In all honesty

Here I am, 4 am in the morning, scrolling through tumblr and just seeing the usual team crafted stuff.

Then the reblogs about Mitch and Jerome’s old video, girls and guys wondering if they should or shouldn’t tweet to encourage them to go back to their old ways.

And there’s myself, just thinking how foolish and futile it is. I used to be like them. Nostalgic of either bYd, ASF, or multi-failing. Wanting them to go back.

Then realizing it’s not going to happen.

Let me tell you why, and why I stopped fantasizing about it.

They have tried countless of time to bring back old videos before, such as ASF, multi failing, and such. Most of the time those attempts just flop and boom. No more of it.

You guys have to understand; Call of Duty, or whatever the fuck they used to play on is just not fun for Mitch, Mat and Jerome, even Zak to play.

Mat stopped playing MinceRaft because it got boring. He started new interests, new series.

Mitch was banned from the MSG servers because of better sprint mod. The Fridge was hacked. Jerome was along with the ride.

Zak stopped YouTube for a while.

Now my train of thought is probably disorganized because I can’t sleep and I’ve worked a 8 hour shift today, but my point is:

Just stop.


Stop trying to change them. Stop trying to force them back to things that are uninteresting to them. It’ll be like forcing tasteless food down someone’s throat just because you told them to.

You guys are being selfish.

They’re doing what makes them happy. And you should be happy they’re having fun now.

And I may seem like an asshole right now, and I’ll admit, I am an asshole, but I won’t keep turning a blind eye to the posts about #reviveasf.