Rap Monster: He would explain his band members how you were so beautiful when you two had sex only because he wanted to boast about how amazing you were. He didn’t expect you to walk in in the middle of explaining. “She literally just beams when we do it. Like literally glows and-” he would be cut off by V who covered his mouth and pointed in your direction. You ran out of the room, face redder than a tomato, Namjoon following you. “How could you tell them that!” You would yell. “I can never show my face in there again oh my god.” 

“I’m sorry,” he would laugh. “But you really are beautiful. I won’t talk about it again though I promise.” 

Suga: You would walk in on him telling Jimin about your ‘wild night’ last night and immediately just go bright red. Jimin, being Jimin, would also go red and start giggling to himself which would confuse Yoongi. He turned around to see you and would just start laughing. “Uh babe,” you would stutter. “Wh-What you talking about?” He would pull you close to him and kiss your cheek gently, letting you sit on his lap as he hugged you from behind. 

“Just telling ChimChim here about the best night of my life.” 

Jin: You decided to surprise the boys with food while they were recording in the studio that day, just wanting to be a good girlfriend to Jin and help the boys out. When you got there, you didn’t really expect to hear Jin telling them about how you guys had a special night the night before and that’s why he was so tiring. J-Hope was the first to spot you and would just burst out laughing. Jin turned around and went wide eyed. “Oh h-hey babe. How long h-have you been standing there?” “Long enough to know that you aren’t getting any of this food.” 

“Babe, no. I’m sorry! They asked me! YOU KNOW THIS IS MY FAVORITE FOOD!” 

J-Hope: You walked in on him facetiming Namjoon since he was on vacation, you knew he was talking to him but you also wanted to check on him. You happened to walk in on the worst part. “No RM you don’t understand her boobs are-” He snapped his head around to see you glaring at him. “Y/N wh-what’s up?” You walked over and waved to Namjoon before slamming his laptop screen shut. 

“I’m in trouble aren’t I?” he laughed nervously. 

Taehyung: Taehyung had invited you over for game night with the boys and usually you didn’t like to intrude on guys night but you missed seeing them so you decided to make an appearance. When you got there, you didn’t really get too involved, you were just happy to be there with them. They were talking about sexual experiences that had and when it came to Taehyung he talked about how he got it on with “this girl” when everyone knew it was you. You gripped his thigh, making him whip his head around. “How do you know I was talking about you?” he questioned. “Tae I’m then only girl you’ve been with for the past two years, I know it’s me.” You got up and walked out of the room. 

“I’m sorry but it’s my favorite moment. I had to tell them.” 

Jimin: Jimin was really shy about talking about it at first but the boys were hiping him up so he decided to just go with it. He would tell them about how you screamed really loud or how you gripped his hair really tight. You could hear him talking about the whole thing from the room next to you. You sent Jimin a text, saying you could hear him and you heard the door open almost seconds after. 

“Y/n I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to! They asked and I don’t know oh man. I’m sorry…” He went quiet before raising an eyebrow. “But I mean… You are hot though…” 

Jungkook: He was pretty excited about telling the boys about his first time. It was a special moment for both him and you so when you walked in on him telling the boys, you felt like it wasn’t as special to him as it was to you. He turned around and noticed that you had a fallen tear which would break his heart. He ran after you, grabbing your arm only to have you pull away. “Was it not special to you? Did it mean nothing?” “What? Y/n no of course it meant something to me! It was the best moment of my life.” “Then why did you tell the boys?” He would pull you into his arms and kiss your forehead. 

“It was so special for me. I’m sorry if it made you feel like it wasn’t. I love you with all my heart.” 

blue-gold-demigod-clouds  asked:

How would the 104 and veterans react to finding out someone was pinning for them (like a quite pinning) ? Hi mama!!! Hipe you have a good day!!

Mikasa: Unimpressed
Reiner: Awwwww
Bertholdt: ‘r-really?!’ super flattered
Annie: not sure how to feel about that it’s kinda creepy
Eren: If they seem cool he might try to date them, if he’s up for it. 
Jean: Flattered, tries to play it cool
Marco: Surprised and flattered and offering a date
Sasha: ‘WHAT?! ME?!’ super overwhelmed with the situation
Connie: ‘Uhm okay… so now what?’
Historia: ‘No offense, but can you stop that?’
Armin: doesn’t know what to say, but is slightly flattered
Ymir: ‘Lol looser’
Levi: ignores it
Hanji: ‘Okay cool, let’s go out and talk about titans’
Erwin: ‘I’m sorry I cannot return your feelings, I have a duty towards humanity!’
Nanaba: ‘I guess we can try this’
Mike: Makes a reservation at olive garden
Moblit: Super happy, wants a relationship, wants to try it, then remembers Hanji

First gouache attempt!
A lot of crappy stuff happened, including torn paper on the sides but I am still very happy with the result. There is definitely room to grow 🤣 but the way that paint looks at the end is soooo nice!
I love digital but a real peace on a real paper feels sooo different and nice. Or at least makes me feel hiped the first 24 hours! Undo is still a problem but well.. we can’t love our lives with undo anyways.

This is Eliza Makepeace from a book called The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.

