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June 15, 2017

Jay Z updates his Twitter.

2017 Songwriters Hall of Fame. First rapper to be inducted!

All of those who have inspired him as he has inspired us.

The last tweet: Obama on Jay Z’s induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame! Now what other rapper has the President’s praise and stamp of approval like this? Check out the video here.

June 15, 2017

Jay Z updates his Twitter. 

2017 Songwriters Hall of Fame. 

First rapper to be inducted! All of those who have inspired him as he has inspired us. 

Obama on Jay Z’s induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame! Now what other rapper has the President’s praise and stamp of approval like this?

Caffeine Challenge #12-- done!

You can read mine below or here (X)! This one is yet another WIP lol. Good job everyone who participated, I can’t wait to read yours!

I’m on a bus before I know it, my sister’s voice still ringing in my ears.

“Mom’s dead. They’re calling in a new Sheriff.”

It’s been years since I’ve been home, but I know what that means. There’ll be blood in our county before the month’s up and, with Sis pregnant with her second, that’s something Abbey’s can’t afford.

So I break the promise I made when I was sixteen and I come home. Mom’s not around to care though, so it’s hardly like there was much of a promise to break anyway.

Judging by Orisa’s face, she doesn’t agree.

“I told you not to come,” she says when I jump off the bus. She’s got a toddler by the hand and her belly is swollen with another child. For all that, she’s still got a whole belt of stakes slung over her shoulder.

“You’re expecting trouble,” I say, chin jerking to the wood. “I had to.” I drop my bag at my feet and squat down with a friendly smile. “Ara? Is that you? But, it can’t be, you’re so big!”

The little girl, hair the color of sunlight, ducks behind her mother’s legs, amber eyes distrustful.

“I saw you when you were a baby,” I say to the little girl. She’s got her mama’s freckles, only a shade darker than her brown skin. She’s beautiful. “I’m not surprised you don’t remember me.”

“The locals certainly remember you,” Orisa tells me. “What are you thinking, Mable, coming back now?”

I exhale through my nose and stand. “I’m thinking that we’re in Sheriff-less territory and you’re the late lady’s daughter, Orisa. That’s what I’m thinking.”

“They like me here,” Orisa says, white teeth flashing. “You coming back is only going to stoke the fires, Mable. You know that.”

I keep my smile pleasant, aware of Ara’s eyes on me. “The fires are already stoked, Orisa. You should know that.”

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June 15, 2017

Tonight, Shawn “JAY Z” Carter is inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, the first rapper at that.

The ceremony and dinner will take place at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in NYC. Tickets were sold at $1, 250 and are completely sold out!

It will be a night to remember to celebrate other inductees and music innovators such as Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, Berry Gordy, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and Robert Lamm & James Pankow. Honorees include Ed Sheeran, Caroline Bienstock, Alan Menken, and Pitbull.

Congrats, Mr. Carter and others! Continue to inspire us all!

Toughen up

Hey y’all, just getting around to do some requests. So it’s first come first served kinda deal here. So here is the first one, I hope whom ever requested it… likes it. Thanks for requesting by the way, you’re a star.

Request- Hey, can I get a scenario where Jungkook is like the quiet and shy kid at school, but when tough reader arrives at school for the first time, he gets a crush on her and discovers the only way to get her is to turn into a bad boy? Angsty and fluffy?  

Okay so there is violence, strong language, so if that’s not your cup of tae… stay clear of this. 


Originally posted by gukiee

Jeon Jungkook was your average school student. He kept up with school work, was quite and never got in trouble at school, he was into sports, everyone loved him. He never put a toe out of line. Jungkook had six close friends and that was it. Like he talked to other people but he was shy, so talking to people he didn’t was a big no-no. Girls in his school often confessed to him, but he was never interested in any one. That was until you walked past him on the first day of term. 

He didn’t know who you where, but he wanted to know. He needed to know. You were unlike anyone he has met. You hand piercings all up your ear, Your hair was blue with a light purple flowing through it [Sorry, that’s what I want to do to my hair. -Admin Abe], you were beautiful to him. He couldn’t take his eyes off your radiant face and gorgeous curves. You walked through the hall like no-one else was there. 

“Hyung, who is that girl?” Jungkook asked Jimin, his friend, who was sitting next him. 

“That’s Y/N, she’s the new girl. She’s in our English class. Why?” Jimin leaned into Jungkook, who’s eyes never left your body, as you strode down the hall, your hips swaying from side to side. Everyone was looking at you, but you didn’t care, nor did you even notice them. 

“I have to know her.” Jungkook stated, finally looking at his group of friends. 

For the next couple of weeks Jungkook decided to observe you. What you did, what you liked, who became your friends. He heard a lot of rumor’s about you, but he didn’t care. You were tough. You stood up for yourself and for the people who couldn’t stand up for themselves. 

