FCBD: Hip Hop Family Tree Two-in-One (2014 )   //   Fantagraphics 

This encyclopedic comics history of the formative years of hip hop captures the vivid personalities and magnetic performances of old-school pioneers and early stars like DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, plus the charismatic players behind the scenes like Russell Simmons; Debbie Harry, Keith Haring and other luminaries make cameos.

Story: Ed Piskor, art: Ed Piskor

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What’s even better than the first two volumes of Ed Piskor’s excellent, Eisner-nominated visual history of hip hop, Hip Hop Family Tree? Having those two volumes wrapped in this sweet slipcase cover, along with a special, limited-edition 24-page comic, created just for this set!

We are super psyched to unbox this set for your eyes, and we will have more photo and video previews for your viewing pleasure soon! The Hip Hop Family Tree Vols. 1-2: 1975-1983 Box Set is due out in late October. Snag your pre-order today!

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Michael Crowe recommends Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 2

Writer/Artist Ed Piskor (edpiskor) continues his epic journey through musical history with Hip Hop Family Tree Volume 2. Combining his passion for the musical genre with his mastery for creating comics, Piskor takes us on an encyclopedic journey through the growth of a uniquely American art form.

The 1980s were a time of expansion for the genre, across the country and the globe. This volume guides us through the continued rise of early hip hop originators alongside the birth of new acts inspired by these legends. It examines the intermingling between the uptown hip hop scene and thee downtown punk rock scene. It also documents the cultural exchange between New York arts culture and Hip Hop street culture. Piskor does a wonderful job of reminding the reader that this culture is more than the music. Hip Hop is an interdisciplinary art form that combines dance, visual art, musical production and lyrical genius to create an infectious form of modern art that’s craved en masse from Compton to Paris.

Ed Piskor’s art is stunning and his attention to detail is phenomenal. The pages appear to be printed on old textured paper. Each page pops despite the desaturated nature of the colors and the halftones used add even more texture to the pages. The result is a comic that feels straight out of the 80s. This attention to the aesthetic of a time is especially noticeable when flashing forward to the present. He illustrates these panels in a modern, highly saturated style common today. Piskor’s characterizations of classic players in the game are also unforgettable, and will evoke an immediate recognition from even a casual follower of hip hop culture.

For those interested in learning even more Piskor includes a bibliography and a discography to accompany the history he thoughtfully unravels for us. After you’ve finished reading and grooving be sure to pick up Hip Hop Family Tree Volume 1 to learn about the birth of Hip Hop and Wizzywig, Ed Piskor’s debut graphic novel about hacker culture.

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Michael Crowe works on the digital assets/launch team by day and writes comics and prose by night. He’s an avid consumer of comics and all things sci-fi.


Deconstructed: The New York Times best-selling book series Hip Hop Family Tree is making its debut as a monthly comic book with new covers, splash pages, a “director’s commentary” by Ed Piskor that traces the creator’s motivations, processes, and research involved in making this masterpiece—plus other surprises!

Hip Hop Family Tree is the first monthly comic in Fantagraphics’ 39-year history. The first issue traces the very beginning of hip-hop: it spotlights the breakdancers, graffiti artists, DJs, and MCs who formed hip-hop culture in the tenement rec rooms of the south Bronx in the 1970s. Readers will discover who invented the term “Hip-Hop,” and cultural pioneers like Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambaataa will make appearances…every month!

Hip Hop Family Tree is the history of hip-hop as told through comics. Piskor can’t stop, won’t stop until the entire story is told. Painstakingly researched, Ed Piskor is delivering the most thorough account of the who, what, where, and when of the most infamous music genre the world has ever seen.

This collectible rerelease will be available exclusively through Diamond Comics Distributors and on the remastered Fantagraphics website.

“We’ve found that the existing treasury editions are most popular through the book trade and we thought it would interesting to make an effort to do some outreach with the direct comic shop reader,” says creator Ed Piskor. “Our Free Comic Book Day editions were highly sought after at the comic shops who carried it and we took this as a good sign to try some unprecedented moves.”

The series will also mark another first for Fantagraphics: exclusive variant cover editions by Piskor produced for retail partners ordering 1000 copies. This will include the Eh! Variant edition, featuring a Slick Rick cover that will be available exclusively from Gotham Central Comics and Collectibles in Mississauga, Ontario.

Likewise, the Third Eye variant, featuring Eazy E on the cover, will be available for purchase this summer at www.thirdeyecomics.com/hiphopfamilytree and at Third Eye Comics locations. Piskor will be making an appearance at Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, Maryland to sign the variant at a date in August t.b.a.

Each variant cover by Piskor riffs on the beloved Marvel 25th Anniversary cover promotion from 1986 and spotlights a different figure from the history of Hip Hop. Fantagraphics and Piskor will also be producing a convention exclusive variant available only from Fantagraphics or Piskor himself.

“If you would have told me a year ago that we were going to publish a monthly comic book for the first time ever, with variant covers no less, I would have made a face,” says Associate Publisher Eric Reynolds. “But Ed is a singular talent, and Hip Hop Family Tree has proven to be a singular property. When Ed first floated the idea of a comic book series, we jumped. I knew he could pull it off in the way that few ever could.”

Hip Hop Family Tree #1 will be solicited in the Previews for items shipping in August. August will also see the release of Hip Hop Family Tree Book 3: 1983-1984, the latest volume of the best-selling book series, which spotlights The Beastie Boys, Run DMC, The Fat Boys, and many more.

Retailers interested in partnering on their own exclusive variant should contact Eric Reynolds at Fantagraphics Books.


by Ed Piskor

$3.99 / Comic / 32 pgs / 6.5″ x 10″