Lead the pack in this next-level and oh-so-chic bodysuit! It features a classic ribbed-knit body off shoulders and cutout at back. ¾ length sleeves bodysuit. Double snap button closure at bottom.

* Measures approx. 29" length, 26" chest, 23" waist
* 96% polyester, 4% spandex
* Hand wash cold
* Model is in size S
* Model is 5'7", bust 32", waist 24", hips 36"  
* Made in U.S.A

Made with Poshmark

Yasmin Floral Print Long Sleeve Dress w/Cold Shoulder

Designed with a nod to classic glamour, this floral print long sleeve dress is all about the entrance.
* V-neckline
* Button Front
* Cold Shoulder
* Long Sleeve
* Fabric : 100% Rayon
* Made in U.S.A
* Actual Model is size small
* 32 “ Bust , 24” Waist , 35" hip

Made with Poshmark

Look like a sweet slice of pre-fall in this dress! It’s made from a dark-wash chambray woven body with an elasticized off-the-shoulder neckline and short sleeves. Unlined. Finished seams. Wear it with a fab hat and your fav jeweled piece for a on the ready look.

* Measures approx. 27.5"long, 12"sleeve length
* 100%cotton,
* Model is in size S
*Belt not included
* Model is 5'7", bust 32", waist 24", hips 36"

Made with Poshmark

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Fuse again! You two are so cute fused!

*YS shot up and pulled OP up. OP, once standing, grabbed the other from around the hips and picked her up twirling. Then they fused, BA was laughing when she came back*
BA: Yes! They did it! Well, not that I didn’t think they could..
BA: Anyways! Earth is nice, where should I go?
BA: Also, other gems are here, I just remembered that… *she laughed a little*

so please

mind the colliding elephants
with hips
swaying like palm trees
the coastal california breeze

so many moving parts & dead sounds
in an ageless time
a future, a future, a future

so please
do not disturb
the oscillating diatribe

for mute ears

tangled in fire
truck bed sheets
feeling incomplete

so please
make it short
& make it sweet

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"You're cynical about this all, I can tell.. but even so.. perhaps I will show you." The male stood to his feet and took a deep breath; hands rested upon his hips as grey-blue eyes glanced down toward the younger male. "You and I, we're soldiers.. soldiers work as a team; stick together -- stay together.. What d'you say we go and train?"

He breaks eye contact as soon as the c word comes out. It isn’t as though the lad doesn’t know about this side of him. He tries to believe in people, sees the best in them && their potential. But what he has gotten was… disappointment. Even from a young age, Lee just died without fulfilling his promise of coming home for Christmas. He doesn’t blame his father now, but when younger Eggsy thinks about it lots. 

Brushing away those thoughts, the lad perks up at the mention of training. “ Yea? Wot training? ” The pain that had been so apparent fades into the background. It’s a good thing though - because Eggsy doesn’t know how long he can stand himself being vulnerable in front of another.

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Can I just have some Trans Crew cuddles?? I don't care who the cuddles are with, I just love them and I need more ! I love your writing ❤️❤️

OF COURSE, ANON!! (Also thank you for the compliment ilyyy)

So, since I feel like there’s a lot of Killugon, let’s throw in some Leapika!!
(after a small argument)

“Do you think it’s healthy for couples to argue like we do?” Kurapika asked, voice muted by the hair under his chin.

He had arms around Lea’s hips, face buried at the crown of her cropped brown hair.

Lea tightened her hold around Kurapika’s back, nuzzling further into him. “If we didn’t argue, I’m sure we wouldn’t be a good couple, at all. Besides, maybe I do shit on purpose to hear you sing Lady Gaga.”

They both snorted, and Lea enjoyed the vibration, the warmth of Kurapika’s skin against her forehead.

“Who knew you could be so conniving, Lea?” Kurapika replied and Lea sighed with a smile on her face, stretching long and sinewy legs like a cat, ankle slipping over Kurapika’s bed. She was too tall. Even for ridiculous cuddling.

She didn’t mind, though.

“Maybe I do it for these choice cuddles,” and she pressed quick lips to the crook of Kurapika’s neck, he groaned, shaking some of his blonde hair over the space.

“Choice? Come back from the 90’s, /sweetheart/.” He joked.

“Only to see you again, /babe./”

Soft bed moved underneath as the couple laughed, cuddled up together and pulling each other closer. Lea loved the light feeling she had in her chest, her smile was easy.

“You’re lucky these lines work on me, you’d be lonely if they didn’t.”

Lea looked up and into blue green eyes, pale skin with light freckles spattered across. Kurapika was so incredibly /handsome./

She pushed up, meeting nose against nose, resting her forehead against his. “/This/ is why we’re a perfect couple.”

Kurapika’s eyes narrowed “You think Gon and Killua argue the way we do?”

“Oh please, those two can’t agree which color the /sky/ is.”