hip hip hooray

look Meghan and Harry, I know you’re in Australia right now and you’re having a baby and that’s all hip hip hooray but Taylor Swift is also here  soooo step aside. 

[TRANS] V on 4 o’clock

As expected

This song wouldn’t have been made without Namjoonie hyung~
I’ve always wanted to write about the dawn and..
because I like this style songs, I listen and sing to a lot and I wanted to try making this kind because my creativity was firing up so I asked Namjoonie hyung for it and he gave me a beat I really wanted

I liked Namjoonie hyung’s beat so much I wrote 6 different kinds of melodies
I thought of the birds at dawn as the main subject
That time between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock before the sun rises when it’s bluish, when there’s no one else at the park but me and the birds at dawn (will just say ‘bird’ moving forward), that time is short and I really like that time so there was a point where I went 5 days in a row to see it
It was there alone that I made the song on top of the beat Namjoonie hyung put together and although it’s not like I write lyrics well like Namjoonie hyung, I wanted to try and relay the feelings I liked into the lyrics. 

the dark (silent) dawn where the (listless) sounds ring with the cold cold winter wind
you continuously close yours eyes to the sounds as you realize the dawn
the birds at dawn cry out with an anxious passion
let me hear your voice fill this dawn

This is a letter I hoped to send to the birds at dawn (just ‘birds’) but
For me to write alone, this song couldn’t be completed and I was about ready to give up when it was able to be completed because of Namjoonie hyung~~
As expected of poet Kim Namjoon!

I will try to bring more songs for you to listen to
Also Vocal Monster hip hip hooray👊🏻🤘🏻☺️
I will make  more songs for you to listen to☺️

Trans by @bangtoori


  • It looks like a mystery to me.
  • I can already taste those chocolate-covered hotdogs.
  • I’ll wait here and when you find out, send me a telegram.
  • Can I help it if my first toy was a garbage disposal?
  • I’m so scared I wish I had a ham sandwich.
  • It sure would help if we could find another clue. .
  • Well, we saw a very strange character running around out there.
  • Besides us there is no one else on this island.
  • We know we didn’t imagine all those kooky things that happened.
  • Maybe the moonlight was playing tricks on you.
  • You shouldn’t believe everything you read.
  • Soap? I hardly use it myself, but why not?
  • Creeps and Crawls! They sure picked the right lawyers for this job.
  • Come on, ______. Where’s your sense of humour?
  • I’m beginning to think that following ghosts is safer than following you two!
  • Another mystery bites the dust.
  • I have to figure out why my trap didn’t work.
  • Oh, good gracious! What is that?
  • Why do you need more money?
  • What about this locket we found where you were digging?
  • Well, guess we owe you kids thanks.
  • Like, uh-uh– Like, who–who is this? ❞
  • The real mystery has just begun..
  • You don’t know what you’ve uncovered.
  • You should never have brought that locket out of the cave.
  • Gang, we have a mystery on our hands!
  • Think you could come and get us?
  • I guess we’re here for the whole night.
  • I left a few pages blank, you know, for future traps.
  • Rule number two: stay in your rooms, no matter what you hear.
  • I’m starting to smell a little… funky.
  • Like, I’ve got a bad feeling we’re gonna find out.
  • Are you trying to set me up with - him/her/them? ❞
  • Anyone with hair that perfect has to be guilty of something.
  • Does this mean you finally accept what I want to do with my life?
  • Wow, who are you trying to impress? ❞
  • Like, what can I say? Junk food and me have a very special relationship.
  • I have no idea what you’re talking about.  ❞
  • You promised me you were going to start caring more about your appearance.
  • What in the name of whole wheat toast is going on?
  • I didn’t know this year’s prom theme was terror and pandemonium.
  • I need to tell you something and I need you to listen.
  • Isn’t it obvious? My looks are starting to fade.
  • But what are you doing here? Why have you been sneaking out?
  • Like, you don’t hear many monsters from other dimensions scream for help.
  • Why can’t anything in this town ever turn out to be real?
  • Hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!
  • Hey, little muffin, how ‘bout you and me go for a moonlight ride?
  • All I know is, since my dad owns the place, we get free refills.
  • Did you break into the armory and steal a rocket launcher?
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. You tried to do a very brave thing.
  • I’m going to have to let out an unearthly howl and destroy you.
  • I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling–
  • Zoinks!

mcgenji week day 03: sun / snow

i like to imagine genji is both “wtf??” and “♥♥♥” in equal measure when jesse shows him his new summer look lol

wanted to do this just cause jesse’s lifeguard skin (ESP HIS HAIR) is still ????? to me but i love it to death anyway and so does genji boi
(btw they’re at watchpoint gibraltar)

Punny gift

“You’re a bright teacher” sincerely (student)

Said the note within my bag

You’re a star written on a tag

For coffee she knew I’d soon drink

I love punny, thoughtful things. *wink*

Highlighters to light up a page

When I let students take the stage.

There was a lavender candle

To brighten my home. My smile is full.

And from another a Payday

As he handed it to me, I said, “"Yay!”

I shant forget tissue boxes

I needed more supplies. Thanks kids.

(Teacher appreciation week. We had a catered lunch, the brisket was Mmmmm, mmmmm so delicioso)

Hope you are having a great week @ropeandcoffee @teacup13 @torrentialmonsoon and all you who teach 😊😎😍

setting low writing goals is amazing

i used to think “oh hm i can write 1k/5k/Many Words today!” and then feel bad when i’d failed

now im out here trying to write A Single Sentence and i’m so much more productive! because when you set the bar low and surpass the goal, it becomes easier to stay motivated and not succumb to pressure! incredible!

*At the hospital*

Waverly: *Panicking* “Is Nicole okay??? I heard she got shot on the job and I came here as soon as possible.”

Nicole: “Hey baby it’s ok I’m ok thanks for rushing over.”

Doctor: “She’s lucky, the bullet just grazed her hip, and she’ll recover in a few days.”

Wynonna: “…well…in that case…hip hip hooray!”

Waverly: “Hey baby can you please move your head for a bit?”

Waverly: *Grabs Nicole’s pillow and hits Wynonna repeatedly* “MY GIRLFRIEND GETS SHOT AND ALL YOU CAN DO IS MAKE A SHODDY PUN?!?”

Renaming spells pt. 1

  • ‘Swiggity swaggity infinite baggity’
  • 'Nope no more dark light up a spark’
  • 'Who what why make that thing fly’
  • 'Cloud shmoud make my voice loud’
  • 'Snip snap detecting bullcrap’
  • 'What a thriller this curse is a killer’
  • Or: 'oh my oh my its time to die’
  • 'Snick snock open this lock’
  • 'Dementors go flee patronus be free’
  • 'Hip hip hooray now do what i say’
  • 'Clipper clopper your skin i chopper’
  • 'Darkness go boo and light will shoo’
  • 'Log tree stick be an unmoving prick’
  • 'Gee oh wowie fix that ouwie’
  • 'Dont want to be seen make me a screen’
  • 'Dickory dock what time is the clock?’
  • 'This cold is a lot lets make this thing hot’
  • 'Shweaty shoulders lets make this thing colder’
  • 'Broken bits this thing we must fix’
  • 'Time to intrude give me some lube’