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teenaged trucy in her young self/zak's color pallet?

This is what you asked for right?

Haha, anyway~

@pinksweatergettingbetter has a younger and older Trucy swapped with Zak which are really nice. 

When not stretching out behind the desk in the Oval Office, Kennedy defined the Ivy League casual style of the early ’60s. On land, this often meant blazers in navy blue wool or brown Harris tweed, paired with khakis in the summer or gray flannel trousers in the cooler months. The sport jackets were often cut like his suits with slim notch lapels, 2-button fronts, welted breast pockets, jetted hip pockets, and 4-button cuffs. Underneath, the shirts and ties were the same as his suits – white shirts with blue-ish ties.  His shoes were typically off-white canvas sneakers with white laces, worn with thin socks in either white, blue, or black. On sockless days, he would wear dark leather penny loafers that was usually paired with a sweater and white boat slacks. Around his various vacation homes, he would wear velvet Albert slippers with his initials in gold.

“I followed a girl to Los Angeles and was immediately dumped. I got a job at a motorcycle shop in Venice called "Dr. Carls Hog Hospital”. The day I quit that job a friend took me to a party up in the hills, a movie people party. I drank way too much and started screaming at the party from the second story of the living room with these giant sunglasses on, someone asked if I wanted to be in a play and took me for pizza to talk about it. They told me I would get paid so I did it. The first night of the play a wonderful angel of a woman, who was an agent saw me and side pocketed me. Hip pocketed me. Whatever you call that and then I booked some stuff and kept running ever since.“ - Norman Reedus on how he got started in acting

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Oh my gosh platonic hugs are awesome!!! :D Could I give a hug prompt where Keith is the unsuspecting recepient and Pidge is the giver? Totally love the sibling vibe between those two :D :D

I love their sibling vibe, too!  Hope this works for you!

Keith stumbled to the rendezvous point last, cutting it so close that Hunk barely managed to pull him into the closet where the rest of them were hiding and close the door before the guard on duty rounded the corner.  Lance took a sharp breath in, preparing to say something, but Pidge clapped a hand over his mouth before he could, shaking her head.  They waited, huddled together, while the guard walked past their closet, listening to his footsteps as he passed them, went farther down the hall, rounded the corner, and faded out of hearing distance.

Then Pidge let go, and Lance hissed, “What the heck, Keith?  All that about ‘absolutely don’t be late’ and 'we don’t have the power with only four lions to mount a rescue’ and you cut it that close?  What were you-”

Hunk put a hand on his arm, shutting him up.  "We were worried, man,“ he said softly, "We can’t lose you, too.”

Keith refused to look at them, half shrugging the comment off, and Hunk’s hand tightened on Lance’s arm before the blue paladin could turn it into a fight.  "I passed a room full of these,“ he explained, pulling something out of his hip pouch.

He tossed the object at Pidge.  She caught it and turned it over in her hands, realizing what it was.  "This is just like Rover!”  She felt silly about the burst of emotion she felt holding the tiny robot.  It hurt a little, thinking about Rover, but she was having a hard time not grinning like an idiot in the middle of their very dangerous reconnaissance mission anyway.

He nodded, looking her in the eye while he made his case.  "There was a whole room of them.  I figured having our own spy drone would help keep us out of situations like this.  We need to find Shiro without losing anyone else.“  He glanced downward, breaking eye contact, "And anyway, I know you miss Rover and we all miss Shiro and I just thought-”

Pidge leapt forward, wrapping her arms around Keith’s neck.  He’d been a numbskull about this, by cutting it so close and not warning them, but in the grand scheme of numbskull moves she and her teammates had made it wasn’t the biggest.  He seemed surprised, stiffening for a moment, then wrapped his arms around her in return, pulling her close in a hug that was only made awkward by the fact that they were still in armor.

“Well, at least you made it,” Lance said, softening a little.  He still wasn’t happy about Keith being their new leader, and Hunk still had a hand on his arm to keep him from fighting with Keith, but the atmosphere in the closet was much less tense.

Pidge gave Keith one extra squeeze and then pulled away, shoving the drone into her own hip pocket.  "I’ll have to reprogram it back at the castle, but I think we’ve got everything we need.  Let’s get out of here.“

Keith nodded, and Hunk opened the door, and then it was back to the mission, as usual.


“You wanna play doctor?”

This is extreme thirst. On the other hand, I’m happy to know the rest of the fandom is just as parched for this Rick as I am so at least I’m in good company. 

It’s easy to get restless without anything to do, and there isn’t any paperwork to sort through (the Minutemen have no paperworks at all, apparently) or guns to clean (the laser muskets are an utter mystery as to how they work), so Rhys elects to sit in the doorway of the separated portion of the Castle with his crutches propped against the wall. The walls provide shade from the sun, and with few people ever occupying the armory (other than that one woman who chain smokes, looks very strangely out of place with a completely different uniform than the rest of the Minutemen, and doesn’t say a word to Rhys anyway), Rhys doesn’t have to suffer anyone’s presence.

He wishes he could do something. For the most part, the Minutemen at the Castle don’t seem to be doing much in the first place. Some of them come and go on patrols or to settlements that need help, and a few of them offer goods for sale. Rhys would offer to help, but it seems like the Castle is well-staffed and rather suffering from a lack of jobs than a lack of people.

The shadow over Rhys darkens, and he looks up to see Danse with a cigarette between his fingers.

“May I join you?”

“I’m not doing anything at the moment,” Rhys replies. “So if you want to join me in boredom, feel free.”

It’s odd to speak to Danse without formality. He’s not used to being on the same level as him. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say that he’s not used to the lack of rank separating them. Danse sits down next to him and blows out an exhale of smoke, his body much more relaxed than Rhys remembers ever seeing.

“Do you need any Med-X?” he asks. Rhys shakes his head; whatever liquid medicine that smelled vaguely of something floral he’d been given is doing a good enough job with the pain. For now the pain is more of a dull discomfort, perfectly manageable for Rhys. He reaches for his pocket for a pack of cigarettes, and his hand pats against his hip. No pockets. Right. Haylen has his lighter too.

Danse plucks the cigarette out of his mouth and holds it out in front of Rhys.


“Oh. Um. Thanks.”

It’s not like he hasn’t shared smokes with his comm- with Danse before. Trudging through the Commonwealth running recon meant that sometimes you didn’t get quite the comforts you wanted, and what you had you shared with your brethren. Sometimes it was a bottle of bourbon, sometimes it was a cigarette.

Rhys crushes the filter a little between his teeth as he inhales. Today has been stressful, between seeing Haylen nearly get dragged off and jumping off of the Prydwen and breaking his leg. He probably shouldn’t take it out on a cigarette Danse is sharing with him though, so he hands it back after taking another drag. He lets the smoke curl in his chest before blowing it out in a loud puff.

“I may slip up from time to time,” Rhys says. “About- I just need to adjust. For me and Haylen too. I’m not a knight anymore, and she’s not a scribe.”

“It will take time,” Danse agrees. “I understand.”

The cigarette is passed back to Rhys, and he takes another deep drag.

“You don’t have to stay if you don’t want to,” Danse says. “The Minutemen would be more than happy to have you, but it’s your decision.”

