hippie hour


Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection 

TED Talk by Reshma Saujani

any time i see/hear about white people with dreads i just… like. my hair starts to feel greasy and uncomfortable if i skip ONE day showering. after two days i honestly want to shave my whole head it feels so yucky.

our hair doesn’t do that guys it doesn’t do it if you want to pretend you’re a Cool white person who shops at east meets west because you smoke a lot of weed and have one (1) bob marley shirt that’s fine but leave your hair out of it


One of my favorite nights
to date is Hippie Sabotage;
the hour spent in your car,
talking, vibing, connecting.
That’s when I knew
I wanted you to be mine.

{I never knew I could hold moonlight in my hands,}

The moonlight danced on our faces,
the breeze kissed our skin,
The clouds swam above us,
and I prayed that the universe
and Father Time would embrace each other.

{‘Til the night I held you.}

And I guess that finally did,
because here we

—  Moonlight.