the best thing about garnet is she could do literally anything at all and it wouldn’t be out of character. punch a shark? she did it. wear a crown? yes. smash a radio because she didn’t like what was playing? that happened too. she could jump 16 busses on a flaming motorcycle and i would be impressed but not surprised because that’s just the sort of thing garnet does. god i love garnet

♪ Hip to be a square♫// Jim&Lucifer

jim walked into the empty Transfiguration  class room at the end of the day. most students were enjoying the free time before supper but jim with arms full of books and papers was going to be working that evening.  he placed them down with a thud then proceeded to put three tables together and spread out his research papers and levitated up study books to follow him as he paced. when everything was organized  chaos the last thing he did was take out his contacts and place on his glasses (less dry eye strain). he began by enchanting his quill so he could just talk out his thoughts while recording them. 

“ from where we left off quill, print, title :  animagus and patronus connection , underscore : genetic mutations developed in magical environment; mental and physical  connections ….   ” 


Short cars for short days, pt. 3 (see No. 1 here, No. 2 there)

When square was hip: Fiat 128 Rally, introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1971. It featured a 1,290cc engine that produced 67 horsepower, alloy wheels, sport trim and a set of rally lights. The original 128 Rally like this one here didn’t make it to the United States.