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Don’t know yet what to read this summer? I’d like to bring your attention to my hippie novel, especially if you are interested in:

❤  some genuine hippie history from personal experience ❤  why young people became hippies ❤  travelling as a hippie ❤  seeing the world through the eyes of a young hippie ❤  the pilosophic background and spiritual search of the hippies ❤  how to live an alternative life-style ❤  an exciting novel that brings you to all the major hippie hangouts in Europe of that time ❤  a story of love between Anne and Bernardo, who both had dropped out of society and found each other to continue their journey together in search of a better world

Thank you for considering my book. “Lonely Traveller” by Sereno Sky, on amazon.com

My hippie-novel will take you right back to the exciting hippie days of the 70’s in Europe. Bernardo was 14 years old when Woodstock took place. Follow his spiritual development from an early age to becoming a full-fledged hippie. His travels will take you to former famous hippie-hangouts like Amsterdam, Ibiza, Formentera and La Gomera. Somewhere along his way he meets Anne, another hippie drop-out. From that point on the story takes you on a very intensive spiritual journey as they struggle to find their way in search of a better world.

“Lonely Traveller” by Sereno Sky, on amazon.com

Oh Kasol!

Kasol lies nestled in the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh and is the perfect place to enjoy a laid-back weekend. It the perfect hippie destination with many Israeli restaurants and one can enjoy delicious “momos” with fresh grilled Trout by the river. Saasi by the riverside offers some great steaks and hummus. If you are looking for some Indian food there is Bhoj with sections for traditional Indian seating as well. Kasol also has a lot of street shopping outlets, reggae music bars and hair braiding salons. There are many guesthouses all over Kasol with a wide range of tariffs. Do not stop until you have got yourself a satisfying deal. Alpine guesthouse is located along the riverside and is a great family place. However ,there are many more cheaper options available for the budget backpacker with private and common bathrooms. Sunny’s guesthouse, run by a Himachali family offers rooms with clean common bathrooms just right for your pocket.

Photo courtesy: Noel Saldhana

Kasol also offers many trekking trails, you can trek upto Barsheni, Pulga ,Tosh, Kheerganga and many more smaller villages uphill. Manikaran hot water springs are just a few kilometers ahead from Kasol.

One can just take walks on the street with snow covered peaks at sight and spend calm evenings by the river. You can also camp by the riverside provided you have tents and sleeping bags as the temperatures tend to drop at night.

-Shruti Datar

Photo Courtesy: Shruti Datar