“Where else would I go?” Rhys asks. “Vaultie’s letting us stay. You’re here. The hell else am I good for?”

“I didn’t join the Minutemen because I can shoot a gun.” Danse’s response almost sounds defensive, and Rhys worries that he’s insulted Danse somehow.

“Do they really want me?”


“Danse, you’ve always talked about doing good for the Wasteland and how the Brotherhood is the best way to that goal. The Minutemen keep saying they want to help the Commonwealth, so I guess you fit right in. I’m just here to shoot the nasty shit before it comes crawling out of the ditch and eats us all. I didn’t join because I wanted to ‘do good,’ I did it because there’s nasty shit out there and if we shoot it first, it can’t come slaughter us.”

“That sounds like you want to protect people.”

“I’m not shooting ferals because I’m being selfless.”

“You’ll make the Commonwealth a little safer, regardless.”

Rhys snorts, before realizing he’s left the cigarette in his hand. He hastily hands it back to Danse.

“The choice is still yours,” Danse repeats. “But I believe you and Haylen would be fine Minutemen.”

“I don’t have a choice. There’s nowhere else to go, and you’re here.”

“I wasn’t aware that I was a necessary part of that choice.“

“Of course you are.”

“You didn’t leave the Brotherhood when I was exiled.”

It sounds almost like an accusation, even though Rhys knows it’s not. Danse is just pointing out that his presence isn’t what kept Rhys in the Brotherhood.

“It fucking sucked without you there.”

Danse doesn’t respond to that. Rhys looks down, staring at the brick-tiled ground. He’s silent, but a sudden thought comes to him. “The Minutemen don’t have ranks, do they?”

“Just the General and the Lieutenant General. ‘Vaultie’ as you and Haylen are so inclined to say, and Garvey.”

“Good. Then you wouldn’t outrank me.”

Rhys desperately hopes Danse understands what he’s saying. When Danse doesn’t say anything to that either, Rhys lets out a frustrated huff and turns away.


Danse moves a little closer, and Rhys takes a deep breath before he turns around again to face him. This is starting to push the limits of his personal space, but he doesn’t pull back.

“Are you alright?” Danse asks, his brows tilted in concern. Rhys leans in closer, enough so that their shoulders bump.

“I’m tired,” he admits, and wonders if that’s enough of an excuse to keep Danse from thinking too much about him leaning over to rest his head on Danse’s shoulder. Apparently it’s not, because instead Danse crushes the burnt butt of the cigarette into the concrete and tilts his head to get a better look at Rhys’s face.

“What do you need?”

Rhys curls in and buries his face into Danse’s shoulder. Danse shifts, and Rhys feels a kiss against the top of his head.

It’s quickly replaced by Danse’s cheek pressed against the spot and one arm looping around Rhys’s waist. For a moment Rhys doesn’t trust his senses, doesn’t believe what he thinks just happened. But Danse’s hand is warm against his hip and Rhys doesn’t realize he’s holding his breath until his chest feels tight, and he exhales rather loudly all at once.

“Don’t suffocate,” Danse says with a humorous lilt to his voice.

“Yeah yeah,” Rhys grumbles.

“And be careful with your leg.”

Rhys responds to that by lifting his cast-wrapped leg and draping it across Danse’s lap. Danse shakes his head and gently pushes it off, but he’s smiling and Rhys feels his chest unclench just a little.

“Do you want me to stay?” Rhys asks.

“I would… I would rather you stay, yes.”

“I guess that means I have to learn what the fuck is up with those laser muskets, then,” Rhys sighs, and Danse lets out a stifled laugh.

Prince went to LA for a few days to produce something for someone, and before he left he suggested that Carmen and I hang out while he was gone. Carmen hit me up to go see a movie. I was surprised to learn that she was nineteen, only a year older than me.
[…] After the movies, we drank tea in my apartment, and the conversation was eye-opening. I hadn’t realized that she and Prince had a thing, and it never occurred to me before how challenging it was to be his girlfriend. He traveled constantly and worked insane hours. His girlfriend couldn’t call him. Didn’t even have his number. He called. You answered. But he was good about checking in with people and had an uncanny sense of timing - at least he did in my experience.
When he called me later that evening, I asked him, “Are you dating Carmen?" 
"No, no. She has a crush on me,” he said. He was so good at this. One could easily take a very cynical view of the way he was with women, but for the most part, you gotta admit, the women weren’t complaining.
It was a one-time hang with Carmen. I didn’t see much of her after that. She was sent off on tour to promote her album, even though the reviews weren’t great. Something I eventually learned:
Prince’s top girlfriend was always in Minneapolis. When you came to Minneapolis, you were the girl on her way in. When you left Minneapolis, you were the girl on her way out.
This would have been a valuable piece of information for me to keep in my own hip pocket.
—  The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince
Introducing Vasha

Today has not been a particularly good day, and I felt the need for some Souyo and cats. Just one of the many ways Vasha could have ended up with them.


As Yosuke looked down at the small, shivering bundle tucked into his half-zipped jacket, he realised that he was in trouble. Not because his shirt was absolutely soaked and Souji had just done laundry the night before, and not because she (at least, he thought she was, well, a she) had snagged his uniform pants with a claw when he was pulling her out of the gutter, and he was going to have to hope that it didn’t turn into a hole. Nor was it because he’d forgotten to pick up the miso and paper towels his boyfriend had reminded him via text - twice - to bring home.

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Eyes Wide Open

***DISCLAIMER: I have no idea where this story is going to go. It’s either going to be Ignis or Gladio but I haven’t gotten that far. If you have any idea’s I’d love to hear them!  Or if anyone just wants someone to talk to about FFXV then message me because I could GUSH about this game for HOURS. Plus i may change the title!***

Word Count: 2,365

You admired the consistency of the waves, crashing along the Galdin Quay coastline. They came in meeting the shore at such grace it was mesmerizing to watch. Walking along the beach you breathed in the salty air and felt a moment of rare bliss. The sun was up, the sky was blue, and you felt at peace; which was ironic since you were on the hunt for a rather large Daemon.  Like the waves, the monster and Daemon population was on the rise and yet no one knew why.  Being a hunter, business had never been better, but even you began to wonder what was happening.  It was during a pit stop in Hammerhead where you heard that a rather large Iron Giant was reigning terror along the coast of Galdin Quay.  You had been a hunter for a couple years but had been on your own for about six. When you realized you could do something with your magic you decided to make a living off of it. And I didn’t take long for people all over Lucis to call to you for help. Your reputation spread and since then you’ve been constantly busy.

               Taking a seat near the water you watched as the sun began to set. “Not long now.” You thought to yourself. The Galdin Quay restaurant was off in the distance. It looked small from where you were sitting and you could hardly make out any faces. You made sure to walk far along the beach so that this battle wouldn’t put anyone in harm’s way.  You noticed that the top of your boots were wearing down. A few scuffs here and there but the color thankfully had not faded. Black boots, Black jeans, a black long-sleeved shirt, and a black corset was your outfit of choice since the color helped you blend into the darkness and blood didn’t show up so bad on the fabric. The corset protected your abdomen and held a couple of your weapons: Two daggers, a gun on your hip, bullets in the pockets, a sword hanging at your side, and a bow that you hung across your back. Your (Y/H/C) was pulled back into a braid and you sat playing with a necklace you never took off. It was a small golden pendant with the letter A in the center. You rubbed the charm over and over again as if trying to mentally remember every little thing about it.

