They’ve got their little categories, like ‘conscious’ and ‘gangsta’. It used to be a thing where hip-hop was all together. Fresh Prince would be on tour with N.W.A. It wasn’t like, ‘You have got to like me in order for me to like you.’ That’s just some more white folks trying to think that all niggas are alike, and now it’s expanded. It used to be one type of nigga; now it’s two. There is so much more dimension to who we are. A monolith is a monolith, even if there’s two monoliths to choose from. I ain’t mad at Snoop. I’m not mad at Master P. I ain’t mad at the Hot Boys. I’m mad when that’s all I see. I would be mad if I looked up and all I saw on TV was me or Common or The Roots, because I know that ain’t the whole deal. The real joy is when you can kick it with everyone. That’s what hip-hop is all about. … They keep trying to slip the ‘conscious rapper’ thing on me. I come from Roosevelt Projects, man. The ghetto. I drank the same sugar water, ate hard candy. And they try to get me because I’m supposed to be more articulate, I’m supposed to be not like the other Negroes, to get me to say something against my brothers. I’m not going out like that, man.
—  Mos Def on being called a “conscious rapper”
The 20 Best Movies Of All Time

I deem these as my favorite movies ever made…by Jake Bourey (aka Hip-Hop Fights Back)

1) The Shawshank Redemption

This is clearly the best movie of all time for a lot of reasons. If you’ve ever seen it you know why.

2) Star Wars Trilogy

This was The Lord of the Rings of my parents’ generation. The first time I ever saw it was back when I was only 6. My mom and dad took me to see Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back when it was randomly showing at our local theater for some reason. It literally blew my mind, and consequently I started my Star Wars obsession phase. Me and my younger brother were both Darth Vader for Halloween that year, and I was Luke the year after.

3) The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

This was my generations fuckin’ Star Wars. I was just 11 when the The Fellowship of the Ring first came out, and I haven’t viewed movies the same way since.

4) Fight Club

5) Saving Private Ryan

6) A Clockwork Orange

7) Donnie Darko

8) Pulp Fiction

9) Old Boy

10) Requiem For A Dream

11) The Thing

12) The Matrix

13) Goodfellas

14) Reservoir Dogs

15) Memento

16) Seven Samurai

17) The Pianist

18) Gladiator

19) The Dark Knight

20) 500 Days of Summer


Kendrick Lamar - Humble

This visual heavy music video just dropped a couple hours ago. I really appreciate the artistic quality and effort that went into this project.

Trust me, in the very near future American politics is about to get 100x more depressing and weirder than it already has been. Everyone needs to be paying attention to the what’s happening in government and turn off Netflix for once so they aren’t blind to the atrocities and rampant corruption that are taking place. An educated and informed population is our only defense!