We didn’t choose breakdowns. We didn’t choose to have no money. We didn’t choose challenges, but we chose a life on the road, and all the things that come with it. 

Maybe it would be nice to have a van that works all the time, to be able to go on a roadtrip that goes smoothly for once, to not be impeded by faulty parts or terrible weather or border controls, police and snow. But honestly, it’s the bumps in the road that make life exciting. 

We might have an old rusty crappy van, but the lessons it has taught us are invaluable. How could we ever have learned how to change an EGR valve, or replace a wiper motor, or bodge and improvise our way through so many problems had we not got an old van? And how could we have learned to drive on snow, or power our way through mud, or navigate language barriers with garages and police had our journey been free of kinks in the road? How could we have learned to get by, make do with less and improvise had we enough money to throw at our problems and make them go away?

We didn’t ask for these problems, we didn’t bring them on ourselves, and truthfully we don’t always accept a challenge with grace, but it’s the feeling once you’ve come out the other side, knowing you’re a little bit stronger and that little bit wiser, that makes us appreciate the beauty of those bumps in the road.

Be aware that what you think, to a large extent, creates the emotions that you feel. See the link between your thinking and your emotions. Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.