hippie lego

So I’m kind of looking into / dabbling in witchy aesthetic type things, trying to figure out what exactly about it is so strangely appealing to me. And I thought maybe I should make an altar / nature table / rock and candle pile type thing? 

But then I realized that I already have an altar. The top of the shelf above my desk has been an altar for a long time – it holds my action figures of Mulder and Scully (patron saints of love and true partnership and the balance of science and faith) and Milo from Atlantis (patron saint of linguistics) and Julie Newmar’s Catwoman (patron saint of feminine power), my little wooden box of tiny X-Files trinkets, meaningful gifts that my friends and family have given me, nerdy art/craft projects that I’m very proud of, a tiny wind-up sewing machine, a Lego hippie, a rock with the word “sassy” on it….  All things that are meaningful to me and remind me of who I am and who I want to be. 

So, I’m still starting a plant/rock/candle table in the kitchen, but… maybe I don’t need to try too hard. Maybe some of it is already here.