Small Town Bringdown
The Tragically Hip
Small Town Bringdown

“Small Town Bringdown” by The Tragically Hip

(Words/Music: Gord Sinclair, Album: The Tragically Hip EP, MCA 1987)

I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting a blog dedicated to The Tragically Hip for a few months now and now, with the posting of their first song from their first EP, it begins. I love listening to this album if only for the reason that it shows how much the band has changed and grown over the last 23 years.

“Bourbons all around” in celebration of the opening of Hipeponymous. Enjoy and feel free to message me with suggestions and requests.

The Tragically Hip

So, you just got spammed with Tragically Hip reblogs from the last couple of weeks (or you are about to since your Dashboard runs in reverse).

a) sorry about that


b) you’re welcome

I haven’t updated this blog for a few weeks and had some catching up to do. Basically, what I saw was so cool - a lot of you have been out to Hip shows and taking pics, and videos, and writing reviews and your thoughts. It was all so much fun to read, it got me back in a Hip mood. Thanks