AU where Dex and Nurse’s moms are friends. 

Like, they grow up living in towns an hour away from each other and their mothers are best friends from college, so tiny Dex is forced to go to all these dinner parties where the parents drink wine and he has to entertain himself with Derek. And maybe Will is a little jealous that Derek’s parents let him wear whatever he wants, from tutus to fucking heelies, and they buy him all the games he wants (because Derek’s an only child and, well, his parents know that can be a little lonely) and they just don’t get along. 

And then Will’s family moves to Maine when he’s ten and he thinks it’s over. He doesn’t have to worry about the hippie little kid he used to have to hang out with. But his parents plan a trip one last trip to see their friends in Manhattan and drag Will along, and when he and Derek meet again it’s on the other side of puberty. And Derek got hot and they end up making out after a game of Mario Kart.

PJO and HoO Characters as High School Tropes AU

(I’m gonna grow on this. This is the beginning of whole deal. Characters are grouped by clique. ^.^ Hope you enjoy it!)

Percy- Bad Boy who fights in other kids’ honor. Senior.

Grover- “Lover not a fighter”hippie kid who gets picked on. Coincidentally the bad boy’s best friend. Senior.

Frank- That Kid Who Got Hot Over Summer. Junior.

Annabeth- Miss Perfect. Projected valedictorian. Class President. Also head cheerleader. All around over achiever. Senior.

Calypso- Gorgeous mystery girl that hardly talks to people outside her circle. Junior.

Reyna- Athletic Beast. If it’s a sport, she’s playing it. Senior.

Piper- Against-the-flow new girl. Rebels against society. Senior.

Rachel- Art hippie. Junior.

Hazel- Quiet, shy girl. AV club member. Often in the library. Freshman.

Jason- Captain of the football team/Heartthrob that doesn’t know it. Guy the girls have a crush on. Senior.

Leo- Mechanic genius. Bit of a nerd. Works in the shop a lot. Senior.

Will- Soccer kid. Upcoming heartthrob. Sophomore. 

Nico- Troubled emo kid with a bad home life. Sophomore.

Mean girl clique:

Drew- Head mean girl.

Juniper and Silena- best friends of the mean girl who realize three-fourths of the way through the movie that Drew was wrong and they join forces with the story hero (Piper in this case). Junior and Senior respectively.

(So I have some ideas rumbling around with this. Gonna see how it goes! Let me know what you think! ^.^)