hippie cow

so there’s a bill coming at the end of the month and just in case i can’t get to my bank in time to help out mom i thought i’d try to at least soften the blow but trying to raise some money in advance.


this is a test run for adoptables to see what does and doesn’t work for you fine people!
All of them will sell for $20 bc of converting it to gbp, and bc, you know… bills. It must be in ACTUAL CASH as points don’t pay bills! I will send a paypal invoice so anyone serious about buying will need to note me their email b: gotta do it the proper way.

Once purchased, you can change/tweak anything you don’t like, give them more/different clothing or accessories, change the genders if you don’t like them being female (I tried a male adopt and i didn’t like how it was coming out, and if it doesn’t meet my Quality Standards, it’s not being put in)
Just please don’t re-sell for more than you buy it for UNLESS it comes with additional art going with it, then by all means, knock yourself out.

COW – sold
BAT – sold

peter quill’s visage of earth being incredibly skewed because the extent of his memory only comes from when he was a child - where everything was significantly larger, far more daunting, and full of colorful imagined dangers and cartoonish situations that are often extremely exaggerated. so when he’s asked about whatever he knows about earth he’s quick to mention the fact that a monster lizard called a “tyrannosaurus rex” did in fact inhabit the hole in his backyard true story or that earth had its own share of talking animals too but he only ever saw them on television sometimes it was weird

of course he sometimes intentionally exaggerates with what facts he does have because hell some things don’t quite par with the things he finds across the galaxy

but he’s likely led whole groups of people to believe earth is clearly this incredibly wild and untamed place and he fucking loves it that way