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Well it almost got cold in Houston, so I decided to take advantage and wear some longer sleeves. I wish this weather would just make up it’s mind.

I love prints, so when I saw this vintage dress at the thrift store I just had to get it! I already owned this awesome fabric for the head scarf and together I thought it was a great look. 

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and my family had made plans for dinner at my Grandad’s, but yesterday he fell and broke his hip, so now our plans have all been postponed. 

It was pretty scary to see him in so much pain. Thankfully I work as a caregiver to him, so I, as well as my mom and sister, were there only minutes after the fall.

This was the whole reason I moved back to Houston…to be with and help my Grandad. My Grandmother passed away this time last year, so it’s been a strange time being in this city without her and I can only imagine how that’s affected Granddaddy, after all they were married for over 60 years (unbelievable!). 

In my family, on both my mom and dad’s sides, every event pretty much revolves around the Grands, so this season is already proving to be pretty tough for me. My Grandad is the last of my Grands and I’m really struggling with this. However, I am so so grateful to be able to be spending so much time with him now. There are so many distractions in life, the only thing that really matters are the relationships you have with people and the memories you make with them. Time is precious, don’t let it slip away from you.

Bad Girls Club S17: East v. West

With season 16 almost wrapped up, Bad Girls Club will be returning for another season soon. Like I did with season 16, here’s the tea on each girl☕️.



Susan, 21, Seattle WA

Based on her social media this girl looks like she’s not scared to shit talk or fight. There’s not much info out about her on social media, but honestly she’s one of my preseason faves so far. I love her look. Unfortunately she does get sent home, possibly for fighting Kiyanna.

Keyaira, Compton CA

Also from the west coast, this girl is a rapper, a writer and a dancer. She recently moved to Atlanta to pursue her music career. She’s friends with Susan, and gets into fights with a few of the other girls including Sayorra, Kiyanna and Briana (replacement). Honestly preseason she seems pretty dope and real, and reminds me of Talone. Her rap is pretty good, and much of her storyline will be about her career.

Sayyora, LA CA

This girl is from Tashkent, Uzbekistan which means I LOVE HER. Ya’ll know Uzbekistan is, like, our people (Russia). Or at least, more our people than any of these others. So I’m super excited for someone at least semi-Eastern-Europe-tor-really-tho to be on. She’s currently studying pre-law and doing a lot of modeling and some music videos. She fights Keyaira on the show, which is interesting because they’re both West coast…


Kiyanna, Brooklyn NY

Ohh shit. From what I hear, this girl is drama and a half. She gets into the most fights in the house and possibly gets some other girls sent home. She fights Seven, Susan and Sayorra, but it seems like her and Sayorra either make up or become enemies, because they are friends at one point. She’s a bartender and may have recently moved to LA.

Francesca, Connecticut

This girl is the hippie and barbie type. She reminds me of Andrea S11. No confirmed fights so far. She smokes weed, parties, and models. She’s friends with Kiyanna, Sayorra, Shay and Brianna. Honestly that clique seems hella mismatched to me, but we’ll see what happens. Hopefully they will be the crazy partying type.

Seven, DC

This girl has been poppin more on social media. She’s an aspiring DJ (we will see a lot of that on the show) and not afraid to speak her mind, calling out Winter and Dream on YouTube already. She’s apparently a fighter and has a hard exterior, but she stands up to bullying.  Her mom calls her “the queen of the hood” lol. Like everyone else apparently, she fights Kiyanna and apparently its so brutal she has to go home.

Shay, DMV (DC area)

Couldn’t find too much info on her. She likes to party and seems chill. She’s friends with Francesca, Sayorra, Kyanna and Brianna.

Replacement [rumor has it the only one]:

Brianna, Las Vegas NV

A model and another barbie type. Honestly, based on her social media, she seems like she has really low self esteem to me (can’t see her face much in pix, “I used to be ugly” posts). She gets the BGC heart tattood on her and she loves to show her ass. She fights Keyaira and based on leaks looks like she actually knows what she’s doing. She’s friends with Sayorra, Shay, Kiyanna and Francesca at one point.


