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Hello again! As some of you probably saw yesterday, I’m back online. Thanks for being patient with me!

Oh wow, you guys have been so sweet! I guess the next couple of days will be me posting the AWESOME arts you made in my absence.

After that, there are two courses of drawings to be posted. Appreciation arts (in which I draw a bunch of the awesome people I’ve met on here) or the original arts of the Dreamers. Leave a comment on which one you’d prefer?

So yeah, I spent some time offline to recollect myself, catch up on schoolwork, and do some game playing, cause gods know it’s been a while. But I got pulled into a modpack for Minecraft by some friends of mine, and now I’ve yanked my brother in as well, so I suspect that a lot of art in the future will be either rainbows, cats, or minecraft. Hopefully my bro will get some work done on the story too.

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Tips on backgrounds?

This isn’t the first ask I’ve gotten on this topic so I’m going to start off by saying simply, I am not a master on backgrounds. Hell, I am still learning. 

However, I can tell you guys what has helped me along the way and what a turning point for me with environments was. The biggest ground shaking moment was realizing a simple phrase that most will have heard me say in my streams if you’ve hung around long enough. 

‘Treat your backgrounds as if they were a character’

Backgrounds are scary, there is no way around that fact. They’re complex, spiraling and often times its hard to find out where to start with it. The first question you got to ask yourself is ‘what do I want to show?’ There is no point investing all that time into it without a purpose, what is this scenes personality? 

I don’t use the word personality without intention. Just as a character speaking can display a personality, so can an environment. Here are three examples: 

Hellboy, Mike Mignola 

Batman and Superman, Lee Bermeio

TMNT 1984 Issue

These images have ‘personality’ you wouldn’t see TMNT styled backgrounds in a Superman and Batman comic, nor would you find a Hellboy styled image in such a wild and crazed comic like TMNT. 

These images have a life of their own, some might say that it is the style of the work itself, but the style is directly influenced by the characters. What you want to show is going to determine how it is drawn. 

TMNT original issues had this grungy scratch appeal to it utilizing lots of texture and crosshatching, it gave it this dirty feel that was appealing and matched the sewer living ninjas. 

Hellboy is very dark, a story of demons and dark arts. The style that it is best known for depicts this with clean lines, but constantly dramatic black placement. It exudes this clarity despite how much of it is left within question. I had the pleasure of seeing some original page roughs from Mike Mignola at my college, there were pages that were almost completely black except for very specific parts that he chose to illuminate. He was meticulous on what he showed and why. 

Now by far the most complex example, the painterly twists of the Batman and Superman issues done by Lee Bermio. They utilized almost consistently contrast and strong composition to make the focal points pop off to the viewer. However it is still very easy to become lost in the images. This style hits an almost uncanny valley so close to reality in its rendering but a tad off, very much Marvel stylization. 

Each of these environments are alive and match what they’re framing. They are their own character and you can learn just as much from them as you could the characters, if not more. This is why I love backgrounds. I hide so much within my pages, details that might go unnoticed but I’m aware of, because it breathes life to them. 

If you’re not sure what to add to a background look at real life. What would be in a bar if you were in one? What would be on a desk? Here’s my advice, look at your own!
Think of who this desk was being used by, are they an artist? A drunk? Do they have bills? Pile pieces of the person around them, frame them and create a story with only the items that are cascaded about. Its the same thing we do when we enter someones house the first time, we judge by what we see. Big TV and lots of video games? Gamer. Dirty kitchen with underwear on the fan? Possibly party boy or slob. Lots of plants on the porch, and tapestries hanging about? Maybe a bit more hippy or has an affection to nature. You can say so much that you can’t just put into words with a simple drawing of a person. 
Utilize this.

Make your background a character. 

