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name: kieran
nicknames: aeon 
star sign: leo
height: 5'4
sexual orientation: im gay jim
hogwarts house: slytherin
favourite colour: purple!!
favourite animal: cats..foxes..
time right now: 3:52 pm
cat or dog person: cat but i would still do anything for dogs
favourite fictional character: fdjhsjkhfds uhh anyone in this tag
favourite singer/band: um. uhhh bts.. saycet, DEAN, most video game osts esp if theyre pixelly, pretty generally electronic or hip hop stuff ? 
dream job: veterinarian probably? but its tew expensive 
when was this blog created: god..idk..a long time ago, it was originally gonna be an art blog exclusively so i had it for like 2 years then i scrapped everything once i got locked out of my old blog so i guess i started using it in uhhh 2015? 2016?
current number of followers: oh… you know… 
what made you decide to make a tumblr: this person posted like the funniest shit so i wanted to follow them
why did you pick your url: i love fe and when i first got the url chrom was my favorite character 

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Translation: Text 2 between Even and Isak - 01.12

Even: Did you like the song?

Isak: Huh?

Even: You’re not keeping up.

Isak: Oh, John Legend. You’ve stopped surprising me after Gabrielle.

Even: Hahaha. You know I’m only joking with you, right. It’s only bullshit that I like hip hop and stuff.

Isak: Then I’m afraid I’ll have to break up with you.

Even: Okay. Thanks for everything. It was fun while it lasted.

Isak: See you :(

Even: ❤️

Isak: ❤️

(Look at these two sarcastic little shits! ❤️❤️❤️! )

ugli: i cant wait til mark turns 18 ;))))


All of Jeonghan's lines in Seventeen's discography
  • All of Jeonghan's lines in Seventeen's discography

It almost seems like us Lobby rats get the short end of the stick when it comes to music.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the bands out in the zones, Comic Sans Samurai, Cold Dead Hands, The Mad gear and the Missile Kid, and even the few singles the Fab Four have pushed out of their asses a couple times. Seriously, Black Dragon Fighting Society is a fucking anthem. 

And the bands themselves are pretty fucking awesome too. They put on a show with lights and fire and the speakers turned to eleven. The Dracs come and they can get out in a second, no hesitation, the first sign of those Better Living assholes and they’re out. They’ve gotten good, now we know when BLi is coming half an hour before hand.

But holy fuck, you haven’t lived until you see a show in The Lobby.

These bands know how to cut it close, and they live for it.

One band, a girl group called The Top Gun Chicks, make the loudest, angriest music you can imagine, and they make a point to be heard. They’re not my style, but I make my own point to go to one show a year. To be more specific, the one show they play on the roof of the cleanest, whitest, and safest Better Living apartment complex they can find.

They manage to play at least four songs before the Exterminators catch on, and then the Chicks make the biggest exit they can manage, last year they zip-lined off the roof on a rope made of their own merchandise and landed on the building next to us. The entire audience (including myself) was detained for seven hours, but they had no evidence to keep us there.

The desert might get raw with their music, but The Lobby bands have a fucking reason to go hard. Getting caught gets you famous, more bands form in your image, and escaping gets you just as famous, more bands show up just to glorify you, and the noise gets louder and louder. Better Living gets stuck in a never-ending loop and it’s fucking hilarious to watch.

Bands like Strawberry Body, Odd Man In, My Dad’s Ass, and even hip hop groups like Kung-Fu and The Fat Man, The Slim Johns, and Oddity. They started it all and most of them are still going, still pumping out records and selling out venues. Making kids like me get angry, and get schooled, and fight the fuck back.

Desert bands can hit it raw, sure. But Lobby bands? Holy Shit.

Ted the Animator: “Um… why is Daphne doing that?”

Carl the Animator: “Huh? I just did their walking animations, what’s wrong with hers?”

Ted the Animator: “Have… have you ever seen a woman walk, Carl?”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah, they move side to side more than guys, because, like… hips and stuff.”

Ted the Animator: “Not like a weird, bouncy pendulum, they don’t!” 

So in case you didn’t know i run a little cute youtube channel called ÜNDO with my cousin, with chill vapor beat tapes and laid back vibes, I would  love it if you guys would subscribe, and actually check some of the vids and mixes we make, they are very chill and good to listen to while smoking weed/driving/drinking/Netflixandchilling and  all that Ha! xo 


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