               You sat in the sand playing with your charm for a while as the sun began to disappear into the horizon. The sky was a dark blue now except for the little bit of orange and purple out on the water. A grumble caught your attention off in the distance back towards the parking lot. You could see a large black car finding a spot amongst the other vehicles. You saw the figures of four people getting out but that was the only thing you could see. Between the darkness and the distance, only their silhouettes were somewhat visible. Suddenly you saw what seemed to be a camera flash come from one of the people.

“Psh. Tourists” you scoffed. Yet you continued to watch the figures walk towards the pier. You could see them heading to the restaurant and wondered what they were going to do. Were they going to eat? Or maybe have a nice weekend retreat? You always asked yourself these kinds of questions when you observed people.  Looking back out to the water the sun was gone now and the only light on the water was that from the restaurant and the moon. Even with the faint sound of the music coming from the restaurant everything was quiet.

Sanding up you brushed the sand off of you. You wandered around the area hoping to draw out the beast. While Daemons were very active on the roads drawing them out in other places was not always as easy. You were told that the Iron Giant had been very active recently so you were wondering what was taking so long.

And that was when you heard it; a scream coming from behind you in the direction of the fishing pier.

“Shit.” You cursed. Drawing out your bow you aimed for the creature. You were a good quarter of a mile down the beach and running wouldn’t get you there fast enough. Rather than aiming your arrow straight ahead you aimed it up into the air. “Okay if I do this just right I should be able to land either right next to him or on him.” You said to yourself. Taking aim you drew your shot back and took a deep breath out. “Fire.” You whispered.

The arrow was off as were you. Using your teleportation magic you could send yourself flying with your arrow or any of your weapons for that matter. Within seconds you landed just feet from the beast, his back to you. A woman ahead of him was lying unconscious while a man took cover over her. The beast slowly began to raise his giant sword and the man looked up in utter fear, cradling the women in his arms. Grabbing another arrow, this one with a metal tip, you strung your bow and prepared to shoot.

“Hey!” You shouted at the beast. With his arms completely raised, ready to swing he turned his head to see where the voice had come from. The second you could see the right side of his face, you let the arrow go. The Giant dropped his blade and grasped the side of his face where you had struck. While he was distracted, you ran around him to the man on the ground. “You need to go!” You yelled at him. Nodding his head he tried to drag the unconscious woman with him but his strength was merely not there. Turning back to face the enemy, the Giant was grabbing back for his sword. He let out a loud howl and redirected his attention from the man to me.  

“Aww did I mess up your pretty face?” You spoke tauntingly. You turned back and waved a hand over the man and women next to you and they evaporated into the air and appeared on the ground of the parking lot. “Now where were we?” You said fiercely.  The Giant ran at you with his sword above him. You rolled out the way just as his blade struck the sand. You tried to draw another arrow but the creature moved much faster than you anticipated. He swung again but this time he swung his sword completely parallel to himself catching you off guard and sending you flying.  You handed in the sand with a thud. Lifting your head you ran at you again.

“Oh no, this isn’t that easy,” you said, and you send a fire ball flying at the creature. He was up in flames within seconds and you could smell the burning of his flesh. You stood up clutching your rib cage. “Yep something is definitely broken.” You thought to yourself.  However the pain you felt was not going to stop you. Grabbing your daggers you ran towards the beast and slid under him, slashing the back of his legs. He immediately crumpled to the ground. Getting up you quickly turned back around and ran back to the beast. Jumping up you used your daggers to scale the Giants back. Although he was in pain, he tried to reach behind him and grab you but to no avail.

“This was fun but I’m afraid the fun ends now.” You yelled at him.  The monster continued to thrash but you grabbed the sword off your hip and shoved it into the back of the Iron Giants neck up into his head. As soon as you did this you kicked yourself off of the dead creature and watched as his body began to disappear into the air.

You stood over the spot where the monster had been, taking a second to breath. Reaching down you picked up your two daggers that fell out of the beasts back as he vanished and you put them back into their holsters. The sword was back on your hip and you turned to go help the man and women you had sent to the parking lot. You were stopped in your tracks though. The whole pier leading up to the bar was full of onlookers who had watched the whole battle take place. Many of them started to clap but most just looked in awe. Looking over to the parking lot you saw three men standing around the couple. One was squatting next to the man and talking to him while the others were staring at me. A tall muscular man was towering over the couple while his blonde friend put a camera up to his face. Suddenly a flash went off and one of the men brought a camera down from his face. It was the tourists from earlier.

Gathering yourself, you made your way over to them. You walked up the steps to where the man was sitting on the ground, ignoring the men standing around me. You bent down to the man and spoke softly to him.

“I’m sorry for the abrupt teleport. Are you both alright?”

“Don’t apologize!” The man said quickly, “You saved our lives. I don’t know how to repay you!”

You gave him a soft smile, “Sir I don’t expect anything from anyone.” You looked to the woman who was lying in this man’s arms and noticed her wedding ring. “Is your wife alright?”

Before the man could speak the stranger squatting down next to the couple spoke up, “She seems to have passed out due to the stress of the situation.” He seemed to have some sort of accent making him sound rather refined. Looking over to him you met his green eyes. They were hiding behind a pair of glasses which sat perfectly on his face. His facial features were well defined and his hair was spiked up giving his face a slim appearance. “He’s handsome.” You thought to yourself. Looking back to the woman you brought your hand over her forehead. Closing your eyes you felt energy run down your arm and warm your palm. Opening your eyes you could see the faint red glow illuminating the woman’s face. This lasted for about thirty seconds till you took your hand away.  

“I transferred some of my energy to her. Being in that situation took a lot out of her but she should be fine.”

“Oh thank you so much miss!” The woman’s husband cried.  You stood up, turned around and began to walk away, not really interested in making and chat. You had pretty good people skills but you didn’t enjoy small talk or getting to know anyone. You were descending down the steps when a gruff voice spoke up. “Hey wait a second.” You stopped and turned around. It was muscle man. Up close he was even larger looking; not only in height but his body itself was massive.  His black hair was slicked back and out of his face but not in a way that appeared neat or tidy. You could see the outline of his muscles under her shirt and knew this guy was some sort of guard. You also noticed that like his friend, he was good looking too. Wasting no time you replied, “It’s been a second.” And you continued out on to the beach. “Hey seriously! Wait up!” This time it wasn’t Muscle man’s voice, nor was it the guy with the accent. You turned around and crossed your arms over your chest. The blonde haired boy was jogging after you. He was skinny but also had some definition to him. When he got up close you could see his freckles cover most of his face, particularly around his nose and under his eyes. His blue eyes seemed to shine in the darkness and you could tell this guy probably had a good heart.

His two friends didn’t jog, but sauntered up to us. You were a little aggravated now. You wanted to get back to camp and heal yourself. Your ribcage now was starting to hurt more than before since the adrenaline had worn off.  “How did you do that?” The blonde boy asked you.

“Do what?” you questioned.

