hippie hits

Love is a bittersweet false prophet,
a two faced sacrosanct god,
an idol whose altar I worship at.

It’s aching, longing,
tearing apart heart strings,
eating up galaxies inside me.

I chase it down with a shot of vodka,
and pretend it’s burning can drown out my love.

I know it’s just a mix of chemicals.
Human euphoria with man made drugs.

Just my brain telling my heart to get really fucked up,
and oh how I do, over you.
(and I do it a lot.)

Love is a cult,
and I’m straight in the fucking middle of it,
open arms, chanting hippie mantras.

I’ll carve my heart into a mandala for you,
I’ll sow you a tapestry of my devotion.

I’m in an open field and
you are the meadow grass swallowing me up,
carry me away, enfold me in your arms.

I am a flower and you are the soil,
I bloom and you eat me up.

I can’t help it when I see you,
hands are always reaching, wanting, longing.

I have to stop my fingers from curling around yours,
or dragging across the curve of your cheek,
the hollow of your neck.

I have to stop my head from finding your shoulder,
my lips from parting for yours.

Love is a preacher,
and I am the congregation under his song.
Oh lord, how I pray.

Love is a siren,
and I am the ship of men,
Oh sea, drown me today.

Love is the fucking sun,
and I am the planet in it’s love struck cosmic embrace,
Oh gravity, take me away.

Love is longing, reaching, wanting
and fuck oh god, 
You don’t know how bad I want to.
You don’t know how bad I want you.

—  when I make you laugh it’s not like when I make other people laugh, because I don’t still hear their voice in my dreams for weeks. 

This is the third time I’ve tried posting this today 😔 I was tagged by the adorable @qushqween !💞 I’ve been such a mess lately, I’m so thankful for being able to smoke ugh. I don’t really have anybody in mind to tag so, if you see this take a hit and tag me in your vids or whatever 😄

I just want a dope group of friends who I can 100% vibe with

People who:

  • will come get me in the middle of the night just to go driving and listening to music
  • are creative, who like photography, film, art, writing, music etc. 
  • have dreams and goals
  • will travel with me and go on road trips 
  • will make tons of crazy memories with me
  • are connected to their spirituality
  • will do psychedelics with me
  • will go to concerts and raves with me
  • people who are crazy, weird, hippies, and free spirits. 

If this sounds like you we should be friends

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Sending all my love and vibes to everyone!!

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Have fun and stay safe everyone!😘