hippie fashion

Things you do NOT need to be a hippie

-to be vegan

-be happy all the time

-be a spiritualist

-be a druggie

-wanna smoke weed

-wanna hug people all the time or be close to people

-be able bodied

-be tan

-want dreads

-like trippy art

-dress in hippie clothes every day

-be straight

-like “hippie” or spiritual type music

-wanna go to festivals

-wanna do orgies or be a sexual person in general

-open your third eye

-believe in aliens

-be nice to everyone

-want to live in a van

-want to travel the world

Things you DO need to be a hippie:

-to be nice as much as possible

-try your best to be yourself

-care about the earth and yourself

-try not to harm others

-strive for self love

-have peace be a main goal of yours