“Take down the Giant alone! That was super impressive!” He spoke in admiration. You shrugged my shoulder, “I just can. I didn’t think it was something difficult to do.” At that response the boy seemed to shy away as if embarrassed that he couldn’t do it.  

“Well how did you use magic?” Muscles asked. “Do you serve the royal family?”

“How I get my magic is my business and no one else’s.” You replied. The muscle man kind of narrowed his eyes at you, probably unappreciative of the curt response.  “That’s fine. Your business is your own but maybe you can help us.”

You raised an eyebrow wondering what kind of help these three capable men could need. “Depends on what you need help with.” You spoke.

“We’re looking for someone.” said the one with the glasses. He pushed his spectacles up his nose and brought his hands behind his back. He looked and seemed very well mannered. “What you want me to find them for you?” You replied. That was your job after all.

“No we have to find them ourselves.” Said specs, “But were wondering if you’ve seen them perhaps?”

“Do you have a name?”

“Yeah, we do.” This time the voice came from behind the three men. Walking up to us was another guy. He was a little taller than the blonde but he was not as tall as the other two. He was in all black and his black hair fell around his face. When he got closer you began to recognize him. He looked exactly like the boy you had spent your younger days with back when Insomnia was your home.  

“Noctis?” You whispered, your face contorting into a confused expression.

“Hey Y/N.” The boy said, “It’s been awhile.”

Guide: Archery

Disclaimer: I have been practicing archery since I was eight and became really involved with the sport / hobby since turning eighteen; despite my experience, I am by no means an actual expert but I do know a considerable amount and am capable of answering any and every question you all may have!

  • Types of Bows: recurve, long / flat / traditional, compound, crossbow, pistol crossbow, war, mongolian, takedown, priminitive, composite
  • Types of Archery: traditional, competitive, field, target, hunting, 3D, military
  • Types of Arrows: aluminum, carbon, fiberglass, wooden ( traditional ), bolts ( crossbow )
    • Types of Fletchings: straight, helical, flu-flu. Material: feather, plastic
    • Types of Points: target, bullet, blunt, field, judo, fish, broadhead, fixed blade, mechanical blade, small game, bludgeon ( stump ). Medieval: bodkin, war, crescent leaf, swallowtail, hunting. Some are push-ins and others are screw-ins, the material tips are made out of can also vary: plastic, aluminum, stone, flint, carbon, etc…
    • Types of Nocks: push/press-in, pin, overnock, convential. For crossbows, the nocks will be different as the arrow sits differently (such as: flat, capture, omni-nock, and half moon)
  • Types of Draws: mediterranean ( most common ), mongolian, pinch
  • Types of Quivers: hip, back, side, pocket, bow
  • Types of Gear: shooting gloves, shooting tabs, arm guard, chest guard, quivers, silencers, wrist sling, bow sling, finger sling
  • Types of Stances: square, open, closed

Anatomy of a Bow generally consists of their limbs, riser, bow string, grip / handle, ( arrow ) rest, and nocking point. Additional features ( mostly with compound and competitive archery ) also include: sight, stabilizer, long rod, side rod, limb bolt, clicker, shelf. Additionally, there are two sides to a bow ( a front and back ), the outer portion — or the part that faces away from you when you aim — is called the back and the inner portion is called the belly

Anatomy of a String: Sometimes, with some strings you will see three points of the string with different colours at the ends of the limbs and at the center, these are called servings. Top, bottom, and center.

Anatomy of an Arrow: Point ( tip / insert ), shaft, crest, fletching, nock


  • Anchor Point — A consistent part on the face where the draw hand comes back to.
  • Cant — This is a bow that is being tilted to one side or another, more commonly used by hunters.
  • Dry Fire — NEVER do this to your bows, this is VERY harmful to the bow and decreases longevity. A dry fire is when you pull the string back WITHOUT an arrow nocked then release.
  • Sky Draw — This is illegal and incredibly dangerous, don’t do this. This is the act of aiming your bow towards the sky and releasing. Do not pull a Katniss Everdeen. It’s not worth it. Only do this in places in a wide open and empty field or somewhere it is at least permitted.
  • Index Feather / Vane — There are commonly three fletchings to an arrow with two of three being one colour; the one that is the odd one out is called the index. This should be facing out / away from the bow’s arrow rest.
  • Nock — Commonly used and confused for notch ( similar to blood spatter vs blood splatter ). This is the slot at the end of an arrow; there is also an accompanying point on the string itself where the arrow sits on top of for a consistent level of shooting. Additionally, on some arrows, there is a nock nodule that typically lines up with the index feather ( this is used to easily nock an arrow into place without having to look down mid-aim or shooting, so typically hunting ).
  • Overdraw — The act of using a shorter bow compared to draw length, thus putting an overload of pressure on the limbs. It can also mean using a shorter arrow than meant to be used with draw length.
  • Poundage ( # ) — A bow’s weight at full draw. For instance, while the poundage of a bow says forty#, the bow isn’t actually going to weigh that much ( bows, in contrast, are actually really light ). 
    • Draw Weight — I see this used interchangeably with poundage but there really isn’t such a thing as a draw weight? Or, at least, it doesn’t have a specific function that I am aware of. 
  • Draw Length — This is the length of how far you can pull the string back to your anchor point; the length typically is about the half of your arm span from middle fingertip to middle fingertip. Measured in inches ( “ ).
  • Bow Length — The length of the bow unstrung from limb tip to limb tip.
  • Bow Arm / Hand — The hand that commonly grips the handle.
  • Dominant Eye / Hand — The hand that pulls on the string; and the eye that more accurately sees the target. Sometimes, the dominant eye and hand are not on the same side of the body but there are ways to get around this!
  • Spine Flexibility — When getting new arrows, it’s important to test the spine for any cracking sounds. If an arrow does that, you do not want to use it. Also checking for arrow hardness. 
  • Archer’s Paradox — The arrow flexing as it leaves the bow. Also, an arrow arches, it doesn’t go straight out like how a bullet might. 
  • Followthrough — Holding your posture / position after letting go of the string to when the arrow hits the target.

Other Information:

The correct way to draw / pull a bow is by using back muscles rather than your arms ( arms are used too but not as majorly as the back ), this helps lessens fatigue! And allows you to use the maximum poundage. In saying that, bows are not the same from person to person; for example, because I use a longbow ( 48″ ) and my arm span is shorter, even though my bow is 40#, I am actually drawing 35#. And unless you’re using a primitive bow or a bow that has a versatile grip, bows are specifically made to be used by one hand or the other ( so left or right ). And just like all bows aren’t the same from person to person, all arrows aren’t the same and don’t necessarily work with every bow, especially indoors versus outdoors, grain, shaft thickness / hardness, tip, weight, etc…

When aiming, it’s important to keep in mind: direction and force of wind, height of target in comparison to you ( is it higher or lower ), indoors vs outdoors, stable or moving target, terrain, distance, etc…

The best way to build up stamina and strength is to consistently do muscle strength exercises, practice with the bow often. I also recommend holding the string back for thirty seconds to a minute at least three times in a day.

There is A LOT of muscle memory involved! And like overtime if you don’t exercise or ride a bike, getting back into the sport can take a readjustment to get up to par. The elbow of your bow arm should be pointed out and not down at the ground ( this is to get your elbow out of the way so that the string doesn’t slap against your forearm upon release ), your back should be straight ideally, and your should have your weight evenly resting on your hips ( not shifted ).

