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If you're still taking prompts: Donnie humming "I'm the very model of a scientist salarian" while he cures New York of the kraangforming.

“Is he singing?” whispers Mikey. “Like, while he —" 

Raph tries to tell Mikey to shut up, that who knows what the hell he’s breathing in, but then he gets a mouthful of dust and starts coughing. Mikey pounds on his shell, harder than he has to, and over his coughing and the thudding of Mikey’s fists, Raph hears a slightly off-kilter and very off-key voice singing cheerfully down below. 

I am the very model of a scientific terrapin 

A tinny Kraang scream echoes up from the street.

I’ve studied mutants tigerish and fishy and reptilian 

Now there are several screams, and Donnie’s sweet, tuneless voice rises above them all. 

My bioweapon studies range from anthrax to food poisonin’ 

I am the very model of a scientific terrapin 

"I’m not —” Raph can’t stop coughing, because the smoke from the fires is everywhere, and the Kraang labs will be burning for days. “I’m not going to tell him to stop.”

“Me neither,” says Mikey, as Leo shakes his head and avoids looking at what’s happening down below. 

This will be the rant to end all rants.

thisonelikesaliens said: yell about Hippee!

SEPTEMBER 7TH 2013. YES I REMEMBER THE DATE BECAUSE I AM A DORK. That’s when a beautiful, generous Bee made a post about offering a playlist to a couple of chapters of Ghost. And a shy, little Hippo (who thought Bee was basically the most amazing person ever) decided to reach out and ask for the playlist. We found each other on Skype. 


I could not ask for a more generous, supportive friend. Not just in fandom, but in everything. She has this magical ability to know when to listen or when someone needs a laugh. I know I can safely pour out my salt to her and most likely, she’ll feel the same way. 

There is a reason we yell ‘HIPPEE FOREVER’ and that’s because in fifty years, we’ll still be yelling about Garrus and Jaal and hopefully a few more characters we haven’t met yet. Because there is no one I’d rather yell about characters (and alien cock, let’s be real) with, than @theherocomplex


tfc band au (cause im that person)
  • idk if anyones done this or whatnot and this has been sitting in my drafts forever so
  • nicky, the sweet little soul that he is, is jamming out to some obscure music one day and he ends up watching a video of matts band in high school and he freaks. the fuck. out. 
  • matts just like dude? who wasnt in a band in high school
  • and like it turns out a bunch of the foxes know how to play instruments and shit (andrew learned the guitar in juvie, renee being the scret hippee she is plays acoustic, aaron started to play the bass and the drums when he still lived with his mom like he was so into music he can play anything and allison has a fucking gorgeous voice shes a fucking siren)
  • dan and neil really cant play anything bc they werent able to learn anything while they were in high/middle school but aaron teaches neil the drums and hes okay and it turns out dan has a great fucking voice like its deeper and raspier but its so amazing
  • kevin can kinda of play the guitar? like he learned a little but hes pretty bad and “doesnt have time for it” bc hes spends too much time at the court
  • nickys just dying cause he wants to make a band so bad
  • (see: jam sessions that the teams been forced into on the weekend (nickys doing of course) between practice and theyre all exhuasted but they do it anyways cause they always end up doing weird shit)
  • kevin refuses to join in the fun tbh cause all he cares about is exy (he legit just leaves the jam sessions to go to the court rip kev)
  • so one day nicky covertly brings them (with the help of neil because hes basically their manager little child) to this “battle of the bands” contest
  • everyones like “nicky son??? were not even a band??”
  • (they end up winning anyways)
  • after that they do some gigs like at bars and coffee shops and wymack and abby come and watch them sometimes
  • renee and allison are so into it like they get so excited for the performances and they make tshirts and everything
  • and like dan and matt are always super cute together on stage and nicky and aaron go wild and kevin tries to play sometimes but hes still pretty bad and refuses to get help so they just have him go sit with wymack and andrews just there sitting watching neil tbh like what else does he have to do (maybe he could try playing the guitar idk)
  • sometimes theyll have neil on stage playing back up on the drums for aaron but most of the time they leave him in the crowd cause andrew gets too distracted by watching how hot neil is playing the drums
  • eventually they get to be really well known around campus and a lot of students come out and watch them
  • and then one day a reporter asks dan a question about it after and game and she explains how they started playing together and how its been a great way for the team to bond and stuff and she asks people to come out and see them preform the next weekend
  • meanwhile nickys back in the locker room fucing scREamING CAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS NOW
  • hes legit playing a cd that he burned of recordings from their live performances what even are you nick my son
  • at their next performance theres legit people on the sidewalk bc theres not enough room in the place theyre playing
  • and everyone freaks out like guYS thIS is SO FReaKINg CRazY
  • ofc theres a guy from a record label there watching and hes like in love (who wouldnt be) and so he approaches neil and nicky on their way out and is like “i wanna have you guys come into the studio so we can see if well be a good fit together.” and nickys legit almost fainted at this point and physically can not speak so neils just like yuo sure sounds great
  • (nicky just doesnt sleep that night)
  • so they go in and they sign a contract (neils officially their manager) and they agreed to record and album during the offseason
  • dan and matt legit just write songs about each other rip you losers
  • kevin actually decides to help and write some songs but theyre like horrible (no guys! i told you its not about exy jeez!)
  • no he actually writes a couple good ones about the foxes and theyre hella cute
  • renee and andrew have the best songs that are like just so emotional and heart breaking and everyone expected that from renee but anDREw????
  • so they recored their album and its a huge hit and like everyone buys its and theyre all just so cute and they have a hUUggGGE celebration (nicky smol son)
  • the next off season they go on tour
  • just imagine them on tour
  • i dont think i have enough words to describe the foxes all squished together on a tour bus being cute af
  • im just gonna leave this here
  • imagine the tour

