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Contact every follower in a personal way. This was my mantra before starting the Work Smart Show and I believe that it would make us stand out from all other competition. This was not really based on any research but my own experiences of my dealings with people on social media. I recall my first few days on Twitter when sent a tweet mentioning one of my favorite rappers; Ruslan (@RuslanKD) from Kings Dream Ent.

Now this dude is a great rapper and lyricist but I admire him for much more than his musical abilities, rather his business prowess, insatiable passion and the way he builds up other artists and fans. I have mentioned the rapper Beleaf (@BealefMel) several times before and he is only a rapper because Ruslan encouraged or coerced him into it, depending on whose story you believe. Along with the supremely talented John Givez (@JohnGivez), Ruslan formed the Dream Junkies and so it was that I mentioned them in a tweet, not realising that they would receive a notification. Within minutes Ruslan had liked my tweet and replied thanking me and asking what it was that had earned such praise. He was so genuine in the way that he talked with me, so humble and gave up his time for someone he didn’t even know.

Now I was a big fan of the Dream Junkies collective before but Ruslan’s interaction had my head spinning for a week or more. The thought that someone I had put stock in had taken time out to talk to me directly and valued my opinions was mind blowing. So it was that I wanted to replicate that for any followers that we managed to cultivate or attract.

Of course being a business podcast our followers are less music groupies and more aspiring and successful business people. This however does not negate the need to personally connect and I did this and still try very hard to do so. But once we passed 1,000 followers on Twitter and were gaining 15-20 a day it became very difficult to keep this ideal. It then became even more difficult to maintain relationships with our original listeners and followers as new ones rolled in.

I still attempt to personally connect with every single follower across FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr, Anchor, Pinterest and Minds - phew! I have definitely missed some people and I apologise if this was you but when you reach a certain point and keep gaining does personal contact become impossible? I mean you don’t see Apple or McDonalds reaching out to every single customer in the way that a local dry cleaner or food market would or could.

I still believe this is important but when there is more important things to do in your business that will actually generate profits and income they will fall away. I do not disagree with this as a business operating at a loss is not really a business and definitely not ideal but how then do we go about engaging people en masse?

Just like Sway I dont have the answers so get into your Yeezy headspace and give me your thoughts. Help us as we all embrace this enormous challenge.


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Queen Maxine (Feat. Maxine Waters)
Episode 1: Queen Maxine Angela sits down with Congresswoman Maxine Waters to talk about the resistance and why Tupac is her favorite rapper. executive produced by charlamange tha god

If you’re a fan of Angela Rye then this should make you very happy. Angela Rye now has her own platform/podcast called “On1″ available on and Please support this Queen as she continues to educate our community on politics and important issues. Listen to her first podcast with Maxine Waters here. 

Name: Cleo [student]

Fyuer negativity surrounding the black community”

Tupac once rapped, “said it aint no hope for the youth, and the truth is it aint no hope for the future.” However, we think he’d be happy to hear this discussion as proof that hope is still very much alive.

Cleo, a pro-black teenager, credits her love of history, specifically the civil-rights era, for influencing her views. Thanks to her mother’s love of 90′s neo-soul music and culture, Cleo’s ideas of black unity and positivity have moved beyond the music she enjoys and into the topics she discusses.

Certain media outlets, like “WorldStarHipHop,” were mentioned in this discussion as sources that negatively influence black youth [9:04]. How do we make positive news/media as entertaining and attractive as a “WSHH”?

Listen above & click the date below to comment - we’ll share it on our Instagram & Twitter !

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Hip Hop Megadome Ep 2 video. Check this out. Its pretty funny