Hope you enjoyed! What do you think? Let me know if you have any updates to the info above, as it is all rumor.

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anonymous asked:

headcanons for lucaya (and the rest of the core four) on Halloween

YES! :D :D 

  • Maya hates how expensive costumes are so she just goes as “dead” every year. Dead football player (with Lucas’ jersey), dead barbie, dead hippy, dead cheerleader…. She just puts on clothes she already has and paints her face to look like she’s been beat up. 
  • Riley goes as a princess every year. One year Maya convinced her to go as a dead princess but halfway through the night Riley cried and made Maya take the makeup off of her face.
  • Riley forces the gang to go trick or treating all the way through their senior year. People try to complain but Maya always threatens them if they don’t do it.
  • Freshman year Lucas pretended to be sick so that he wouldn’t have to go. When he got on social media he saw how much candy the others had been getting so he texted Maya that he was better.
  • He didn’t have a costume so he just cut head and arm holes in a big box and drew an X on it. He was an X-Box.
  • A twenty-something year old guy gave him like twenty-five candy bars because he thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen.
  • Maya and Zay are really into scaring people, so they are constantly setting up elaborate pranks to scare the gang. Everyone always sees it coming but plays along because they think it’s hilarious.
  • Smackle always goes as a woman from history and gets super offended when people don’t know who she is. 
  • Farkle has been going as Dracula since he was in preschool.
  • Zay joins in on Maya’s “dead” theme and he starts to do the same thing. One year they are dead thing one and thing two. 
  • Maya is SUPER into Halloween and makes Katy and Shawn decorate the entire house in Halloween theme. Even her shower curtain is changed for the holiday.
  • Their senior year they decide after they trick or treat they are going to go to a party. Riley ends up drinking a ton of spiked punch and throwing up in the bathroom of Billy Ross’ house. 
  • Maya spends an hour yelling at Billy for spiking the punch and has to be forcefully taken out by Lucas and Zay.
  • After the party Lucas and Maya go to the tattoo shop and she gets a pumpkin on her ankle. Lucas gets a black cat (because Maya told him to).
  • Riley gets super jealous of their matching tattoos and ends up getting a ghost the next day.
  • After trick or treating the gang goes back to Farkle’s house and watches scary movies. Maya gets super hyped up on candy and spends the entire movie yelling at the stupid decisions that the characters make.
  • Maya and Lucas have a candy trading system. He gets all of the nougat candy and she gets all of the fruity candy.  When there arent enough skittles she makes him convince the rest of the group to give her theirs.
  • Riley sits in the back corner and tries to distract herself by eating candy to the point of getting sick.
  • Farkle and Smackle spend the movie pointing out plot holes, bad special effects, and inaccurate dialogue. 
  • Zay gets REALLY into the movie and Lucas has to sit between him and Maya so that they don’t talk during the whole thing.
  • Their sophomore year Riley makes Maya dress up as Cinderella. She gets super mad when Maya makes herself dead Cinderella.
  • Freshman year of college they have to convince Riley that they can’t go trick or treating anymore, She gets super upset and convinces them to take Ava, Auggie, and Doy trick or treating as a loop hole. 
  • Sophomore year of college Maya and Farkle are in charge of a “light hearted” haunted house for Auggie’s middle school. They end up making things way too realistic and the whole thing gets shut down before an hour is up. 
  • One year Lucas convinces Maya to dress up as Clark Kent and Lois Lane. She decides to go as Clark too and when she shows up to the party dressed in the exact same superman costume as Lucas he gets upset and pouts for the rest of the night.
  • Riley gives extra candy to the little girls dressed as princesses and Farkle has to explain to her why that isn’t fair to all of the other kids.
  • Maya and Zay teach Ava all of the secrets to being really great at scaring people. The three of them spend hours working on different ways to get people.