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Also please do a post on ASMR Videos because I need your full and detailed opinion on them and also want to know who you watch

HOOOOOOOOOOOOBOY *cracks knuckles* 

Condensed, a lot of it is superficially ridiculous, but I don’t want to distance myself from it too much because a.) I’ve experienced the phenomenon my entire life and never knew it was something that happened to other people, b.) it can be genuinely relaxing and enjoyable, and c.) when all of my other therapeutic tools that manage my unmitigated forest fire of an anxiety disorder have failed me but I don’t want to resort to the klonopin yet, the videos actually can be really effective (I think there’s an ASMR guy on YouTube who’s a phd candidate/is an actual therapist who’s doing research on it because it’s never been formally/empirically studied, like Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is just a pseudo-scientific jumble that some rando made up on the internet a few years ago and it stuck, but I forget his name because he’s a man which immediately disqualifies him as an entity I could find relaxation in hahaha wow)

Okay so I guess it depends on what your ~triggers~ are- for me, roleplays do the trick more often than not (even dental ones!) or anything involving close-up softly-spoken personal attention, which is bizarre because I have a visceral distaste for being touched/looked at too closely/being the center of attention in any capacity in my real life so I’m not sure what this says about me but ANYWAY

The first ASMR video I ever watched was by Heather Feather who I still occasionally visit, which is a solid fine based on the sheer breadth of content available, although some of the shit she says and does makes my entire body pucker like an unexpectedly-tickled butthole but if you can get around some of the cringe factor, a lot of it is very relaxing. I especially respond to direct manipulation of those binaural microphones, which she does a lot of.

One of my other triggers seems to be English people whispering (?!?????! i can’t believe i’m writing this) so LauraLemurexASMR (who sounds English but I think is actually Welsh) is good for just zoning out or having something to fall asleep to that doesn’t require any conscious engagement (this video in particular gives me a feeling like what I imagine normal people experience during and/or after a massage?) but she’s done a couple of candle store roleplays that tingle me up something fierce (shoot me directly in the face with a flamethrower, scorch the flesh off of my skull)

WhispersRed ASMR = more English whispering, although I’ve only watched her What’s In My Bag and What’s In My Makeup Bag videos (which is what I was referencing in the 5 things post) so idk what the rest of her content is like

Thennnnnnnn there are videos that don’t actually give me ~tingles~ but are relaxing/interesting anyway, like Wise Woman Whispers- she does a lot of subscription service unboxing/show and tell videos, and also does weekly/monthly oracle card readings. She’s Canadian and, absent any evidence, I feel like someone who would openly identify with steampunk culture, so I can’t discern how much of her accent is authentic vs. how much is an emphatically pretentious Olde Tyme Vintage Kitsch PNW Hippie affectation? Anyway she’s always very well-manicured but she wipes her tablecloth too much and doesn’t interact with the microphone directly at all so no dice on tingle town for me but fascinating nevertheless 

Sidebar: I have no clinical evidence to support this obviously but I think they got part of the name right, because I’ve noticed that my ASMR doesn’t “work” after I’ve taken a CNS depressant like klonopin or an opioid, so I think all of this relies on the autonomic nervous system, which makes sense w/r/t sedative tingling sensations in the scalp/neck/spine. Personally I think it’s an evolutionary holdover from infancy, like from a biological/anthropological standpoint, newborns and very young children would require a mechanism like ASMR with positive neurochemical and nerve responses to touch and attention and soft sounds to assist in child-parent bonding in those first few months and with socialization later on, but again, what the dick do I know

Sorry for this incoherent disorganized mess of a brain dump but that’s pretty much it  

Not to post conspiracy theories here, but something really fucked up and blatantly political is happening with marijuana in Colorado right now and I feel the need to post about it because I don’t believe it’ll make the news:

I work at a recreational marijuana dispensary, so all of this information is coming from someone who is firsthand dealing with it. First of all, there is ONE main POS (point of sale) system for dispensaries, both medical and recreational, in Colorado. This system is specifically designed for weighing out and pricing marijuana. It sometimes goes down just because so many dispensaries are using it at the same time- not a huge deal, it usually comes back up within a few hours, or at most, a day. However, the system went down and didn’t come back up this time. It’s actually been down for about 5 days now. I had my two-day weekend and came back and it was still down. 

