Y’know, I really should try to draw Ninjette from Empowered with pronounced external obliques like Jade Chynoweth, here, to differentiate her body a bit more from those of the other cast members. (Alas, given that I can barely draw even semi-adequate obliques on slim-hipped dudes, this ain’t likely to happen.) In any event, Ninjette would certainly be a highly skilled dancer as well, even without strong oblique definition…   

Whats the deal with making people feel better by insulting someone else?

Like, as a kid I remember a conversation, I don’t know where or when I heard it, but it was a conversation about chubby girls. “Don’t worry, guys love curves, they don’t want a skinny girl” “Who wants hip bones?” “Yeah dude I tried to fuck a girl like that and her hips gave me bruises on my stomach” “Skinny girls are too bony, its gross”

I was 11 years old when I heard that, and that conversation still makes me self-conscious as fuck! 

My hips are bony as hell, they stick out and they’re sharp and there’s nothing I can do about that. Yay, I’m automatically gross now.

And I get that skinny girls don’t get as much flack as fat girls do, but dammit insulting one type of body to make another one seem better just moves the unhappiness onto someone else! Stop talking shit about things that can’t be helped!