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Wrong Loves My Company Pt 6 (NSFW 18+)

A/N: I don’t have much to say on this one except THANK YOU to @writing-obrien per usual. She helped me soooo much with this one, because contrary to popular belief, I suck at writing smut.


Word Count: 4526

Parts 1-5 [Here]

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Say It Again

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Stiles


Word Count: 2,222

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           I pull up in front of the house, killing the engine before grabbing a stack of books out of the passenger seat, and jumping out of the jeep. I walk up the driveway slowly, my eyes glued to the screen of my phone as I slip out a set of keys, and shove one of them into the front door, pushing it open. I walk in, closing the door behind me, and start heading up the stairs. I hear a soft whimper and I pause, panic sinking into my stomach. There’s another whimper and I move as quietly as I can to a door, preparing myself to face whatever new supernatural threat is here, and my hand poised over the door knob.

           “Stiles,” A voice whispers from the other side of the door and I freeze, my ears pricking up, straining to hear more.

           “Right there, Stiles, right there,” The voice moans and I can feel myself tightening in my jeans and I can’t resist the urge to push the door open slightly. Y/N is sprawled over the top of her bed in nothing but a long t-shirt, her hand between her legs and I have to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from moaning at the sight in front of me.

           Her eyes are closed, and her head presses against the bedspread as she arches her back; her fingers working quickly against her core, sliding in and out of her as she flicks her thumb over her clit. “Stiles.” She moans my name again and all I can hear is blood rushing in my ears as my heartbeat thunders loudly in my chest.

           “Holy fuck,” I moan is a rasp, and her eyes snap open, her fingers stilling as she looks at me with her mouth wide.

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Saw Emilie Autumn tonight (she was amazing!) and this is what I wore! The skirt was definitely a mistake in this weather, it got soaked up to my knees D;

You’ve all seen this outfit before anyway but I was mainly sharing this because of the hip spring! Hips 42” and waist laced to 26” ^^

I have weird, boxy hips…

Sharing is Caring - Smut - [dumbass-stilinski]

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
AN: So @obrosey-af and I wanted to write the same idea so we decided to do it together, please make your way over to her blog, give her a follow (if you aren’t already, shame on you), and check out her fic too! xoxoxox

You were woken up at 4 in the morning when you heard your boyfriend groaning next to you. You laid awake for a moment, staring at the wall in front of you, listening to see if he was alright. He huffed, turning over, his legs sliding around on the sheets as he fought to get comfortable. Your eyes were beginning to slide shut again when you heard him growl, the sound of the covers being thrown off following close behind.

“Stiles?” You mumbled, turning around to peek at him. He was on his back, his eyes wide open as he stared at the ceiling.

“I’m hot. Sorry, did I wake you?”

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Golden Ember // E2!Barry x Reader

Request: Can you do an E2 barry imagine where the reader is central city’s hero maybe she has fire powers and during a hostage situation at the ccpd she gets wounded trying to “save the day” and e2 barry grows a pear and decides to help her after seeing her trying to play it off and she later “thanks” him

Warnings: more smol sweet BBY E2 Barry
Author’s Note: I’m (probably??) going to make more parts to this because I’m loving this character tbh.

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Rather a Fool than a Coward

Title: Rather a Fool than a Coward
Characters: Harald Finehair, Reader
Warning: NSFW. Explicit Content. Plot is just a ruse to write smut.
Summary: Your Uncle and you have been commissioned to make shields for the King and his warriors. You decide to show King Finehair a sample of your work.


When the sky above you cracked open like an overripe fruit, you dragged your aching body across the room closing the door with a shove of your hips and placed the three buckets to their designated places. You loved summer showers; the condition of your Uncle’s roof not so much.  Stretching your tired limbs after a long day repairing, painting, and polishing the shields the King had commissioned, you decided to call it a day. Rolling your head from one shoulder to the other, you smiled at your Uncle’s snores filling the room whenever Thor gave his hammer a short break.
You move to the back of the house, deciding it might not be the worst of ideas to just go to bed. Loosening your braids, you catch yourself thinking of the King; his long hair tied neatly into a warrior’s braid. It’s not the first time your mind goes wandering. Many a night, when the covers coiled neatly around your waist, you wondered how his arm would feel around you; where his tattoos ended. You cleared your throat and resumed untangling your hair. It would take at least another two weeks before Uncle and you would finish the work asked for. Who knew if the King would still be here. Since the beginning of his reign, few but his warriors had the chance to lay eyes on him regularly. You groaned at the thought of making due with fantasies of a man whose face you might forget all too soon.

Yet… if one were to show the King a sample of the work accomplished…

You crossed the room quickly, lifting the shield you had finished this morning. It laid heavy in your arms and looking it over once more, you decide to throw reason out of the window and take your chance at a glimpse of the King tonight. Possibly exchanging words of curtesy. Nobody could blame you for displaying your Uncle’s fine shields.  

The rain had ebbed down to nothing but a drizzle by the time you made it to King Finehair’s lodgings. After finding nobody there, you propped the shield on the three steps leading to his throne deciding that just leaving would make you look a fool and a coward.

“You may want to pick that back up if you intend on coming with us.”

You sucked in a deep breath and, keeping a tight leash around your shaking nerves, turned at the sound of Harald’s voice, “I am not a shield maiden. I only make the shields and this is but a sample of our work.”

He nodded and stepped closer. You were alone in the room with him, yet Harald’s presence seemed to fill the great hall leaving you with nowhere to go. Taking one hand, he unclasped the heavy furs around his shoulders, the other grasping your own, “So these are the hands deciding the fate of those behind the shield wall, who knew.”  

You thought you heard distaste in his tone and turned to leave only for Harald to pull you flat against him. Standing there, your back tight against his chest, you felt his breath tickling your neck.

“Let me thank those hands tonight,” he said with humour in his voice.
“I did not come here to be mocked,” you laid your hands on his, trying to loosen his grip, but Harald would have none of it. You smiled despite yourself, knowing that he wanted you.

“Then what did you come for, hm?” he asked. You felt his body shift behind you until his lips found the soft skin behind your ear. Harald had his fingers slowly pry across your stomach before letting you go completely. You tried to step away from him, but your body was heavy with lust. Your neck was still tingling where his beard had scratched it. Turning around to face him, you gave him a small grin. You had gotten this far being bold.

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The #redandblack broche is probably the stiffest #coutil I have. With my supple construction approach it’s unusual for me to make a #corset that holds its shape with neither a body nor bones in it. It reminds me of Dr. Seuss’ green pants with nobody inside! 😹 Anyway, isn’t @rosemadderv’s hip spring lovely? #corsetmaking #popantique #tightlacing #handmadecorset #hipspring #gibsongirl (at Hayes Valley, San Francisco)

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one of my favorite things about jungkook is how he’s so not about that toxic hyper masculinity bullshit. in his dancing as well as casual physicality he’s not afraid to just go for it, feminine or masculine. most guys really limit themselves by looking down on feminine-coded movement or play it for laughs but he’s just so natural and confident its really refreshing