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Oh Kasol!

Kasol lies nestled in the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh and is the perfect place to enjoy a laid-back weekend. It the perfect hippie destination with many Israeli restaurants and one can enjoy delicious “momos” with fresh grilled Trout by the river. Saasi by the riverside offers some great steaks and hummus. If you are looking for some Indian food there is Bhoj with sections for traditional Indian seating as well. Kasol also has a lot of street shopping outlets, reggae music bars and hair braiding salons. There are many guesthouses all over Kasol with a wide range of tariffs. Do not stop until you have got yourself a satisfying deal. Alpine guesthouse is located along the riverside and is a great family place. However ,there are many more cheaper options available for the budget backpacker with private and common bathrooms. Sunny’s guesthouse, run by a Himachali family offers rooms with clean common bathrooms just right for your pocket.

Photo courtesy: Noel Saldhana

Kasol also offers many trekking trails, you can trek upto Barsheni, Pulga ,Tosh, Kheerganga and many more smaller villages uphill. Manikaran hot water springs are just a few kilometers ahead from Kasol.

One can just take walks on the street with snow covered peaks at sight and spend calm evenings by the river. You can also camp by the riverside provided you have tents and sleeping bags as the temperatures tend to drop at night.

-Shruti Datar

Photo Courtesy: Shruti Datar

Essaouira (الصويرة) is located in the western Moroccan region of Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz, on the Atlantic. . The city was known in the time of 11th-century Geographer al-Bakri and was called Sidi Megdoul. In the 16th-century, a corruption of this name became known to the Portuguese as Mogador. The Berber and Arabic names mean the wall, a reference to the former fortress walls. Archaeological research shows that Essaouira has been occupied since prehistoric times. The bay, partially sheltered by the island of Mogador, making it a peaceful harbor protected against strong marine winds. The Carthaginian navigator Hanno visited in the 5th century BC and established a trading post. Around the end of the 1st century BCE, the Berber king Juba II established a Tyrian purple factory, processing murex and purpura shells found in the rocks at Essaouira. This dye colored the purple stripe in Imperial Roman Senatorial togas. A Roman villa was excavated on Mogador island, and a Roman vase was found as well as coinage from the 3rd century CE. Most of the artifacts can now be viewed in the Sidi Mohammed ben Abdallah Museum and the Rabat Archaeological Museum. In the early 1950s film director Orson Welles stayed at the Hotel des Iles during the filming of his 1952 classic version of “Othello” which contains several memorable scenes shot in the labyrinthine streets and alleyways of the medina. Legend has it that during Welles’s sojourn in the town he met Winston Churchill, another guest at the hotel. Beginning in the late 1960s, Essaouira became something of a hippie hangout. Despite common misconception, Jimi Hendrix’s song “Castles Made of Sand” was written in 1967, 2 years before he visited Essaouira. Cat Stevens also spent some time in Essaouira.

This story will take you right back to the exciting hippie days of the 70’s in Europe. Bernardo was 14 years old when Woodstock took place. Follow his spiritual development from an early age to becoming a full-fledged hippie. His travels will take you to former famous hippie-hangouts like Amsterdam, Ibiza, Formentera and La Gomera. Somewhere along his way he meets Anne, another hippie drop-out. From that point on the story takes you on a very intensive spiritual journey as they struggle to find their way in search of a better world. The story focuses on the idealism of many young people in those days and their quest to find inner peace and what to do with their lives in a world they don’t understand. This novel is not only of historical value, but also addresses a lot of problems that humanity is still facing today, such as the ongoing destruction of mother earth and its resources, the way people treat each other and animals, and the pursuit of inner peace. The message contained in this book promotes tolerance, understanding, love and peace in the world.
—  –Sereno Sky, intro to my book coming out this week (hopefully)
My new book? A hippie novel! Bernardo, a young European hippe during the 70ties, sets out to find a better world. “Like a rolling stone”, his search brings him to various hippie-hangouts in Europe in those days where he meets Anne, another hippie drop-out. Together they explore alternative ways to live and extend their spiritual horizon, while trying to make it as young hippies in this society. This book is not only very autentic in its historical review regarding the search of many young people in those days, but addresses also various social, ecological and spiritual issues. Great summer-read out very soon!
—  –Sereno Sky, my novel will be published very soon. Thanks for telling your friends about it!