looks of it, he’s a natural. As Obi bobs up and down and flicks his tiny hippo ears, we can’t help falling in love.

Keith Hippo Headcannon

So my friend showed me that Keith and the hippo post thing, and so we started discussing it and it now turned into absolute beauty. So now I have a headcannon with Keith and hippos.

-Just one day, everyone is sitting around asking questions like, “What’s your favorite food?” or something, and at one point they ask about favorite animals

-Everyone seems to have normal answers that fit them really well and then they all ask Keith and he answers, “A hippo.”

-And everyone just turns to stare at him like, “Keith, what the fuck, how?”

-Maybe a long time ago someone lied about hippos being these badass fast motherfuckers that could kill people with a look on some other shit to him and he remembered and loved hippos since then

-They finally do show Keith what hippos do actually look like, and it’s just these chubby purple sea cow looking things

-He stares for a bit and they all think he doesn’t like them anymore, but then he turns around, FUCKING SMILING HAPPILY AND SAYS HE LIKES THEM EVEN MORE NOW CAUSE THEY WERE BETTER THAN HE COULD’VE EVER IMAGINED

-All of them just flip their shits, until they all calm down, and they it’s just great

-Lance makes Keith a hippo onesie or something, maybe hippo slippers, cause Lance can sow

-Pidge just spouts these random hippo facts for Keith at moments he’s panicked or scared so it calms him down

-Hunk makes hippo food art, but never again cause Keith almost cried as he ate it

-But at like a costume party Keith shows up as a hippo and Shiro is the rear end? Is best brother

Bonus: Lance says to Keith, “You’re a cute hippo.”
And Keith just turning as red as his lion and Lance just laughs at how adorable his boyfriend is



all fives minute of it

with the sound on

I swear stopping everything I was doing and dedicating all my attention to this masterpiece was the best decision I’ve made all week