This is a baby hippo. Hippopotamuses are thought to be around 55 million years old. They come from Sub-Saharan Africa, and their name means ‘River Horse’ in Ancient Greek. They’re generally considered to be the third-largest land mammal after elephants and white rhinos, and although you probably wouldn’t guess it, their closest relations are actually whales and dolphins.

Source: tomotomotomomo


Definitive Proof That There’s Nothing Cuter Than A Baby Hippo Learning To Swim

Baby pygmy hippo Obi might only be 3 weeks old, but he sure is getting the hang of this whole swimming thing.

Obi and his mom, Petre, ventured into a large pool at the Melbourne Zoo last week for Obi’s first real swim – and, by the looks of it, he’s a natural. As Obi bobs up and down and flicks his tiny hippo ears, we can’t help falling in love.