I had a surge in followers today since Hippopotalust reblogged one of my hippo posts. I just wanted to welcome all the new followers to CritterFacts and fellow hippopotamus lovers. Many of the pictures I post are my own and I try to post where you can find the animals in the pictures. If they aren’t mine I will provide a link or tag reblogged. You can read more about me here and about the blog here and ask me anything here. And since many of you came with a love for all things hippopotamus enjoy one of the San Diego Zoo’s lovable pygmys. And for those of you who love hippos and aren’t following Hippopotalust and want to see the best collection of hippo pictures Tumblr has to offer, you can follow this link! :) 

Also I’m apologizing in advance for an up and coming lack of substantial content. I just started a new job after being unemployeed for 4 month so once the queue runs out there could be some delays. So Thanks for hanging in there and sticking around.