Do NOT use wooden arrows with compound bows. It will more than likely explode in your face and cause bodily injury. Additionally try to use the right arrow with the right bow and bow poundage; it’s like using a gun, you wouldn’t overload it with ammunition it’s not meant to shoot, so don’t do that to your bows. Also, traditional and recurve bows tend to be more forgiving than compound bows because of the difference in anatomy; compound bows have wheels attached to the limbs and warping or twisting the string at all while pulling it back can cause the string to detach from the railing ( but in general, avoid twisting your hand, wrist or forearm as you draw back the string ).

If a bow creaks or makes any kind of sound while you draw it back, do not use that bow. Same with an arrow. It’s safer to avoid injury.

Do not fire a bow with anyone or anything in your peripheral or around the target. Be very aware of your surroundings.

War bows have the highest poundage, that I am aware of, that goes up to 180# and are made of a different wood. These are incredibly powerful and dangerous weapons, so I don’t recommend a war bow to shoot in your basic backyard unless you have a really great stopping tool / target. War bows also take the longest to train for and can’t just be used by anyone right off the bat compared to modern bows, because the heavier the poundage, the more back and arm muscle needed; so strength needed will be needed for this ( and this is why archers from medieval periods who used these bows were documented as to having thicker arm bones because they trained in their youth as to use such a bow ).

If you can, try to practice at archery ranges. Hunting with a bow requires a license; please check your city / state laws regarding archery and its restrictions ( some don’t allow backyard shooting ).

Lastly, bows ARE weapons. I know they are treated very much like toys but they are not! Even the toy bows that you see at medieval fairs and in stores, those are still dangerous. Actual bows should be taken seriously; do not have an arrow nock and at full draw while you haphazardly aim the bow in jest at your group of friends, claiming to be the next Legolas or Katniss. That is the quickest way of hurting someone, don’t do it. In saying that, television and all other mediums of entertainment are not wholly accurate depictions of archery; some of the moves they do are highly ridiculous and unrealistic ( Hawkeye, Arrow, THG, LOTR, etc… ). While there are good depictions out there and some decent moments, they should not be your basis of instruction. It’s of course okay to take inspiration from these characters but don’t treat what they do as fact and law.

Big Tree Dreams

Summary: In which little and ridiculously ginormous Christmas dreams come true. Nalu Christmas tree farm AU. 

AN: MERRY CHRISTMAS @joannya! I’m your Secret Santa for @rivendell101′s Fic Exchange! I hope you have/had a wonderful holiday!!! Sorry this is late!! I mean it’s only been the 26th for one minute where I live, so does it still count…? I hope? I hope the Naluness makes up for my bad timing! Sorry, I’ve been with family cooking and cleaning and celebrating for days straight and finally I am free for about an hour… at midnight. Hehe. Well, here it is. :3

Here on fanfiction.net.

The same question had circled around Natsu’s mind for several hours: Why would anyone wait till the night of Christmas Eve to buy a Christmas tree?

Lounging behind the thick, oak counter in the spinning office chair, Natsu grumpily huffed some pink bangs from his face and kicked a line of sleigh bells nearby. All of his friends were at parties, (not that he’d been invited, considering the fruit punch and puppy fiasco last year, but he’d been planning on coming anyway) or at home with their families. While Natsu’s only remaining family was his cat, his tiny apartment with his full refrigerator, hot sauce, and Netflix were far better company than the occasional passing car and the fire crackling mournfully in the corner.

Gramps, his boss at the little Christmas tree farm, had insisted that someone stay to man the place because someone still might come for a tree. (Why Natsu got chosen for the job unsupervised was a mystery to him, considering how prone he was to lighting things on fire. He kept lighters in his pocket that he’d flick on whenever he was bored. People referred to him as a pyromaniac in general conversation. And their entire business was trees. How did he even get a job here? Was he the only interviewee that knew how to swing an ax?) Well, if someone did come, Natsu figured he’d be just about ready to pick up his ax and brain whoever dared to step in that front door-

“Um, excuse me? Could I, ah, have some help?”

Natsu had been so busy simmering that he didn’t hear the bell ring for the angel at the door to get her wings.

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CS ff: “Ship It: Part 1″ (au)

Rating: I apparently wasn’t joking when I said “BRB with the smut!” Light M for dry-humping and some other mentions of stuff.

A/N: Ha ha ha, so! @in-spirational asked for a college professors au where the students ship them. And well, here’s what happened. I blocked up for a couple weeks, and it wasn’t until tonight (probably the fifth or sixth time I started this) that it finally clicked together and basically wrote itself. I’m sorry it is so delayed, darling. Happy belated Birthday and I hope you enjoy this!! <3<3

Edit: There’s now a PART 2!

He really doesn’t know what on earth “shipping” means when he hears it the first time, innocently leaning back in his chair reading student essays as he waits for his office hours to be done for the day. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out, though, and then he’s paying less attention to the essay in his hand and more attention to the conversation that Henry and Grace are having in the graduate students’ office located just across the small hallway from his own office. That’s the only reason he’s listening in. It certainly has nothing to do with who they would pair him with. And definitely not because he’s interested in who they would pair a certain Creative Writing professor with.

He’s just proving that the GAs have too much time on their hands by listening in.

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first snow

genre: fluff… its all just fluff…  

word count: 3K+ bYE 

summary: school trip!AU where everyone kinda forgot and went back without you and jimin. 

a/n: this is the first time ever i wrote over 2k & it’s about jimin … me , a jin Stan.. im Ashamed.. anyways when will i stop writing about jimin

Originally posted by holy-jibooty

“They’re gone. The bus – it’s gone.” Jimin jogs up to you, mouth hanging slightly open where his breath came in short pants.

You knit your brows together. “What do you mean they’re gone? They said to meet here at 4.15pm,” you say, looking at your watch for the 3rd time in the past minute.

The boy just shrugs, the corners of his mouth pulled down in a frown. You stuff your hands in your pockets and huff. The temperature outside looks like it’s dropping, quite drastically at that too. You recall the tour guide talking about how the excursion was almost cancelled because of the harsh weather earlier that day. Your scowl deepens – surely the group didn’t just up and left because of the bad weather and happened to forget about you and Jimin? What sort of bad luck was that?

A low whine escapes Jimin, pulling you from your thoughts.

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Pizza Boy

1p2p America

If anyone asked him, Al would just like to say that in his defence, he never actually eats any of the pizza he orders. He doesn’t even like pizza - he’s a fucking vegan, so the only place those pizzas ever go is straight into the trash, or straight into Matt’s mouth.

Regardless, he rushes to answer the door when it rings before his brother can get to it. And when he pulls it open, his heart squeezes as he is met with the most beautiful cerulean eyes, and a man cut straight from an Abercrombie & Fitch advertisement.  

“Hi!” The pizza boy says cheerfully, recognition sparkling behind his (adorable) wireframe glasses. “Wow, you must really like pizza! That’ll be $11.56.”

This is why Al orders these countless circles of cheese and meat sauce. At the same time, every Friday and Saturday night. When Al first saw him, he knew that he had to have him. All golden hair and blue eyes, broad shoulders and perfect teeth behind the perfect smile on his perfect face. And wow, was Golden Boy tall….

