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Eight reasons to visit Colorado

Colorado is the home of the Rocky Mountains, the gateway to the West, filled with pioneer history, real life cowboys, hip towns, hot springs and some of the best hiking, biking, camping and climbing you’re ever likely to find – all only one direct flight away, with British Airways flying to Denver seven times per week.

Winter here is rightly famous, but the adventure lasts all year. In summer, wildflowers carpet the mountain slopes; in autumn, golden hues race through the forests. There are 300 days of sunshine a year, more 14ers (mountain summits over 14,000-feet) than any other state and a festival scene that doesn’t quit - from the spectacular Snowmass Hot Air Balloon Festival where hundreds of balloons fill the sky with colour, to the slightly mad Iron Horse Bicycle Classic (fancy chasing a steam train up a mountain anyone?), Colorado’s got you covered.

Powder dreams

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European ski resorts might get all the airtime, but for true winter junkies a Rocky Mountain trip is a must. Powder here is drier, lighter and perfect for carving, plus the runs are empty and enormous. The amount of choice is superb too, from the wide-open bowls of Vail and Breckenridge to the fast lines of Aspen and Snowmass, as well as more than a dozen other world-class winter resorts within a short drive of each other.

Elevated adventure

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Colorado is home to 12 national parks and monuments, offering everything from backpacking and horseback riding to rafting, rock climbing and even, in Great Sand Dunes National Park, sand boarding among North America’s highest dunes. Most ski resorts stay open year-round, switching from pistes to downhill mountain biking trails and keeping the lifts running for high-elevation hiking and easy-to-reach panoramic views. The town of Grand Junction makes an excellent adventure base-camp, with some of the best outdoor activities in the state right in its back yard.

Some like it hot

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Combining the spectacular scenery of the Rockies with five of the hippest hot spring towns in the country, the 720-mile Historic Hot Springs Loop is the best way to soak up Colorado’s healing waters. With 30 natural thermal pools open year-round, highlights include the largest mineral hot springs pool in the world at Glenwood Springs, the soothing natural vapour caves of Ouray and the bubbling delights of Steamboat.

National Parks

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Rocky Mountain National Park is legendary: a 415-square-mile wilderness of jagged peaks and high alpine lakes home to coyote, black bear and moose. The fun mountain town of Estes Park, a great base from which to explore it, is just 1.5 hours from Denver. There are lesser known national parks too such as Black Canyon of the Gunnison, a spectacular 2,000-foot gorge that rivals the Grand Canyon but draws a fraction of the crowds, and the cliff-dwellings of Mesa Verde, one of the best preserved examples of Native American culture in the country.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre


If you’re after something a little less strenuous, try Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre – by day it’s a free city park just 30 minutes west of Denver with hiking trials and giant rock formations, by night, an outdoor music venue that has hosted everyone from The Beatles to local jazz, rock and bluegrass artists.

The Wild West


From ghost towns and vintage trains to working cowboy ranches and the largest rodeo in the world, Denver’s annual National Western Stock Show and Rodeo (as well as the first: the Deer Trail Rodeo which started in 1869) – the Wild West is alive and kicking in Colorado. 

Saddle up or join a cattle drive, and you’ll feel the spirit of that old frontier still; footprints of dinosaurs embedded in stone, petroglyphs carved into cliffs, rivers where you can pan for gold. 

Want to look the part? Head to Rockmount Ranch Wear in downtown Denver, where Western icon, Jack A. Weil, invented the first cowboy shirt with poppers instead of buttons and popularised Western wear into popular culture.

Hop Heaven 


With more craft breweries per capita than any other state, Colorado is heaven for hop heads. Denver’s Great American Beer Festival is the largest craft beer event in the country while the Telluride Blues & Brews Festival is set in a spectacular valley. But, it’s the little-known gems that really catch the eye: The Grimm Brothers, serving fable-inspired brews in Loveland, and the mountain views from Avery’s enormous outdoor patio in Boulder, are two local favourites. 

Get the true lowdown on a self-guided tour along the Denver Beer Trail and sample everything from stouts to lagers.

