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attendees smoking blunts after the 14 hour technicolour dream festival (a.k.a the International Love-In Festival) in the grounds of Alexandra Palace, London, 29th July 1967, by John Downing

Spin Doctor (Grown Ass Woman) - Chapter 4 - performativezippers - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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Spin Doctor (Grown Ass Woman)
Chapter 4: Noonan’s

hi team uh hi this is the most intensely sexual thing i have ever written and it was an accident and just…i don’t know. here.

Maggie really doesn’t mean to go meet them at Noonan’s. She doesn’t.

But her work day is slow and boring and frustrating, and she has to sit through a two-hour long meeting that could have been an email, and Danvers makes her whole body thrum in ways no one has in a really long time.

And she could really use a drink, and Noonan’s is actually pretty close to the station.

So, around 6:30, she slowly starts packing up her bag. And, even though no one else will ever know, she flushes with embarrassment as she stops downstairs in the basement locker room to freshen up. She’s being ridiculous. Danvers pretty much only ever sees her first thing in the morning when she still has sleep in the corners of her eyes, or dripping with sweat as she mops herself with a towel, or every once in a while fresh out of the shower when her skin is all blotchy and her hair is dripping and scraggly.

So no matter what, in her jeans and white button-down and leather jacket, awake and with dry hair, she should be looking better than Danvers has ever seen her.

But she reapplies her eyeliner and fluffs up her hair anyway, adding an extra layer of chapstick and rolling her shoulders to make sure her jacket is sitting well on her shoulders and re-tucking in her shirt, careful that it isn’t bunching under her jeans.

This crush is making her so embarrassing.

She walks into Noonan’s around 6:45, not sure if they’ll even still be there. She’s looking around, trying to gird herself against the horrible disappointment she feels sliding up her throat at the thought that Danvers isn’t there, when she catches sight of James’ tall bald head, over in the back corner.

She hoists her bag further up her shoulder, and she walks over, trying to fake her usual swagger, which is suspiciously missing.

Kara is the first to notice her approach. “Sawyer!” she calls, already beaming. “You came!”

And Maggie doesn’t quite know what to say to that. Because, yes, obviously, she’s here, and also a sex joke is bubbling up in her throat, but also she met Kara for all of five minutes and Kara’s excited that she’s here in ways that people never really are for her. It’s unsettling, in a pleasant sort of way.

But Kara’s already turning away from her. “Alex,” she’s calling, “Sawyer’s here.”

And it’s not terribly well-lit in the bar, but Maggie can clearly see that the tips of Danvers’ ears are a little pink as she walks over. “Hey, Sawyer,” she manages, and she looks so much more human here at the bar.

She’s wearing jeans and a sweater and Maggie’s never seen her in anything but black spandex or that one power bitch outfit, and she looks like a perfect domestic vision, much more real and touchable and human than she ever has.

And, okay, Maggie faintly realizes that she needs to stop thinking her crush is at maximum, because it turns out there is absolutely no maximum where Alex Danvers is concerned.

“Hey,” Maggie manages to say.

Danvers is close to her now, and Maggie isn’t sure if she’s imagining it, but she thinks maybe she can smell her perfume, or her skin, or whatever, and she’s nearly dizzy with the idea.

“Sorry I’m a little late, you were probably just leaving.”

But Danvers shakes her head. “No, you’re fine. I was just about to get another round.” She inclines her head to the bar, and Maggie happily follows.

She would maybe happily follow this woman anywhere.

“What are you drinking?” Danvers asks, leaning her forearms up on the bar.

“Uh,” Maggie looks up at the bottles on display. “I’ll probably go for the knob creek rye.”

Danvers nods. “Rocks or straight up?”

“Straight up.”

And Maggie hadn’t been sure that it was a test, but Danvers breaks out into a grin. “Atta girl,” she says, and oh, okay, it was a test, and oh, okay, she passed it, and oh, okay, she would lay down her life for this woman in a heartbeat.

Good to know.

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