hippie bracelet


Hi guys! I’m currently in Greece, working for an NGO that’s providing refugee camps with food, clothes and other needed items like shampoo or diapers. I’m very grateful to be able to finally help where help is really needed. To cover my costs here (rent for my flat at home and here in Greece, gas for the car, food etc. flight tickets) I intended to do the customer support for a social startup founded by two lovely friends of mine, but there is no wifi here in the apartment and not enough time to go to a cafe and work from there. I was thinking about ways to support myself, and I thought of you beautiful people who, in various ways, have been so very supportive throughout the years. I’m making bracelets with many different patterns and colours, and maybe some of you might be interested in buying one. The thin ones are 6 Euro plus shipping, and the other ones are 8 Euro plus shipping. You can choose your own colour mix <3

If you’re interested in buying one, just send me a message here and I will reply as soon as I can <3

Lots of love from Greece,