Hey guys, its Taylor. Welcome to the Direct TV Pre-Party for the Super Saturday Night. I’m gonna, I dont know if you know this but I’m gonna be playing a show later. I hipe they told you that. Serious information oversight if you didn’t know that. But, um, I’m getting ready right now, probably just over there or over there. Somewhere very close to here. And, I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming and I really hope you like the show. I haven’t done one in a while. I hope it’s decent. But, I’m gonna try and thats the point about football… And singing..
I’m gonna stop.. Bye!
—  Taylors recorded message for the Pre-party tonight.


Pls read this headcannon of @earth-tooth cause it worth any second c:

So yea.. I read it like.. a month ago and it reealy keep me thinking, so I start to draw it and welp, Im proud xd -added a lovely shadow/chao cs hes cute - and now I have my own resolutions
*the destruction and *pure evil* of Iblis causes that the Caos emeralds lose their powers, because this gems are a manifestation in power about the balance btw good and evil.. shadow can sence this and he needs someone who can protect the world for him, so he collects the Caos emeralds and the miracle happens, Silver is created in base of Shadow’s will and the last *good* power of the Caos emerald. Then the emeralds lose their powers completely bc their desestabilization is critical, and all that power dissapearing for once creates a space failure and a *touch* between dimensions.. of course, this consecuense is slowly, and in a pair of years this dimension, Blaze’s dimension “melt” with the other.
Another fact is that.. without the Caos energy in the air, Shadow cant perform any caos energy based attack/movement so he cant telephort nor attack like he was used to, and he dont want to use guns bc of Silver’s mentalhealth and well being so he is forced to escape/hide
.I fell in the need of posting this, like now I can sleep c:
Btw the discussion is open :v bc why not

Reading Tyler’s Stream Chat

“Kiss your children, the world ends tomorrow.“
“fuck me daddy until my face falls off”
“you need to suck my pls”
“Fuck my pussy my ass and then squirt my face”
“lick my wet pussy”
“my dog died in a car last week”
“Hi mom :D”
“waffles r guwd”
“Cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock”
“I would bone wildcat”
“Purge tomorrow”
“Anybody if you want to add me on PS4 my gamer tag is TheLastCalibre “
“I suck at animating”
“Play more CS:GO”
“fuck her in said pussy”
“can you please slap my dap”
“Gorad Time”
“Love you”
“kill all”
“Such dudes”
“Tyler I live in the same neighborhood as you youve probably never seem me but i own the 2015 audi a4”
“͡° ͜ʖ ͡° “
“I am watching this at school”
“How do i donate”
“sub 2 me”
“Tyler can you say kenes”
“Fuck em in the dick puss Tyler”
“hey Tyler i’m gonna clap your cheeks”
Fuck me in the ass and call me fernando”
“say my name”
“fuck skyrim”
“fuck me harder daddy”
“Fist meh daddy”
“say my name wildcat pls thanks”
“I am so wet”
“Play gmod”
“Alex is a fucking nigger”
“Are you gay”
“who else is masterbating”
“the wreckage”
“you commenters are the dumbest fucks ever”
“Lol ok weed”
“wild shit license to me”
“Trump for president 2016”

“I love u wildkat no homo”

“that’s a toilet“

“Hey wild u sexy bitch”
“Stfu about vanoss, hes not here so just dont say anytying T_T”
“pussy pussy marijuana”
“Anal Fun”
“eat my ass”
“i wanna hump you”
“dicks out for wildcat”
“You suck a dick”
“Say my name!”
“fist me tyler”
“ha u died”
“How’s life Tyler?”
“paul gray”
“Fuck u Minlidid”
“love u daddy”
“thats what she said”
“sub pizzazz”
“hi dadday”
“yell out TITTIES!!”
“im a big fan”
“WILDCAT. This is Eric from The Wreckage. Thank you for using our song as your outro.”
“i really want to fuck your husband ☺”
“Bitch much”
“tell Vanoss to shut the fuck up in the next Gmod video”
“I’m in school card”
“Vote for Trump”
“Scratch my balls”
“tight pussy holy fuck”
“funny how ur not being "positive” isn’t it XD”
“at least he’s HIV positive douche”
“I eat ass”
“orange peel”
“Watching you on my new iPhone 7”
“lit asf”
“look alive stay alice”
“Tyler = Jesus”
“It looks bad”
“my clit is wet”
“i do weed giveaways”
“Hey, Hey Wildcat, Get Gud”
“he gay”
“Can you fuck me”
“any guys wanna fuck”
“my dick so hard”
“my dick is so big”
“Wildcat I will donate 30 Dollars if you tell mini he is coil” - tigerman craig

*Tyler disables chat*


Jimmy Kimmel’s U2 appearance.

Not gonna lie… There is no doubt for me that BONO’S voice is the most beautiful in the world and he has been singing like a bird so far.. ❤

I loved the interview, 110% of U2 seeping through it. I loved the performance of ISHFWILF, if that doesn’t convince first time listeners of the power of U2 and music, then what else? I hipe they gained a few. ❤

Haven’t found video’s of The Little Things yet. But dang am I glad to see them. And listen to them.

U2 I fucking love you man.