Gym life: Part 2

Im standing in front of the mirror, apparently while I was in the shower he had come and prepared a blanketed area for us to “work out on”. I do mountain, tree and cobra poses, nothing fancy, just a couple of basic poses. Meanwhile he is doing some stretching of his own. I giggle because he fully erect and while he’s stretching and flexing his thick, chocolate dick is bouncing every which way. I switch into warrior pose it is then he starts walking towards me, he tells me not to move and hold my position. He stands behind me and starts to caress my body did I mention he has baby oil. Yes he massaging me with baby oil. He tells me to move only when he says if not punishment will follow. Yes daddy, I obliged and continue in my warrior pose. He has finished rubbing me completely down, he stands up and admires his work thus far. He grabs me from behind and rubs my breast, I tilt my head back on his shoulder in enjoyment. He slaps my ass swiftly causing me to yell out. I said dont move, he says in a deep growl. Okay I reply, going back to my position. He grabs my breast and says, is that how your suppose to answer me. No, I reply. No what, as he grabs harder making me moan louder. No daddy I correct my self. Good girl, he replies with a sly grin. He reaches for my cookie and gives her her own massage. My goodness he has some strong thick fingers. He glides back and forth over my lips, teasing the entrance to my wetness. I can tell we’re both enjoying this, we’re both moaning. I’m trying my hardest not to break concentration my legs are already trembling. After awhile he sits in the middle of the blanket and tells me to get into downward dog. Standing over him I do as I’m told. I try to obtain my most perfect form, but it’s hard when Yaki has his face buried in pussy. Mmmmmmmmoooohhmygawd. What is he doing to me? He alternates licking my clit and my cookie, he also has a thumb in my butt. My juices are everywhere and its about to get worse. I feel the orgasam building up, I tell him I’m about to come. He pulls his thumb out and two of fingers desperately try to find my g-spot. I start buckling under the pressure and begin losing my balance, don’t move he says, I’m gonna come I say back, don’t move he says again firmer. I spread my legs to give him better angle to get to my g-spot. He stops all together and politely excuses himself from under me. What the hell why did you stop I was just about to come, I try to stand my thighs at shaking so bad. I told you not to move or you will get punished, I must admit you messed that up for the both of us, I wanted that nut out of you just as bad as you he says. He stands there in all his chocolate goodnes and motions for me to come to him. I pout my way over and face him, rubbing my wetness trying to salvage the moment. He grabs me by the back of my head and kisses me intently, tasting myself all over his lips and tongue. He snatches away leaving me breathless. He tells me to get on my knees and pleasure him only, if I touch myself in any way I’m in trouble. I kneel down and face my sweet tooth addiction, tell the meat gawd I said thank you. I’m working my magic on him nicely throughly enjoying myself in the mean time. His toes are curling, his thighs are tight and his moans are getting deeper. I peek at the mirror and his head all the way tilted back, everything about his stance is telling my head game is on point. I get so into I began to caress myself turning myself on even more, I start to reach for my cookie and he says dont. I assume he means dont stop giving him head so I keep going thinking he’s at his coming point, my eyes are closed I’m so into what I’m doing I haven’t noticed that he’s watching me, watching me pleasure my self. He grabs my face stopping me in midst of my groove, I told you not to touch your self as he slips his dick out of my mouth. But daddy i began pouting… No he says firmly, I said pleasure me only not yourself, while saying this he had his dick bouncing on my pouting lips with every syllable taunting me with it. He tells me me to stay put while he retrieves one of those big fitness balls. I lay across it as instructed and await my fate, he tells me no matter what do not cover my mouth. I’ve tried very hard thus far in being quiet, now he wants me to be loud, okay. He’s behind me taking his time, he keeps taking his dick and rubbing it against my already sensitive clit, my hips are rolling and bucking trying to make him go inside me, but he thinks it’s hilarious watching me squirm and beg for him. He thrust his hips forward getting as close to my ass will allow him. I yell out pleasure and cover my mouth afterward. He slaps my ass and reiterates do no cover your mouth, making the meaning if his words be felt by the length of his dick and boy did I feel it. My moans and yelps are becoming louder and louder. You will scream for me he says with much authority with that he sticks he thumb in but again and sends a shock wave through my body making me shudder, he groans deeply in the receiving end of his cause and effect. I know I’m not supposed to move but I can’t take it any more I shift just enough to get that damn ball from under me and get in the proper position of how one is supposed to get fuck from the back you know with arch and arms stretched long in front of me giving him prefect angle he needs for the both of us to catch this good nut. He begins to tell me not to move but it happens so quickly that before he finish he’s statement he literally falls deeper in the pussy causing him to hit my spot just right letting go of that squirt and scream that had been building up this hold time, in return of my excitement he lets out a yell as well coming with me, he slaps my ass one last time trying not to completely lose it. We fall flat on the floor breathing heavy sweat, dripping from both of us with a glaze look in our eyes. Laughing at the fact that we just had sex in the gym at our job. We lay there taking each other in, running our fingers back and forth across the others skin. Hey, hey is any body down here what’s going on? We scramble to our feet trying to gather our things and figure out where this voice is coming from. We see in the distance from the main entrance a flash waving frantically from side to side. I grab my things and he says quick run to shower I’ll take care of this. Deja Vu all over again. Aftermath coming soon….

