hippie doodles

yall have said that sportacus is a hippie because he doesnt have a house or pay taxes, so how about an au where he is an actual hippie who lives in a van and has like flowers braided into his hair and stuff!

he goes around different towns and does some random work where ever needed, and entertains people by doing aerobics stunts in the streets

Whether the crop formations are warnings, messages, man made or greetings from the stars the abstract doodles remain unexplained. As they amaze and frustrate in equal measure nobody can deny the beauty and complexity of these galactic sized works of art.

Well how fucking sick is this!!!!!
Basically the next few months are gonna be chock full of good sounds and wicked vibes.

Basically going to see King Gizzard followed by Dune Rats & Cosmic Psychos as well as the Winter Magic Festival and then Psyfari. ✌️🌼🍄