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After The Beep (Steve Rogers x Reader)


PROMPT: [IN SHORT OFF PINTEREST] person B bleeding out, calls their S/O person A carries on a casual conversation as they’re dying and makes sure to remind person A how much they love them before they can’t anymore

A/N: I am honestly so sorry for this one. I am so sorry. This is short, and painful. I promise you the initial pain won’t last long. LOL watch me being the only one crying writing this. I hope you guys like it!

WARNINGS:  sadness, deep, deep sadness and pain, blood, mortal wounds,  death

It hurt. Something was wrong.

Initially, it was overall residing pain. Soon becoming apparent that the first wave came from the three-story fall, a few stray pieces of glass shattered and sparkled around, pin-pricks of shards jumping on his skull. The constant siren deafening him almost got him the worst.

The second wave was something internal.

Steve felt it deep. Something ached deep inside him, residing inside a place cold air had never reached. Thick and cold saliva almost immediately filled his mouth to keep him from vomiting. His head whirled, the crashing and the booming world around him becoming nothing more than a gray swirl of nausea very quickly. 

He landed facing down, whatever was hurting, he was laying on top of. He groaned and rolled in agony, trying to maybe find some spot of comfort so he could think for a second.

Just a second.

It hurt, God, it hurt so bad. Something laid deep inside his most likely fractured skull that told him something bad. Something wrong. Something deadly.

And it would kill him.

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Request: I’ve been stalking your blog and it’s awesome! Can I submit a request? A Bucky X reader where the reader is a British friend of Peggy’s who’s in the howling commandos and falls in love with Bucky who is too busy flirting with the nurses until he sees the reader flirting with another soldier and gets jealous. I would love this request if you can do it, if not I understand- I love your blog!!!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: violence, cocky bucky, pre serum Steve, makeout session at the end ooo, CATFA scenes swearing omg!!!!!!

A/N: Thank you to @arrowswithwifi for submitting this request. :) I honestly don’t know much about ranks so you can make fun of me all u want. Oh and the italics are flashbacks so enjoyy


Fighting in the war wasn’t something you’d expect yourself to do. You lived in the city of Brooklyn with your family, until you were drafted to fight as a female soldier in WWII. You had experience in fighting. Took some classes when you were younger, your father showed you how to use guns, the rifle being your favorite one to use. You were a weapons expert, all thanks to him. Your mother being the one to help you keep your feminine attitude and wit, her being the one to show you how to dance outside of the battlefield. You thanked your parents for being there for you, as they molded you into a gal that liked both guns and a nice dinner and dancing. Without them, you wouldn’t be in your position as an upcoming agent.

You trained almost all of your life to earn your position. Right now, you were a commander, working with captains. Well, something of higher class. You worked with your lifetime friend, Agent Peggy Carter. The two of you had been friends since the beginning. You met Peggy in England, becoming inseparable, until you had to move to New York. After a few years from being separated, Peggy called and told you that she was working as an agent. She was working for an upcoming project, Project Rebirth and invited you to join, but of course, you couldn’t just do it like that. You had to train. Fight in the army first, then earn your role alongside Peggy as an agent.

You worked as a weapons expert in the army and knew all of the routes to take during battle. You were like a captain, but that role went to the super-soldier, your good friend, Steve Rogers. You worked alongside with him as well. Speaking of Steve Rogers, you knew him before the army as well. You met him while you were taping up posters during Howard Stark’s convention one night. You saw him as a small, scrawny guy, looking for some hope as he looked in the army mirror that night. You remembering yourself smiling and walking up to him.

“Hey, sport.” You said, making him turn around to meet your eyes. “Thinkin’ of joinin’ the army?”

The blonde stepped down from the stool and stood, facing you. He looked at your outfit: White shirt tucked into your brown high waist slacks, wearing brown boots that went up to your knees, a dark blue army  ball cap hat matched with red lipstick as your hair was in messy curls. “Heh, a guy like me? Never.” He said. “Are you?”

You smiled down at him, taking your hat off of your head. “Commander (Y/N) (Y/L/N), at your service.” You said, tipping your hat as you jokingly bowed. You laughed at the man’s reaction when he heard that you were a commander. His mouth gaped, eyes widened.

“I apologize for not realizing any sooner, commander (Y/L/N). I just..You’re..” He stammered, nervously clapping his hands together as he did a small bow.

“A woman?” you interrupted. He nodded and you smiled. “I get that all the time. No need to worry about your manners, darling. I don’t do all that formal stuff.” You admitted. You weren’t into the special royalty and attention you received. A girl in the army? Whatever. You didn’t care if people called you by your army name, you wanted people to treat you like a normal person. “What’s your name, hun?”

“Steven Grant Rogers, but you can call me Steve, miss.” He said quietly, walking back up to the stool to examine himself.

“A pleasure to meet you, Steve. My name is (Y/N). And I’d prefer you to call me that. I don’t like the word ‘Miss.’ it makes me feel old.” You smirked. He smiled, facial expressions softening a little. Before you started to talk, you saw a brunette man walking up to Steve, wearing his army uniform. You stepped back and put a poster near the pole as you stood next to the picture Steve was admiring himself in. Steve started to talk but before he could, his friend walked up behind him and gave him a light shove. Your eyes widened.

“C’mon, kinda missin’ the point of a double date. Takin’ the girls dancing.” The brunette laughed as Steve jerked forward a little. He got off the stool once again as he faced his friend, you standing closely behind with flyers still in hand.

“You go ahead, I’ll catch up.” Steve replied, turning awkwardly on the balls of his feet.

There was a slight silence between the two, before the man spoke up. “You really gonna do this again?” His friend asked as he turned to Steve’s side. You watched the two having their conversation as you engaged in answering questions for people about the army.

“I’ll try my luck.”

“As who? Steve from Ohio?” The man asked. You stopped your conversation with a lady as she began to walk off, your ears perking up as they started talking about how Steve lied on his application form.

“I know- I know.. C’mon, Bucky. Bucky!” Steve said to his friend, Bucky his name was.

“You know, lying on your application can get you into some serious trouble, Steven.” You said, speaking from behind. You walked closer to the men as Bucky exchanged looks between you and Steve, eyebrows raised in amusement. “And lying about applying for the army.“

Steve pursed his lips as you stood next to him. “I know, I should’ve told you. I was just.. nervous since this is one of the longest conversations I’ve had with a girl.” He said, making you smile and pat him on the back. Meanwhile, Bucky spoke from your left side, clearing his throat to get your attention.

“Pardon me, sir. I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” You said, tipping your hat like you did with Steve. Bucky just smiled at you, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Ohh, I get it, Steve. You met another girl because you didn’t like the one I picked out for you! Ah, I’m heartbroken.” Bucky said in sarcasm. Steve scoffed. “Nice to meet you, doll. Sargent James Buchanan Barnes, the-“ He said, but you spoke for him.

“107th, shipping to England tomorrow. I know.” You said as you eyed his uniform.

“She’s a…Commander.” Steve said, making Bucky laugh.

“You’re kidding. You?” He said, looking down at you. You furrowed your eyebrows in response.

“Yes, indeed, soldier.”

