At long last, @ninthcirclets3cc (murfeelee) leads me to a functional link for this  psychedelic poster set  by Massive Griefers that i have long been wanting.

The Boss went on a redecorating binge after making himself over.

Top pic: At one point, i showed some of the unsettling stuff being sold at Groovy Groceries besides weirdly colored food (in that stand by Risastorm, not shown in this pic)

That jar holds eyeballs and now there is a helpful poster directing customer attention to these items..in case they need to see the world through different eyes?

Bottom pic: The section of the store where Fauno’s perfume creations* are sold and also used clothing.

*note: I am an amateur perfumer myself. I don’t sell my creations at the moment, just inflict them on others as gifts.