Dear Diary… That’s the secret, I reckon. You don’t need fixed ideas about who you are or where you’re headed. You don’t need offers or grades or stamps of approval. You just need to be ready to cope with whatever crap comes your way. And as for all the crazy shit: the mental screw-ups and the madness… Well, that’s mine, Dear Diary. I get to keep that. That travels with me. 


Treehouse at Swallowtail Studios. Absolutely romantic treehouse resting securely in a huge multi-trunked 110 ft. eucalyptus tree. Spacious deck opens up to a dreamy rural surroundings and bohemian interior gives you a magical experience. In the same property there is a large redwood barn in which The Grateful Dead played a gig back in the 1970s! Located in Petaluma, California.

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