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(*Holy shit, you’re so beyond sweet!  <3  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I stalk your art constantly because I love the shit outta Frans, so I decided to write you some Frans fluff as a thanks.  Nothing too special, just Frisk bringing Sans some coffee.  I had to try really hard not to go down an angsty path because I HC Frisk and Classic!Sans experiencing shared nightmares over the RESETs and seeking comfort in one another to sleep.  It was fun to finally write some Frans on this blog, though! ) 

A coffee mug clinked down on the edge of the desk, causing Sans to start awake.  He sucked in a deep breath and chuckled lightly, his eyelights turning bright when they focused on the girl standing beside him.  

“Sleeping while you’re supposed to be working.  Why am I not surprised?”

“what can i say?  it’s my dream job.”  His grin widens, and he reaches out to take the mug.  "thanks.“

The brunette smiles, but behind the amusement, he can detect her concern.  Just as she’s known him long enough to realize when there’s more to his grin–and the dark circles shadowing his eyesockets–than he lets on, he can easily read the subtle changes in her expression.  She reaches out and puts a hand on his shoulder, gliding her fingers along the fabric of his favorite blue hoodie to rub his scapula.  Sans tips the mug back and drinks in the mildly-sweet coffee, the liquid warming his bones.  

"Uh huh,” she says, clearly not buying his deflection.  "Are you sure it’s not because you stayed up all night again?“

He watches her over the rim of his mug as her smile fades around the edges.  He takes another gulp, then another; he needs to be alert.  Frisk has always been so observant–perhaps that part of Sans’s personality rubbed off on her–that he knows his pause has given him away.  

So he tries to deflect another way.  He sets the mug down on the desk and snakes his arms around her waist, tugging her closer to him while swiveling his desk chair.  With a gentle tug, he coaxes her into his lap so that she’s straddling him, and she loosely drapes her arms around his neck.  "it’s hard to sleep when you’re not in bed with me.”  

“So, you’re saying you missed me,” she replies, her smile morphing into a smirk and dark hues becoming half-lidded.  Frisk scoots closer onto his lap, her knees pressing into the sides of his pelvis.  His hands skim past her voluptuous hips to feel the soft skin of her thighs, exposed by her shorts.  He can never get enough of the feeling of her flesh, and from the look in her eye, she seems to enjoy his touch just as much.

“i’m just saying that sleep is something i’m great at, so we should do it together.”  He grins wider, and she laughs (a light sound that always makes his SOUL soar), while her arms tighten around his neck.  

“I sleep with you plenty.  Maybe I’ve just spoiled you.”  She flicks her fingers across the spinous processes of his neck, raking her fingernails along them in a way that made Sans melt.  "I find it hard to believe you stayed up all night thinking about me, Sans.“

His smile tightened ever-so-slightly.

He can envision her perfectly with bright-red, empty eyes and a smile to match his.  

He can envision her coated in dust and rotating the handle of a knife in her palm.

And he can envision her dying, over and over, impaled by a bone, charred by a Blaster…

All of it is fresh, remnants of nightmares he can never quite shake, despite how many years it’s been since the last RESET.  

"it’s the truth, kiddo,” he claims, her old nickname having become his pet-name for her over the years.  

Frisk kisses him suddenly, closing the last few inches between their mouths by simply tightening her arms and dragging his face to her.  He responds immediately, his kiss tinged with desperation as his tongue manifests to slip between her lips.  She tastes vaguely of blueberry muffins, he notes, and it pairs well with the coffee flavor lingering on his tongue.  He hears her gasp softly in the back of her throat, a pleasant sound building over the tingling feeling of his magic.  

When she pulls back, her forehead is against his and both of them are breathless.  She realizes that he’s holding back, but she also knows not to press him.  Sans opens up when he wants to, and forcing him doesn’t work.  "Okay, now I can believe it.“  She cups his face in both her hands, holding his gaze.  "Wanna make up for last night and go to bed?”  Her brow quirks suggestively, and he chuckles, his grin relaxing into something more genuine.  

Sans stands up, and Frisk wraps her legs around his waist.  He carries her down the hall with ease (the ease of cheating with magic, that is).  

“you don’t even have to ask.  you’re my dream girl, after all.”