“All DJs do is push buttons”
“Producing looks so easy”
“Anyone can do that”
“There’s no effort behind it”






DJs and producers need to memorize every little control and button

They need to be quick and swift, while also at the same time be patient and have good timing

They need the proper equipment to do their job, and if they don’t, they’d need to pay for it. And let me tell you, tables and other DJing equipment is not cheap. 

And lastly, they fucking need acceptance. I don’t care if you’re a metalhead or a hippee, just please give DJs and producers the respect and recognition for their hard work they deserve. It’s not easy to do that job, and they are just as talented as next the guy who can sing and play a guitar. 

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garrus going down on shepard i be g

So this prompt was from Hippee’s Valentine’s Day Drunk Drabbles. And if you can’t tell from the prompt, this is explicit. Um. Very explicit. I didn’t even try to work in emotions with this. Sometimes a gal needs to write some straight up PwP, you know? 

nsfw. at all.


Finally, they were alone in the apartment.

The clone was dealt with, Joker and Wrex disappeared with news of the upcoming party, and she could finally take a breath and relax. For one full week, Shepard could try to pretend she was just another citizen on the Citadel. It would never work, but damnit, she could try.

“Are they gone?” Garrus asked as he walked down the stairs, wearing only a pair of loose fitting pajama pants, which stopped at his knees to make room for his spurs.

Shepard nodded, leaning against the kitchen counter. “I should get some sleep,” she said, thinking of that comfortable looking bed upstairs. Or the comfortable looking bed downstairs. Or even that comfortable looking couch. Even compared to her cabin on the Normandy everything in this apartment just looked so comfortable.

“I don’t think so, Shepard,” Garrus said, grabbing her waist.

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Val Shepard/Garrus, first Valentine's Day as a married couple

(since they got married in a quickie ceremony during the war, their first V-Day would also occur during the war, so…)

One more useless argument with the asari councilor down. Shepard sighed and made her way to the loft, accepting the datapads Traynor handed her on the way. She’d already done rounds today, hadn’t she? Or was that yesterday? It was getting hard to remember. She scanned through the pads, lists of items they hadn’t been able to restock here on the Citadel, details on the next thing Hackett wanted her to look into, a report from Ann Bryson… She stepped out of the elevator, not looking where she was going, went through the door into her quarters, and stopped dead as she lifted her eyes.

There was a red rose—a single one, just opening—in a thin glass vase on her desk. Next to it was a heart-shaped red box.

“The hell?” Shepard said.

Gingerly, she set down the stack of datapads and opened the box. Sure enough, chocolates. A dozen of them, both milk and dark and— she picked one up and popped it in her mouth— just slightly stale. Still good, the only chocolate she’d had in… how long? She couldn’t remember. She really needed to get more sleep, like Garrus kept telling her.

And where was Garrus, anyway? No need to ask who’d left these things in the cabin; there was only one person with unrestricted access.

Just like that, the door whisked open. “Oh good,” Garrus said. “EDI said you were up here.”

“What’s all this for?” Shepard asked.

Garrus’s browplates twitched, and his mandibles flicked out. “Isn’t it, uh, Valentine’s Day?”

“Is it?” She grabbed the nearest datapad and checked the date. It was, in fact, February 14. She rubbed her temples. Apparently she couldn’t even keep track of the date any more.

“I was told it’s traditional to give your, uh, girlfriend or… wife… gifts, and when I asked around, this seemed like the most traditional…”

“Uh-huh.” She ate another chocolate and stepped toward him, close enough to loop her arms around his neck. “Who did you talk to? Traynor? Gabby? Wait, it was Kasumi, wasn’t it?”

“Uh… yeah. She heard about the wedding and messaged me.”

“How did she even—” Shepard shook her head. Best not to ask what Kasumi’s sources were. “I didn’t get you anything.”

“That’s all right, I wasn’t expecting anything—”

She cut him off with a kiss to his mouth, and then his mandible, and then his throat. “You know,” she murmured, “there are some other things that are traditional for Valentine’s Day.”

“Really.” His voice was dropping into the lower register that made his chest rumble, and he pulled her closer. “I look forward to finding out about these traditions, Valentina.”

She chuckled and kissed him again and reached for the catches on his armor.