I AM HIP HOP! And upon this faith (our belief in ourselves as Hiphoppas) we can achieve Truth. Through Hip Hop we have a paradigm by which to create ourselves and document our own body of Hip Hop knowledge and history. Our faith in ourselves as a community of conscious Hiphoppas is what we call Hip Hop’s culture or Hiphop Kulture.
—  KRS-ONE aka The Teacha
When we say “I AM HIP HOP,” the Hiphop idea then enters the physical World as Hip Hop which is then captured on CD, etc., and sold as hip-hop. By becoming Hiphop, by allowing the Hiphop idea to dominate our ‘being,’ Hip Hop enters the physical World through our physical bodies and artistic expressions. This “expression” (and for some, their physical bodies) is then captured in some way and sold as hip-hop. Before Hip Hop can even be recorded and/or documented, it must first be brought into the physical World through people who have voluntarily surrendered to its force and essence. Everything else is a recording, an imitation or a documentation of the real effects of the original Hip Hop creative force (Hiphop). The preserving of its products; it has to do with understanding the ability itself; the essence that causes such products to exist. To preserve Hip Hop we must preserve Hip Hop’s perpetual abilities. We must preserve the actual living thinking Hiphoppa with a Knowledge of Hip Hop beyond entertainment.
—  The Gospel of Hip Hop, First Instrument by KRS-ONE