Jungkook remembers being in the cafeteria, when a boy from the rugby team started to punch and kick a younger, a lot less stronger boy. You strode up to both of them with a expressionless face. The boy punching the younger boy looked up at you. 

“Run along little girl.” He said, you scoffed. 

“Little girl, who me? Do you feel like a big man, that you can pick on someone younger? What makes you feel so good about yourself when you do this. Oh-” You chuckle.”-It’s cause you have a small package right? So you do this to feel big, like you have a big dick. Ahh, I see well, this still isn’t going to make your preform well in the bedroom. So why don’t you do me a favour and fuck off.” You smiled sweetly, the big boy ran off kicking a table out of the way. You helped the younger boy, picking up his books for him. He bowed at you and thanked you. The whole school was stunned. Jungkook was amazed. No one was able to stand up to him and you did it with just words. 

Every boy in school wanted to be with you and every girl wanted to be you. Well not the pink bitchy fluffy girls, who bullied girls. But they didn’t dare try when you were around. You were respected and feared all at the same time. But you didn’t give a shit either way. 

Your parents were believers of doing what you wanted. Dress how you want, be the person you want to, because at the end of the day life is short, so why pretend to be someone your not. What was the point in doing that… There’s not. So you dyed your hair the way you wanted, and be the person you wanted. 

Jungkook when walking to practice, would see you behind the gym smoking with your friends. The way your inhaled and exhaled the smoke, was arousing to Jungkook. He just wanted you. He didn’t want all those other boys looking at you, without knowing that your his. So how does he get you, with your I-don’t-give-a-fuck-attitude? Well he goes to the one person he knows every well with that attitude. Min Yoongi. 

“Hyung, I need your help!” Jungkook rushed into the room with his six friends. 

“Yes.” Five of them all said at once. They all looked at each other. 

“No, I need Yoongi-hyung.” The only one who didn’t say yes. He groaned. 

“What do you want Kook? I’m in the middle of something.” He was laying on the couch, with a neck pillow behind his head. 

“What are you doing?” Jungkook asked. 

“He’s ignoring Amber.” Jimin intervenes, Yoongi giving him a death stare. 

“She’s friends with Y/N?” Jungkook remembers seeing her with you a couple of times. 

“Yeah, so.” Yoongi closes his eyes again. Jungkook kneels at his head. 

“I want to ask, Y/N out on a date. but I don’t know how.” Jungkook whispers. Yoongi erupts in laughter, making everyone look at the both of them. 

“Yah, Kook no offence, but your a little to shy for her, no? Have you even talked to her. Like she’s really nice and all but, she looks for adventure and fun. And have your ever broke your curfew?” Yoongi chuckles. 

“Hyung, please help me get her. I have never liked a girl before and she’s just amazing.” Jungkook admits looking down at his knees. 

“I’ll help, but your going to have to toughen up kid. She gonna want some one to stand up for what they believe and her.” Yoongi looks at Jungkook, with a gummy smile. Jungkook jumps on him. “Get off, you heavy git!” Yoongi shouts, all the boys laugh. 

“I love you hyung!” 

Operation turn Jungkook into a bad ass phase one- 

So in this phase one, Jungkook under went some changes. For example his clothes, Yoongi said it was time for his ‘mommy’ to stop picking his clothes, so yeah that happened. So the all the boys where in on this operation, to get Jungkook the girl. 

“Okay judging by Y/N style, it’s safe to say she likes black and ripped jeans.” Jimin starts to pull out different clothes from the racks. 

“Jungkook try these on!” Taehyung shoves a pile of clothes at Jungkook, pushing him into the dressing room. Jungkook does as he is told, and tries the clothes on. They were back skinny ripped jeans, a plain black t-shirt, a leather jacket and a choker. He walked out of the dressing room, all the boys turned and started at him. It was silence for a bit, til Namjoon spoke up. 

“You’re a totally pantie dropper, Kookie!” All the boys cheered, making Jungkook go red. 

“Kook, there is a party on Friday. Y/N will be there without a doubt. So you in, or not?” Yoongi raises his eyebrows at the younger boy. 

“Hell yeah!” Jungkook chants making the other boys erupt in laughter. 

Yoongi and the boys set Jungkook with a new style, and give him pointers on how to act a little less socially awkward, as you were fun and outgoing. Yoongi bascially told him to grow a pair of balls and actually talk to you. Yoongi had explained how you like to just be who you are and that you were actually really nice, just sassy as fuck. 

It was Wednesday and Jungkook was sporting his new look, ripped jeans and a plain black t-shirt. It was simple but sexy. He knew that cause Hoseok told him so… He walked into English class late, Jungkook had never been late before. He walked to the back where you were sitting and sat beside you. Everyone stared at him, even you. Once the teacher started teaching, everyone turned around. You leaned into Jungkook, your lips inches from his ear. He could feel your breath on his ear. 