Gym life: Part 1

Its been a little over a month since Yaki and had our “meeting” in his office. No one has said anything to either of us, so far so good. His big head friend Ty knows something is up, he just dont know who it is. He ask Yaki every now and again but he just smiles and changes the subject. We’ve see each 2 to 3 time a week, rather it be a lunch, dinner or an all nighter. Those are fun. However we keep our distance at work as much as possible to keep the temptation at bay but please believe when the coast is clear its on and poppin. So far no one knows of our relationship, mainly due to the fact that he’s my boss and second, he’s my little secret, just like that escape song. It’s at the end of the day and almost everybody has gone for the day except for over night security guards. As bad as I want to go home and sip on a bottle of wine I head downstairs to the basement to gym, got to get in. So I start off with some light cardio, I’ll probably do some pliates something not as strenuous as full body workout, just don’t have it in me. The gym is really one big open floor plan, just divided into sections by equipment, there’s even a pool down here. The bathrooms are along the back wall and in the middle separating the ladies from the men is a family bathroom. Which is funny considering it’s an office building now, don’t really remember what it was before. I love that bathroom its private, it has its own shower and everything I can go in and take my time and have my own privacy. So half way thru my work out I spot somebody in the pool, I stand and watch from the window admiring this persons physique. They look fimilar but I just keep it moving. He reminds me of Justin Lynch, that 16 year old kid who beat Michael Phelps record. Yea who ever that was swimming is just that good. I head over to the free weights and lazily do a couple of sets of whatever. I put those back and just start doing my yoga. While doing my yoga i feel like somebody is watching. Even though its a open floor there is a bunch of nooks and crannies to hide in. Trust me I know i have hidden many a times from people I don’t want to be bothered by before. I stretch for another 15 minutes or so and head for the showers. I finish up getting dress and gathering my belongings. I threw on a maxi dress something simple nothing fancy, kicking my self because I forgotten my underwear, bra and panties. O well I’m going straight home and there is no one here but me and the security guards. Heading back towards the elevator i hear, no wonder your so limber and tone. I stop dead in my tracks and look in his direction. It’s Yaki and he’s walking towards me, my goodnes he sexy all he has on is sweats and black tee and a pair of kicks. It’s just something about this mans everything that drives me wild. He’s right in front of me and he smells just like he looks. My you look good enough to eat he began, he starts walking in circles around me as if I Was his prey. Was that you in the pool I saw earlier? Yes it was, he replies. Your a good swimmer, your form is really good. Thanks, it helps keep me loose in between workouts. He stops in front of me face to face, well my face his chest. Enough with the pleasantries he says in more serious tone, I’ve been tasting you for a few days and he needs your help. I look down and he is holding his now fully awake dick. I lick my lips and grab me a handful of him. He takes my bag and sits it down, in one smooth motion my dress is beside my bag. I forgot them I began to explain. Sounds like a happy accident he says while licking his lips and rubbing himself, lets go do some yoga…To be continued Gym life part 2