Today, I discovered that the POS system didn’t ONLY go down for my dispensary, but for over 330 dispensaries in Colorado. We called them, and as it turns out, they were hacked and shut down. The POS company created a temporary sales system so that dispensaries could still run. However, that was almost immediately hacked and shut down as well.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, hacking that system doesn’t really get you anything. Using credit cards at marijuana dispensaries is technically federally illegal- so most of them are smart enough to be cash-only businesses. Therefore, the only real thing that hacking this POS system does is stop/hinder the sales of marijuana. 

While I don’t even have the slightest idea who would do such a thing- I can’t believe anyone’s motive would be to do anything besides stop the sales of cannabis, but when that happens to medical dispensaries it’s not just rich hippies being affected anymore- it’s kids with epilepsy, cancer patients, and very very sick people in desperate need of highly potent CBD. 

This is fucked. It’s so fucked. And I don’t know why it isn’t a bigger deal.

You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere.
You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.
—  Gautama Buddha

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I understand why some people don't like the "don't assume pronouns, ask first" norm, but at the same time, I'm NB. I'm not so much "fuck passing" as "it's literally impossible for me to pass as my actual gender outside of very trans spaces". No one will ever read me as NB, I have to tell them or get misgendered. And I think a lot (not all, but a lot) of the people who focus on passing and using the pronouns you think someone will use forget about ppl like me.

Fair enough, but I personally think it’s probably more likely to catch on and not seem like a weird hippie affectation if people just… hear singular they more often than if massive attention is drawn to “we have to stop everything for that one person over there”

I could be wrong, though. Anyone have any studies or such?

(to be clear, i know your pronoun might not be they, but I think they is easier for a lot of people to process than more unique neopronouns. If you ask me to use them I’ll try but probably start they-ing)

☆ generated aesthetic asks. ☆
  • business jock: are you a hard worker?
  • celestial rave: do you like space? if so, what's your favorite planet and constellation?
  • church vintage: were you raised with religion? do you still practice those beliefs?
  • dream goth: are you a lucid dreamer? do you have any sort of control over your dreams?
  • fairy memecore: do you believe in magic?
  • leaf mom: do you like spending time outdoors?
  • night spirit: do you go to bed at a reasonable time?
  • pasta priest: do you prefer home cooked meals or more upscale dining?
  • romance wave: do you sometimes find yourself craving physical affection?
  • sad hippie: what do you think about the world? are you hopeful about the future of humans?
  • shimmer emo: would you consider yourself over emotional?
  • soap hipster: do you consider yourself a neat freak? do you clean your house more than necessary?
  • soft lolita: do you consider yourself innocent and sensitive?
  • stormy mermaid: does the sound of rain and thunder relax you?
  • tacky witch: are you stylish?
  • virus punk: are you prone to getting sick often?

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Headcanon? Max is crushing on Vic but she is too out of her league. One day she meets homeless woman and wishes for Vic's phone number. She calls and by miracle Vic reciprocates her feelings. The only issue: they are from different universes. AltVictoria/Max Based on negitoro fic Cellphones by Fliers

I’m so sorry this took so long! Was that a prompt, anon? I took it as a prompt and made this for you! This is a WIP, and a little different from what you had in mind, but I hope it is still enjoyable. Think of it as a follow up to my story The Password to Her Heart.

I was startled awake by the sound of something falling. Turning over, I saw Victoria standing by the closet, cursing under her breath, and she was struggling to put some shoes on. When I sat up in bed, the mattress squeaked, and she spun around, her eyes wide like she was afraid to have been caught.

“I was going out for a run,” Victoria blurted out quickly. “I tripped and bumped into my dresser; I didn’t mean to wake you.“

I glanced at her clock and saw that it was nearly five in the morning. “You’re running this early? After barely getting three hours of sleep?”

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these three people left saying they were going to kill themselves or insinuated it

please please if anyone knows ANY OF THEM irl help us, find them, call them, text them, call their parents, the police, ambulances. anything.