“Why are you sitting at the back? You never sit here.” You say smirking at him. He turns to you, leaning into you now, staring into your eyes and then to your lips. 

“I didn’t know you noticed me.” He smirks back. But inside he was dying, he had never been so close to a girl. And right now all he wanted to do was grab your waist and kiss you all over. And you look at him, he’s over the moon.  

“You’re kind of hard not to notice.” You winked and turned back to the teacher. You and Jungkook both sat at the back of the class grinning. 

It was lunch that same day, Jungkook was excitedly telling all the boys about English. When a fight broke out in the cafeteria, everyone was gathering around the two kids fighting. It was that big kid from last time, Jungkook recognised that it was the younger boy from last time too. 

“That bitch isn’t here to save you this time.” The big boy says, as he punches the kid again. 

“Who me? Awh, I’m not a bitch am I?” You winked at the smaller kid. You walk up to the big boy, he’s much taller than you. You brag over a car and stand on it. So now your the same height. “Look douchepants, did you not get the picture last time. Pick on someone your own size.” You poke him. 

“What are you gonna hit me little girl?” The pokes you back. 

“Little girl?” You scoff. “Look shrek, fuck off.” All the younger kids erupt in laughter. 

“You’re dead bitch!” 

“What are you going to hit me? Gonna do it! I said pick on someone your own size, now I am. I dare you to.” You challenge. He boy lifts his fist to take a swing at you, you closed your eyes. But it never came. You open your eyes to see Jungkook standing over the boy, with him on the floor crying in pain. Jungkook holds his fist. Jungkook grabs your hand and drags you out of the room. He walks you down til your at a quite corner. He presses you up against the wall. This was the first time you had butterfly’s, as he stares down at you. Trapping you with his arms against the wall. 

“Are you fucking crazy!” He finally speaks. He’s looking into your eyes intently. 

“Why did you stop that?” You ask. 

“No-one else was going to, you could have been seriously hurt you know. He’s a huge guy!” You look at his bloody hand. 

“It wasn’t your fight to stop.” Jungkook cups your face. 

“And what let you get hit?” 

“Yeah, I can handle my own shit.” You push him away, walking away from him. Jungkook grabs your hand. 

“I don’t want you to get hurt.” 

“Then stop, I’m not what you want.” You rip your arm from him and leave him in the empty hall way. Jungkook didn’t know what to say. He just had an urge that he had to protect you. 

Jungkook waited for you after class, but you skipped not giving him a chance to talk to you. You thought Jungkook was too innocent for you. 

Jungkook decided to stop trying so hard and enjoy his life. He cut classes with the boys, he actually had fun for once in his life let loose and he loved it. You had noticed him more and more, as he was coming on your scene. You didn’t like to admit it but, you always noticed him even before he started to actually live. But him in those black ripped jeans, fuckkk. 

It was finally Friday, which meant party time. Jungkook put on his party get up the boys got him. He was a pantie dropper. When he walked into the party, it was packed, girls throwing themselves at him. But he only had eyes for one girl, you. It wasn’t til an hour into the part Jungkook found you. You were outside smoking with Amber, Yoongi and a few unknown faces. You were wearing a little black dress that fir your curves perfectly, black converse and a choker. If people didn’t know that you both weren’t dating, they would think it. Jungkook walked past you, gaining his attention.He walked to a quite part of the back garden. You followed. 

“You look hot as fuck.” You say walking up to him. You offer him a drag from your cigarette, he happily takes it. He puts it in between his teeth, sucking in a breath and exhaling out his nose. It was such a sexy scene, his choker around his neck, as his dark eyes stared into yours. 

“I think you look sexy as fuck in that dress.” You smirk at his words. He grabs your waist, pushing you up against the wall, again. One hand by your side, as one stays on your waist. His eyes flicker from your lips to your eyes, as you do the same. 

“Have I brought out the bad boy in your, Jeon?” You bite your lip. Jungkook feels like his insides are burning. He smiles. 

“I think you brought out me.” He leans in, pressing his lips to yours. Your hands fly to his hair, and neck pushing him closer to you. Your lips start to move against his. He pulls away biting your lip. “Let me know you.” This is his way of saying, let me in and let me love you. 

“How about we get out of here, and go get to know each other.” You push your lips back to his, he smiles into the kiss. 

Jungkook had gotten his girl, and he also found himself. Thanks to the bad ass bitch that you are. Girl, you slay! 

A/N- I hope the anon that requested it, liked it. If you did please let me know. And everyone else who reads it too. I really loved this ask, I hope I did it justice! 

Thank you for reading! 

-Admin Abe x