2 Kids Kill @MajorLazer Lean On Dance Routine

David Moore @davidmooretv @dancemillennium 

Many groups of amazing dancers as well as Aiden Prince “bah boy” and his buddy Ryan “popo” Buca go off to this Major Lazor “lean on” dance class in los angeles, CA. 


poisonmushroom-org asked:

Reading through some Sonic stuff about Sonic Adventure 2, I began to wonder and was curious what you thought: Was/is Shadow better off as a hero, or should he have been made a villain through and through? (Saying he should have stayed dead doesn't count, by the way. ;P )

Yeah, but…

If we want an anti-hero whose allegiances are questionable, that was originally Knuckles’ gig. Sure, it usually turned out that he was played for a fool (again) but there was a lot of stuff around the periphery to suggest that he never really saw eye-to-eye with Sonic and was mainly looking out for himself. That’s one of the reasons why the Friendification of Knuckles was such a bummer to me. They’ve robbed him of all purpose.

If we want an evil clone of Sonic, that was originally Metal Sonic’s gig. And maybe it’s just me not being hip with the kids, but Metal Sonic looks way cooler than Shadow – especially Modern Metal Sonic, with all of the added detail he has.

He’s got all of these bolts and vents and molding, but he’s sleek looking. Screw Shadow, Metal’s still the coolest thing. 

What’s Shadow the Hedgehog got? There are no more mysteries about where he came from. The answers we got were lame. So now he’s like, a secret agent, I guess? Why? Who cares?

Does Shadow work better as a hero or a villain? Villain, I guess, because that at least gives him something better to do.You can also more easily contrast a “plight,” where Shadow briefly considers maybe not being evil. Sort of like Proto Man in Archie’s Mega Man comic, where he knows he’s doing bad things, and he’d love to be a good guy, but there are circumstances preventing that.

The Sonic franchise has enough heroes, anyway. Sonic pulled a Goku with like 90% of all the Non-Eggman villains he’s ever had.

I edited this and now he looks so hipster it is unreal