There was a time when hip-hop was brave. It was young and didn’t know any better. The rappers were bold and courageous. They won no awards. 
The people who documented this culture were fearless too. They were first and foremost fans, grateful to have something to love. And they themselves had something to say, happy to have a platform to say it on. They too won nothing.
Hip-hop today is afraid. It’s older now and knows too much. It knows too much about business. It knows too much about charts and first week sales. It cares so much about the awards. 
  The People who document hip-hop today are cowards too. Jaded by now. Entitled. So afraid of losing their jobs. Slow to see the waves coming. Quick to ride them when they do. Nothing to say that isn’t being already said. .
—  Foreword by J.Cole