hip's don't lie


All the attraction, the tension 

Don’t you see baby, this is perfection

I’ve wanted to draw Yuuri in his Eros outfit for a while now and finally after that whirlwind of an episode I guess it was finally time to do so, as well as try my hand at the dreaded digital painting again! And just remembering one of the very first YOI things that caught my eye even before I started watching it was this video, so i guess it’s time to complete the cycle, now with added engagement ring :D

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Keless, Velikai Bounty Hunter

A member of Brutaka’s species, the Velikai, Keless once fought a Makuta to a standstill, cracking its armor open and absorbing some of its antidermis into her body. Although the Makuta escaped, Keless was left permanently mutated by the absorption, gaining access to most of the Makuta powers and enhanced physical strength, in addition to her Kanohi Volitak, natural powers and capabilities. Keless is a ruthless and brutal fighter, leaving little room for her opponents to have a proper defense, and utterly annihilating anything in her way. She endlessly seeks Kraata to absorb their antidermis, hoping to eventually max her powers to the ultimate level.