random headcanons that I don’t know what to do with

> James is the most huggable out of all marauders like sometimes he would just go around hogwarts and hug random people that he kinda knew but kinda not really

> Lee stopped having dreadlocks around their 5th-6th year and just had an afro but he liked to put his hair in a ponytail and did it most of the time

> George could get easily into weird/bad habits like tugging at his hair or gripping his arms real tight when nervous

> marauders had cuddle sessions don’t tell me otherwise

> Remus was like the biggest fucking stoner in all hogwarts

> Sirius and James used to get extremely drunk and then play truth or dare and that one time James dared Sirius to kiss moony

> and that’s the story of how they got together thanks

> Peter used to be very insecure about everything basically and James would always give him a confidence boost like a good friend

> Sirius was your typical rock punk hippie 70’s kid and he was always wearing some muggle band t-shirts

> Sirius once dyed his hair navy blue and even James said that he has the most iconic hair

> now back from the marauders era, Fred may seem like the more irresponsible one but he really isn’t

> he is usually the one to take care of his friends after parties

> also random thing Lee and Fred dated for like a week and it was mostly to piss Umbridge off but also just because they wanted to see what it’d be like

> they broke up when Fred dyed his hair pink and said he might as well go full gay

> they just weren’t meant for each other

> Ron loves hugs but is too scared to ask for them evEr

> Seamus has loads of freckles

> this post just got gay but we all know Seam and Dean ended up together

> when they told Harry he was so suprised he fell of his bed because he’s oblivious as fuck

> McGonagall once called James an uneducated swine

> idk

AU where Dex and Nurse’s moms are friends. 

Like, they grow up living in towns an hour away from each other and their mothers are best friends from college, so tiny Dex is forced to go to all these dinner parties where the parents drink wine and he has to entertain himself with Derek. And maybe Will is a little jealous that Derek’s parents let him wear whatever he wants, from tutus to fucking heelies, and they buy him all the games he wants (because Derek’s an only child and, well, his parents know that can be a little lonely) and they just don’t get along. 

And then Will’s family moves to Maine when he’s ten and he thinks it’s over. He doesn’t have to worry about the hippie little kid he used to have to hang out with. But his parents plan a trip one last trip to see their friends in Manhattan and drag Will along, and when he and Derek meet again it’s on the other side of puberty. And Derek got hot and they end up making out after a game of Mario Kart.


“I was such a hippie kid, full of earrings and fucking strange hair, so when they asked me to bring some average photos it was very difficult to find them. I always had something strange on, just for the fun of it. I wasn’t really a hippie, I was just trying to impress all the girls. And it never worked [laughs].”

- Mads Mikkelsen about the time he was asked to bring some of his young photos for filming ‘The Hunt’