Bucky started to mock you and say that you’re just a woman and questioned why you were a commander. You rolled your eyes at his remarks.

“Say, why don’t you join me and Stevie here on a date? Sound good, doll?” He asked. You looked behind him, seeing two girls waving his direction on the steps.

“I wouldn’t want to intervene with the girls you have now.” You smiled sweetly. Getting sick of talking to the soldier in front of you, you handed Steve a flyer, and shoved one into Bucky’s chest. “I’ll see you very soon in the army, Steve!” You called.

You walked down the steps that led to the outside of the convention and turned around. “I hope I don’t see you very soon, Sargent.” You yelled as you walked away.

Bucky smirked as he watched your figure depart and go into the crowd of people outside. He saw something in you that he didn’t see in the other girls he’d talk to. Usually, the girls would swoon over him. You, however, were different.

Till that day forward, you did not like James Buchanan Barnes. Not one bit. Well, maybe a little.

And here you are now, lining up to get your weapons at one of the military tents. Steve in front of you as Bucky was behind you.

Things have changed in a year. Steve rescued you and Bucky from being held captive by hydra, and you never forgot your reaction to what he looked like when you saw him from your view from the chair you were strapped into. He was bigger and taller. Nothing like the Steve you met at the convention a year ago. And Bucky? Well, Bucky is still the same person he always had been since you met him. Cocky, witty, and charming. You hated yourself for admitting it, but you had a love-hate relationship with the Sargent.

You were the first and only female to be apart of the Howling Commandos. Still a commander, sniper, and weapons specialist, but hey, you did one hell of a job. As long as you got to work with Steve and Peggy, everything was all good. Bucky and you had your fights during every mission. Every single mission you two fought over something. That was out of hate, and you couldn’t deny it, but love as well.

“You know, Rogers, I will never get over the fact that I have to literally look up to you when we talk.” You said, stuffing your rifle behind your back in its placeholder, a few knives, and two guns in your hip pockets. Steve smiled as he gathered his shield and started walking to one of the trucks.

“I know how you feel. I don’t think I’ll ever get use to it, either.” He said, before hopping into the small truck.

“I can get use to looking down at you, (Y/L/N).” Bucky winked at you. You scoffed at his innuendo.

“In your dreams, James.“

You and Bucky sat in the back as Steve and Peggy drove in the front. The other Howling Commandos drove in another car, since they couldn’t fit.

“Mission is simple, people. Get into the hydra base as per usual. You’re in and out. Steve will do all the work inside while everyone will work outside in the field. You all will be his eyes and ears.” Peggy explained to the group. Everyone agreed as you guys got off of the car and grabbed your utilities.

“Careful out there, will you, (Y/N)?” Peggy stopped you from walking, holding you back from the team.

“You know I always will be careful, Carter.” You smiled, adjusting the guns in your jacket pocket.

“And please don’t injure Sargent Barnes!” She called before you started to run with the rest of the team.

You made your way around the building, clearing any sign of a hydra agent. Bucky watch you in action from the top of the building across, laying down on his stomach with his rifle in hand. The way you took the hydra agents out with your hands and knives. Every time he watched you made him realize that he could watch you do that for hours. He admired you, secretly. Steve didn’t know about the crush he had on you, and he wanted to keep it that way since Steve was considered the chick magnet now, and not Bucky himself.

You heard a shout of pain from the inside of the building. Looking at one of your fellow howling commando member, Dum Dum, he gave you a questioned look.

“Was that Rogers, Miss?” he asked. You shook your head. You pressed your ear against the door and heard another shout of pain, this time louder.

“Shit.” You muttered. “Yes, that’s definitely Rogers.” You said. You took a few steps back from the wooden door, getting ready to break it open.

Bucky’s eyes widened as he saw what you were about to do. He took his rifle with him and started climbing down the side of the building and running to you. “(Y/N), don’t you dare!” He yelled.

“Oh no, Miss. I don’t suggest you doin-“ Dugan replied. But it was too late. You ran into the door and successfully broke it open, landing on the cold hard floor of the hydra base. You got up, the pain in your right shoulder soon subsided as you searched for a sign of Steve. You heard screams and grunts upstairs and soon made your way up to the fifth floor. You crept along the halls quietly, before you found Steve’s shield lying on the ground. No, no, no. You thought.

You picked his shield up and slipped it into your forearm, holding your gun out in front of it. You approached the door where the grunts were heard and saw Steve strapped onto a chair, just like you were. Your eyes widened as the agents saw you, and you immediately started shooting and darting at the agents, the shield protecting your body with ease. You freed Steve and helped him up, putting his shield in his hand.

“Why’d you do that?” Steve asked as you ran with him down the stairs.

“Because you did it for me once.” You replied as the two of you made your way out of the compound. You met the other commandos outside of the broken door, them looking at you in shock. You had bruises and cuts on your side from the punches you couldn’t dodge from the agents. You looked like a mess and you felt limp.

All of you started walking back to the cars which drove you to the tents of the base.

“You didn’t have to do it, Miss. I could’ve done it, of course.” One member said from your side. You laughed dryly, wiping the blood off of your forehead.

“I know, but Steve saved me once. I had to return the favor.”  you smiled, making him smile back.

Bucky watched from behind the two of you, scoffing at the smiles that were being exchanged once again.

“She would do anything for Steve.” Bucky grumbled. You thought you missed it, but you sure as hell didn’t.

“Course I would. Steve’s kind and generous, unlike you, James.” You said over your shoulder to him.

The two of you started bickering again as the others watched as always, Steve shaking his head like the parent he is. He just wanted his friends to get along.

You and Steve were in the nurse’s aid area where the two of you were being taken care of. Peggy sat in between the two of you, as she helped the nurses bandage your wombs. You sat on a chair as Steve sat up in the beds since he had taken it harsher than you. Him and Peggy talked. You tried to listen but the damn nurses were in the way.

“I have a feeling that they like each other, for some reason” Peggy spoke.

That’s all you heard before Peggy walked up to your place in your seat. She sat next to you with a sigh.

“You got hurt, (Y/L/N).” She said. The nurses walked away once Peggy told them that you were fine in her hands.

“I know I did. At least I’m not dead.” You said, looking out into the window where it was pouring with rain.

“You’re a tough cookie, (Y/N).” Peggy smiled, putting her hand on yours. You looked at her. “And so is that Sargent you claim to hate to death.”

“How did he suddenly get invited into the conversation.” You said. Just then, one of the workers requested for Peggy’s attendance. She stood up before looking back to you.

“Where is he, anyways?” Peggy asked. You shrugged.

“Probably flirting with the nurses.” You said. And you weren’t wrong. Turning your head to the right, you saw that familiar Sargent smile he’d always give to the ladies. It won them over in an instant. You shook your head, your blood boiling over jealousy.

Hours passed before that incident. The rain stopped and you got up to walk around the tents and small buildings of the military base. You had a chance to  walk off your scars on your legs and stretched your limbs, so you took the opportunity to do so, and to think. While you passed one of the nurses tents, you saw Bucky standing there with a few of the nurses by his side. Probably telling them one of the shitty jokes he used to get all the ladies. You sighed through your nose. He did this every time. He didn’t even bother to check up on his best friend, only to just go flirting around with his one time hook ups.