Sports Mad

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Denver is Bronco’s country. When Colorado’s American Football team plays, the whole city dresses in orange to support. Catch games live at the Blake Street Tavern in the heart of downtown. But with seven premier sports teams in all, don’t stop there. On a warm summer night, hot dog in one hand, cold beer in the other, there’s no better place to be than Coors Field, home of The Rockies baseball team.

On the Rails

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The steam-powered Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway, built in 1882, cuts spectacularly through the canyons and remote mountains of the San Juan National Forest – a journey taken by Colorado’s first pioneers more than a century ago.  While vintage train lovers will adore Pikes Peak Cog Railway, near Colorado Springs. The highest cog railway on the planet, it climbs to the 14,114-foot summit of Pike’s Peak, the view from here inspired the song America the Beautiful

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Words by Aaron Millar

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Την άνοιξη αν δεν την βρεις, τη φτιάχνεις.


history meme (french edition)  →  7 inventions/achievements (3/7) Dior and the New Look

“Dior’s first collection, for spring 1947 was called the “New Look” by Harper’s Bazaar editor Carmel Snow. So began ten years in which the diligent, fastidious, and shyly modest Dior was at the fashion world’s pinnacle, bringing Paris-centered haute couture back after a period of US-style ascendancy. Rita Hayworth, Margot Fonteyn, and Princess Margaret were among many glittering devotees, and in 1957 Dior accounted  for over half of all Paris haute-couture sales. […] The “H” shape (1954) narrowed and  flattened with an accent across the hips, while  spring 1955 saw “A-line” suits influenced by  men’s tailoring and flaring from the shoulder; fall’s “Y-line” brought tapered skirts and emphasis on shoulders. Other style-setting trademarks included sumptuous evening dresses, dramatic “coolie” and “cartwheel” hats, ropes of pearls, standaway collars, princess-seamed dresses, half-belts  on jackets and coats, and stoles. Navy blue, black, red, and white were favorite colors. Eastern touches were seen in tunic dresses and cheongsams (straight dresses with stand-up collars and a side split). […] Dior’s success stemmed in part from his brilliance at what today is known as marketing, and that flair for product promotion is as much his legacy as his New Look. While at the top for only about  a decade, the influence of his still-thriving, multiproduct global brand has been enormous, and he has been a major inspiration to designers.”  Fashion - The Definitive History of Costume and Style.

Wrong Loves My Company Pt 6 (NSFW 18+)

A/N: I don’t have much to say on this one except THANK YOU to @writing-obrien per usual. She helped me soooo much with this one, because contrary to popular belief, I suck at writing smut.


Word Count: 4526

Parts 1-5 [Here]

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Say It Again

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Stiles


Word Count: 2,222

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           I pull up in front of the house, killing the engine before grabbing a stack of books out of the passenger seat, and jumping out of the jeep. I walk up the driveway slowly, my eyes glued to the screen of my phone as I slip out a set of keys, and shove one of them into the front door, pushing it open. I walk in, closing the door behind me, and start heading up the stairs. I hear a soft whimper and I pause, panic sinking into my stomach. There’s another whimper and I move as quietly as I can to a door, preparing myself to face whatever new supernatural threat is here, and my hand poised over the door knob.

           “Stiles,” A voice whispers from the other side of the door and I freeze, my ears pricking up, straining to hear more.

           “Right there, Stiles, right there,” The voice moans and I can feel myself tightening in my jeans and I can’t resist the urge to push the door open slightly. Y/N is sprawled over the top of her bed in nothing but a long t-shirt, her hand between her legs and I have to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from moaning at the sight in front of me.

           Her eyes are closed, and her head presses against the bedspread as she arches her back; her fingers working quickly against her core, sliding in and out of her as she flicks her thumb over her clit. “Stiles.” She moans my name again and all I can hear is blood rushing in my ears as my heartbeat thunders loudly in my chest.

           “Holy fuck,” I moan is a rasp, and her eyes snap open, her fingers stilling as she looks at me with her mouth wide.

