hip marriage project


We’ve been asked a few times if our new butterfly tattoos are fake. 

While applying rub-on tatts each morning with overlapping care and precision does sound like a blast - no, these little guys are 6 hours in the tattoo parlor chair real. 

We found these in a rare watercolor book we bought way back when in Santa Cruz. Originally published in 1902 - these bugs got some history. 

Maybe just two more?


This past June a friend of ours played a slew of shows at the Ace Hotel. Lindsay Mound of Color War has a - je ne sais quois during her performances that leave you both breathless and warm and fuzzy at the same time. Dreamy video projections cast onto her powerful voice and movements. 

The Putnams are in love. 

Kudos to Lindsey and her band mate Billy J for sweeping us away again. 


Every time we head upstate to visit Delmar - All Good Bakers is on the checklist. A farm to table breakfast spot three miles from my birth-right cul desac? Putnam Paradise!

Two poached eggs over a jalapeño scone, hollandaise, and chopped collard greens is our top choice order. And the vegan cinnamon roll? That’s an appetizer, duh. Split in equal halves please! 


Earlier this summer we spent a lovely weekend in Providence, RI - mainly due to all the recommendations from our new Taschen book 36 Hours featuring highlights from the infamous NY Times 36 hour guides. 

One spot we found on our own was a string of small cliff side beaches right outside Jamestown. A ten minute walk along the coast brought us to our own private beach.