thefairygodmotherofitaewon  asked:

I was invited to Iron & Rock Bottom's concert by an acquaintance-- Rock Bottom is the crew with all of the ex-BTS trainees, but of course now her & I are friends! She is a friend of the family, so I met Iron & Iron's sister through her. Afterwards, Iron's sister asked who I liked besides Iron-- this was over drinks & dinner. I said Kidoh! Then, she told me that Kidoh is friends with a lot of black girls. P.S.: Iron is the most polite Korean rapper I have ever met-- & I've met them all (almost)!

Lucky!! I just got finished reading all of your fan accounts of the concert ❤️‍.  Kidoh needs to go head and get him a sista right now!, even though he probably low key has one!

go kidoh! (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)👌