President Hillary Clinton is under investigation by the FBI. She meets with the FBI director and demands a loyalty pledge. He refuses. Later, it becomes public that she is under investigation for possible collusion with a foreign power to fix an election. She then fires the FBI director, saying that she was never under investigation. The next day, she goes on TV and says that the supposed collusion was all fake, so it was okay for her to fire the FBI director, and thus she was not in any way obstructing an investigation. The Democratic Party supports her en masse because she, the head of the Executive Branch, has the legal authority.

That’s what happened. That’s what Trump did. If that doesn’t bother you, please seriously think about why this is. Please seriously think if it would bother you if Hillary Clinton did that. If it bothered you that Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch to talk, but this doesn’t bother you, please think about that, and consider how your cognitive biases might be affecting your ability to fairly assess situations. - Bobby Booth Kogan


Kendrick Lamar - Humble

This visual heavy music video just dropped a couple hours ago. I really appreciate the artistic quality and effort that went into this project.