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Saw Emilie Autumn tonight (she was amazing!) and this is what I wore! The skirt was definitely a mistake in this weather, it got soaked up to my knees D;

You’ve all seen this outfit before anyway but I was mainly sharing this because of the hip spring! Hips 42” and waist laced to 26” ^^

I have weird, boxy hips…

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Y'all hmu with that absolutely Wrecked dan with shaking legs and lidded eyes and he's already cum a fuck ton of times but his daddy is still hard so he does his job like a good little slut and rides him one last time

hello gays sry its been a while and sry this is like, bad but im! trying!

warnings 4 overstim n dirty talk n like some name calling and a little bit of crying so if that makes u uncomfy pls don’t read!

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Pair up~Stiles Stilinksi smut

Description: Stiles meets y/n at college. When they pair up to study smutty times ensue ;)

Warnings: Smut,light swearing

Requested: @charming-little-liar

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Pair up. The two words every student dreads. Even if you’re in college. They’re also not the words you want to hear when you don’t know anyone in your criminology class. “The person who you are paired up with will be your study buddy for the rest of the year. “ our professor’s voice echoed around the half empty lecture room. “To prevent procrastination, I will be choosing the pairings.” As he finished the sentence a collective groan went around the hall.He went over to the bulletin board and pinned down the list. You leaped out of your seat and quickly made your way over to the list. Your eyes scanned the list until you found who you were partnered with Y/N Y/L/N and Stiles Stilinski.” Sup partner!”you hear as you’re tapped on the shoulder. You turn around and are greeted by a tall,cute guy with brown messy hair and chocolate brown eyes. You smile awkwardly and make plans to study on Saturday.That gives you four days to get over your social awkwardness.”See you Saturday!” Stiles says with a playful punch. You smile to yourself on the way to your dormroom as you think about him.

Stiles P.O.V

I gazed over at Y/N on the other side of the bar as I was waiting for Derek.Her y/c hair was messily tied up in a ponytail and her figure was hugged in a tight black dress. “Out of your lead dude!Wayyyyyy out of it.” Derek snapped me out of my moment. “ C’mon man don’t discourage him” Scott whispered. “A little truth won’t hurt the guy” Derek laughs as he ruffles my hair. Y/N turns around and catches my eye and waves letting out a huge smile before turning back around to her friends. “Oh realllyyyy Sourwolf?” I say sarcastically as I smile smugly. I’m gonna prove him wrong on Saturday…reallyyyyy wrong.


“Stilessssssssss we’ve been studying for hours. Can we take a break?”I beg as I bat my eyelashes.”Pizza?” he smirks, raising an eyebrow.”You know itttt.” I say shaking my hips.”Y/N? I really like you.” Stiles says as he sits next to me on the bed. I slowly lean forward as our lips connect into a slow,passionate kiss.I pull back and peel my shirt off revealing my black lacy bra.I slowly get to my knees and pull down the grey sweatpants and boxers that lie low on his hips His length springs free as I grip it and look up at him fluttering my eyelashes.I lick from the base to the tip as Stiles lets out a soft groan. “Ffffuckkk Y/N”. His hands tangle in my hair. I hollow out my cheeks as I take his length in my mouth. I bob my head up and down as my tongue flicks the underside of his shaft. I develop a steady rhythm as he squirms under me. I hum after receiving my desired affect on him. I can feel him pulsing in my mouth as he lets out soft grunts.He pulls out of my mouth and lifts me up on his lap. “I’m not finished with you yet.” he smirks as he rips off my underwear tossing it to the floor in one swift movement. He pushes me down onto the bed so he’s on top of me. He attacks my chest leaving marks all over me as I squirm beneath him. He lines himself up with my entrance.”You’re soaked for my babygirl.” he smirks. “Stiles…fuck…please.” I beg clawing at his back. Without warning he pushes himself into. He grips my hips tight. Developing a rhythm as he brings his thumb down to rub my clit. “Stiles….please….ohmygodddd!” I whimper as I feel my release come close. Stiles eyes roll back as he reaches his release. “Fuck yes baby!” he says panting.I let out a moan as I reach my own sweet blissful release.Stiles plants a soft chaste kiss on my lips before rolling over and pressing me to his chest. “Babe” I say leaning on my side to look at him “ You forgot to order the pizza.” “After round 2?” he smirks before sliding under the covers to get to work.