I just get sad sometimes… People wonder why, why so sad with my life going in such beautiful directions? But I don’t know I ponder every now and then on the fact that people who were once so important in my life are no longer known to me… Far gone strangers, and for the most part for the better. Why want people around who only do you wrong? Who only hurt you? But it seems to me that in this life I have never come upon a person who hasn’t hurt me in some way and if not yet they will one day. And that is my fear and that is what makes me sad. Yet I go along each day and I try to brighten up the days of others, for somewhere in my heart I know god made me see this forsaken tragedy of man kind to give me the strength to try my hardest to put the smiles on the faces of those I hope to never lose and be hurt by, even those whom have hurt me before. For I see no solitude and I see no gain in hate and in bitterness. So I remain kind and remain loving. But with a heart so open to love I must say, it is very easy to hurt.. Just every now and then.
—  Poetry by erica Lynn