All of a sudden, an idea popped up in your head. It was cruel, you admitted, but you just had to test it. You were sick of this. You saw Steve looking at one of the files outside on one of the trunks of the cars. Files were placed across the opened truck as he examined them. You took your hair out of your pony tail to loosen them up. Grabbing your blue hat and placing it on your head, you walked up to him.

“Hey, Rogers.” You said from behind him. He turned around and greeted you with a smile. You fumbled with the buttons of his jacket before wrapping your arms around his waist, resting your head on his shoulder. “Whatcha’ doing?” you asked.

Steve felt his cheeks get hot from your actions. He was use to you being all handsy, since you two were close friends, but every time you did something, his cheeks would burn. Turning around to look at you, he rested his back against the truck. “Same ol files.” He said. You hopped up on the open trunk as he started getting back to work. You felt Bucky’s eyes burn into the side of your head as you felt him watching.

“Mmmh, that sucks.” you said, pulling him in between your legs by his jacket. He was startled by your actions as you leaned in to kiss him on the cheek, a little too close to the corner of his lips.

“Well,” You said, hopping down to the ground. “Better get to work then!” you said, saluting to him with a smile. You left him startled in his tracks before he kept exchanging quick glances at you then to his papers. “That woman..” He said under his breath.

As you skipped along the dusty ground of the forest, you reached one of the tents.

“(Y/N).” A voice yelled, calling to your attention. You headed back to the nurses rooms and to the waiting area. You turned the corner to face Bucky.

“James.” You said, nodding your head. Before you could walk away from the room, Bucky pulled you inside by grabbing your arm. You groaned. “What do you want?”

“What the hell was that?” He asked, furrowing his eyebrows as he cornered you.

“What the hell was what?”

“Your little stunt with Steve.” He said, pointing to the trucks, seeing Steve leaving and going into one of the tents outside.

You smirked. “Why were you watching, James?” you asked, knowing he wouldn’t know how to cover it up. You saw his eyes shift as he looked down into yours. He looked furious, but you weren’t really sure why. “Overprotective are ya, sport.” You said, leaning over a little to meet his eyes.

“I’m not overprotective. I just don’t like it when girls like you flirt with my friend.” He said. You could see him grind the backs of his molars, making his jaw clench so it looked extra sharp.

“Mhmm.. So you’re jealous.”

“I’m not jealous!” He shouted, making the nurses look your way. You shooed them away as Bucky kept talking. A moment of silence grew over the two of you as he tried to think of what to say. You noticed your position with the soldier: Your back against the wall as he pinned you to the cold cement with his arms on either side of your head. You hated to admit it, but you liked the position you were in, and could stay in it forever.

“And by the way, you could’ve gotten yourself killed earlier today.” He said, pushing his hands off the wall as he changed the topic. “You and Steve.”

“I had to save him. I couldn’t just let him die in the chair, Barnes. I was the closest, and I knew that Dugan couldn’t do it because he always listens to Peggy’s orders.” You spit back. “Why are you so stuck on that topic, anyway? We’re alive, James. It’s not like we’re dead.”

He sighed, finally giving in and not knowing what to say. He stuck his hands in the pockets of his blue jacket and started walking away, muttering something before he turned a corner.

“What was that? Barnes..Barnes! Where are you going? We aren’t finished!” You yelled, following him into the next building, which was the armory room. Once you two were inside, he turned around to look at you.

“You were right.” He said, his tall frame slowly walking closer to you.

“About?” You asked, confusion written all over your face as you stepped back a few steps, hitting a table.

“About me being…Jealous.” He said quietly, and took a deep breath. “Look, (Y/N), I like you, alright? The reason we fight a lot and the reason why I pick the fights the most is because I do it out of the fact that I like you, and I don’t know how else to explain that I do. I mean, look at you,” he said, standing up straight as you met his eyes. “you’re nothin’ like any of those girls in skirts and bows I take out. You’re in the army for cryin’ out loud! Ever since I met you that night at the convention, you made me realize that there are better people in the world. You’re a badass commander from Britain who wears the same baseball cap everyday to her job, wears dirty boots everywhere she goes, even though she has the privilage of getting new ones, and holds a rifle with pride. If you don’t feel the same way, that’s fine. I-I know you like Steve more than me, and I’ll let you be happy with whoever you choose.”

You were stunned by Bucky’s choice of words. You felt the exact same feeling he had just explained, except you weren’t scared of him. You stood there, pressed against a wooden table with his frame towering over you as he just confessed his love to you and all you could do is look up to him. He took in every single detail of your face, your actions and different gestures, the weapons you picked out every day, and you couldn’t say anything. You were speechless.

“Bucky…I.” You smiled as you stammered for words. “I don’t know what-“

All of a sudden, he pulled away. “I get it. You like Steve. That’s, that’s fine. Everyone else does now.” He said under his breath. “I mean, who wouldn’t like Steve? He’s great, he’s nice…He’s tall…He’s basically the symbol of America right now! Everyone, even the other soldiers probably swoon over him, he has great-“ Bucky continued with his little speech about Steve, but you didn’t want to hear about Steve anymore.

You shut him up by quickly walking over to him, grabbing him by the blue jacket he had on, and pulled him down into a hard, yet passionate kiss. His eyes widened at your actions, but soon closed them as he started kissing back. Your hands were tangled in his, playing with the little hairs at the back of his neck. His hands wrapped around your waist as he pulled you closer.

You pulled back from the moment, the two of you gasping for breath. “Just so you know, I don’t like Rogers. I’ve always liked you and you only. That explains the position that we’re in right now, soldier.” You said. He nodded before bringing you back into the heated kiss.

He started walking forward with you in his arms until your thighs touched the back of the wooden table. Your lips still in action, Bucky hoisted you up onto the wooden table, clearing the guns and knives that were left on the desk. He started to rip open your sweater before you stopped him.

“Someone will see us.” You panted, your shirt now hanging loosely across your chest.

“We better be quick then, doll.” He said before resuming his actions. He took his jacket off of his body. You smiled and met his lips once more, taking his bottom lip in between your teeth, causing him to groan. You were about to fumble with the belt loops of his pants, before the two of you heard someone clear their throats.

“Uhhem.” You heard someone, Peggy to be exact, say. You and Bucky stopped dead in your tracks as you met Peggy and Steve standing in the large doorway of the armory room. You covered yourself with your sweater, as Bucky did the same with his jacket, and you unhooked your legs from his waist. “Were we interrupting something?” Peggy asked.

You jumped down from the table and zipped up your jacket, as Bucky mirrored your actions, fixing his hair.

“No ma’am.” You said. “No, ma’am.” Bucky said, shortly after you. He tried to hide the smirk that was plastered onto his face, but failed miserably.

Peggy couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m sure we didn’t.”

“When we said for you guys to get along, we wouldn’t mean like this but, whatever you want, I suppose.” Steve said, shrugging.

“Well, we sure did as Peggy said.” You smiled.

Since The Hunger Games, Teen Wolf and Arrow have gotten really popular the amount of characters with archery in their skillset has grown a lot. Here’s a guide on this ancient sport. NOTE: In this guide I’ll only talk about archery with a recurve bow since that’s the only kind of bow I have personal experience with. 

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