hippie backpack

Travel should never be comfortable. If you’re comfortable, you aren’t challenging yourself. If you’re comfortable, you’re missing the point. Get outside your comfort zone, find your limits, and learn who you really are.
—  James Smorthwaite - Backpacker Photography©

the “as long as your happy” text post sounds so petty in the grand scheme of things i realize but there’s only so many times i can be on the receiving end of a “lib” middle age cis white women getting over enthusiastic and telling me about how as long as i’m happy that’s what counts!!! before i start to analyze this behavior and review the clear pattern i’m seeing because yes it’s subtle but the conclusion i’ve come to is like this isn’t me choosing to live on a hippie commune or go backpacking over the summer or making a career change. this is my *life*, my personhood, which isn’t a choice! queer people aren’t an abnormality! the problem is rooted with them seeing it as a lifestyle choice. choice. not a sturdy state of being. not an existence. a choice. so quite frankly, our existence doesn’t require straight people’s approval to be or be valid! and again brenda you’d never talk like this to blake the hetero.