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The Velvet Underground, Boston Tea Party [1967]

“The crowd was FUN! Wall-to-wall hippies, bikers, Harvard students, Northeastern students, fashion models, professors, drug dealers, art teachers, groupies, MIT students, photographers, local thugs, local disc jockeys, skinny-bohemian-artist girls, visiting dignitaries from the New York art scene, and the royalty of the Boston music set — the local singers and guitar-players in their mod suits strolling around with their beautiful girlfriends.” Jonathan Richman

I apologize for making you all witness this terrible thing and deal with the plotting of my whims (and bad names). So the DILF AU (or Dream Dad AU. Whichever. Both.) As born of my hype for certain games.

The premise remains: Gladio moves to the neighborhood, realizes he’s surrounded by hotties, hotties notice Gladio, a generally amicable web of dating, play dates, and pta meetings begins. Everyone is pretty cool with everyone and there is bminimal jealousy, because this is light and amusing fare, and thus should be in someone else’s hands, tbh.

Gladio, 28, Firefighter? EMT? One of those. Honestly he mostly spends his time staring at Ivy in abject horror, unable to comprehend how he’s supposed to care for something so small and breakable.
Ivy, 4 months old. Tiny precious bean with a banshee worthy scream. Seems to derive endless enjoyment from making Gladio nearly cry from frustration/fear of being a bad father, or so Gladio claims.

Noctis, 25, coder for his father’s company with no particular interest in ever taking over said company.
Auleus, 4 years old. Sick often, is already tired of overprotective father, his special diet, and hospital stays, has all the best (inside) toys and dress up stuff.

Ignis, 26, chef (with dreams of owning his own restaurant one day.)
Iri and Nuri, 3 years old. They enjoy gardening (jumping in mud puddles) baking (cookie eating) and smuggling Auleus into the backyard while Noct’s back is turned.

Prompto, 25, artist/preschool teacher, all the kids like him best, it’s just a fact.
Harlow, 3 years old (younger brother) hobbies include toddler ballet and yoga, dress up, bug and frog catching, bringing said bugs and frogs to Auleus when he can’t come outside, drawing on walls with Prompto’s expensive art supplies.

Cor, 45, Cop
Sona and Ethan, 16 and 12. It’s hard to know what they’re like, since Cor swears all they don is eat, sleep, avoid their homework, and roll their eyes when they think he isn’t looking.

Nyx, 36, part time hippie, part time biker, full time firefighter, and Libertus, full time biker, full time firefighter
Leonard and Diana, 6 and 13 (nephew and neice) Most normal kids on the block. Miss their parents but have come to enjoy Uncle Nyx, Uncle Libby, and all the bikers who wander in and out of the house. Plus they own goats? And goats are awesome.

Ravus, 34, CEO/owner of a bio-tech company
Rhiannon and Rhonwen, 12. Brats. Spoiled. Being groomed to be tyrannical world conquerors who crush everyone who stands in their way to dust beneath their shiny mary-janes. Ravus is disgustingly proud.

in all the movies ive ever seen there were always two ways opposing organisations would be labeled when it comes to the colors red or blue.

If the movie’s good guy team have blue as their signature color, then the color red is automatically assigned to the evil team. Blue: Good guys, purity, freedom, all that hippy crap. Red: EVIL. bad. DEATH. icky nasty dirtboys.

On the contrary, If a movie’s good guys have red as their signature, then the color blue is automatically assigned to the evil team. Red in this case: TRUE HEROS, UNDERDOGS, REBELLION, REVOLUTION, FREEDOM, REALLY AGGRESSIVE BIKER MEN HIPPIES AND ALL THAT CRAP. Blue in this case: Obey. Restraint. Dystopia. Command. The bad guys pretending to be good guys.

so now my question is

which movie are the democrats and republicans in

Fic: Seeing (Kurt/Blaine honeymoon)

Summary: Kurt and Blaine take an art class with a bunch of old folks while honeymooning in Provincetown. Fluffy fluff (with brief allusion to the early AIDS epidemic) by prompt of lishashisha, who is a darling and has great ideas.

~2,300 words | Teen&Up | Episode 6.08 “A Wedding” & 6.09 “Child Star”

Also on AO3.

* * *


Sue was lying. Kurt and Blaine get Andrew Sullivan’s summerhouse in Provincetown for a full two weeks, not just a weekend.

Which is good, because it takes at least two full days to get into the routine of not doing or worrying about anything, especially with Rachel texting every half hour with panicked messages about bar mitzvahs and New Directions personality conflicts.

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