Honeydukes (Full Performance) from I Ship It

Zoe and Peter perform their sugary duet, “Honeydukes”. A bonus scene from the short film, “I Ship It”.

Written & Directed by Yulin Kuang - http://twitter.com/yulinkuang

Original songs available at: http://yulinkuangfilms.bandcamp.com

Zoe - Mary Kate Wiles - http://twitter.com/mkwiles
Peter - Joey Richter - http://twitter.com/joeyrichter

“Honeydukes” song written by
Kirstyn Hippe - http://twitter.com/kirstynhippe

“Honeydukes” song produced & engineered by
Brian Grider - http://twitter.com/briangrider

What the full short film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4-o9pAWsCc

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garrus going down on shepard i be g

So this prompt was from Hippee’s Valentine’s Day Drunk Drabbles. And if you can’t tell from the prompt, this is explicit. Um. Very explicit. I didn’t even try to work in emotions with this. Sometimes a gal needs to write some straight up PwP, you know? 

nsfw. at all.


Finally, they were alone in the apartment.

The clone was dealt with, Joker and Wrex disappeared with news of the upcoming party, and she could finally take a breath and relax. For one full week, Shepard could try to pretend she was just another citizen on the Citadel. It would never work, but damnit, she could try.

“Are they gone?” Garrus asked as he walked down the stairs, wearing only a pair of loose fitting pajama pants, which stopped at his knees to make room for his spurs.

Shepard nodded, leaning against the kitchen counter. “I should get some sleep,” she said, thinking of that comfortable looking bed upstairs. Or the comfortable looking bed downstairs. Or even that comfortable looking couch. Even compared to her cabin on the Normandy everything in this apartment just looked so comfortable.

“I don’t think so, Shepard,” Garrus said, grabbing her waist.

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sunsets and bullets, Mass Effect, characters of your choice

It was a pretty sunset, the sun low and red on the horizon, casting ruby light halfway around the dome of the sky, fading out to orange and gold on the edges.

Shame the mercs were coming out of it, so the sun was getting in his eyes. Garrus adjusted the light filtration on his visor, but even that only helped so much. He put his eye to the scope and focused: yes, there it was.

Shepard streaked across his vision in a haze of blue sparks, a shooting star, and he could hear the impact in his ear as she crashed into a knot of mercs. One of them reeled back from her, into his scope, and he pulled the trigger. “One less,” he said to himself.

“What was that?” Shepard called, breathless, and he heard the blast of her shotgun.

“Got one,” he said, already seeking his next target.

She laughed. “Garrus, I got three with that. Nova!”

He scanned away while she built up and discharged the power a detonation at his 1 o’clock, and there, coming up behind her, another merc, until he blew the man’s head off his shoulders. “Got your six, Shepard.”

“You always do,” she said, affection easing through her exhilaration.

“We done with these guys yet?” he asked, scanning the horizon. Motion detector wasn’t picking up anything more.

“I think so,” she said. “I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

He caught another flicker of blue and realized with a jolt that she was headed straight for him—

And then he hit the ground hard, dropping his rifle, arms full of Shepard. “Ouch,” he said.

“Sorry,” she said, her voice soft and husky, and kissed him, her lips warm and soft and urgent, the sun’s last rays shedding ruddy light over her hair.