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Cinema-observation #1

‘Hands on hips’/‘Hands in pockets’

One of most favored Kevin’s pose. It’s may be response reaction, defensive position or dominant position of his character. Apparently it’s one of habitual Kevin’s pose wich he uses unconsciously (sort of his own muscle memory, I don’t know what kind of acting school it could be?!).

Is it pose open or closed? Both. If male taking this pose it’s may look like smt. animal and it’s a signal: “Look how big I am! I’m stronger than you, don’t make me angry!“. In some cases it’s more: “I’ve already did everything posible. I’ve nothing in my hands, what do you want from me? Piece off!”. And finaly it could be sort of play from the field of sex (it depends of destination).

But if person takes this pose with hands in pockets it’s suggests that there is some secret motive. It’s a natural human reaction. That’s how in fact the actors movements affect the subconscious mind of the audience.


Anyway in this pose Kevin always demonstrates fullness of his male nature. Or fulness of nature as it is. You know, just fullness^^


I don’t know if it’s intentional or not but they have very similar body language and pose in almost everything? Like… sure we can argue someone else shares the same pose in a certain set of merchandise, but that someone is random and very different in every set, but with these two??? It’s too much to be counted as coincidence lmao even in different items with their own team, or with their ‘default’ combi, they have similar mannerism and attitude…

I don’t know if it’s intentional or not but it gives my shipper heart so much joy ok


“You wanna play doctor?”

This is extreme thirst. On the other hand, I’m happy to know the rest of the fandom is just as parched for this Rick as I am so at least I’m in good company. 


just a fun little character game. fill in the below categories with 3-5 things that your character can be identified by. 
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Friendly wave
Warm embraces


White / Cream
Pastel Green


Lilly of the valley
Expensive perfume
Open fields


Theatre Costumes
Evening dresses
Aesthetic gown
Grecian togas


Bouquets of flowers
Opera librettos
Hair Ribbons


Not being mindful of alcohol potency before accepting another glass
Wearing her heart on her sleeve


feminine poses
standing on tip-toes
hands on hips


Red velvet theatre curtains
High society soirees
London trading port
Galloping on an open pasture
A couple taking a promenade in a garden


Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal – Vanity Fair
Ainsi Bas La Vida - Indila
Sassy - Katerina Graham
Once upon a December – Anastasia
Ex’s & Oh’s – Elle King

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“Help me get this mini fridge past the security guard.” (ophelia/jules)

     Freezing for a moment, Jules’ lips parted, but nothing but a weak puff of air escaped. “Why do you need a––” She broke off as Ophelia shot her a look, cringing as she moved over to help her. At least there was no dead body in the fridge. Internally, she winced. A joke made in poor taste; she blamed Ophelia for it. 

Watching Barton from across the hallway, his eyes practically glued to the screen of his computer, she glanced back to find Ophelia making the same face she made when she had street meat –– and it wasn’t pretty. “What?” Jules asked, instantly alarmed. Her hand almost drifted to the switchblade she kept by her hip, buried in her pockets (she never wore anything without pockets). 

“I… May have had a burrito before doing this, and it’s not…. Let’s just say if we don’t haul ass, I’m going to being hauling a lot more than that for a block home, so..” 

“Okay, okay, no need for details!” Scrunching up her face in a grimace, Jules bent down to continue pushing. About halfway there she stood suddenly, leaving Ophelia to peer up at her, that same tell-tale look of dread on her face. “Wait––” Breathing out, Jules eyed the mini-fridge. “It’s probably taking us more effort to push it on the ground than it would if we just carried it… Let’s just do that!” 

Then, looking over Ophelia, her rumbling stomach, and the lengths they still had to walk to get all the way up to her apartment, she swiftly said, “Yeah, um, never-mind, let’s just keep going before things get ugly.” 

God, the things she does for this girl… 

Finding the Light // Jinyoung

Request:  Can I request a GOT7 Jr. scenario where you find out that your secret admirer was him? (He’s your ex but still has feelings for you) Fluffy ending please~^^

Author’s Note: Sorry for such a long wait! I apologize. College is consuming most of my time these days. Please forgive me!

Word Count: 4170

Genre: Fluff x Angst

Scenario: Jinyoung x Reader x Jaebum

Taking off your jacket, your eyes landed on a small slip of paper poking out of the slots of your locker door. Grabbing the small note and putting the combination into the lock, you put your jacket inside your locker only to be startled by a slight vibration on your hip. Reaching into your pocket, you pulled out your phone a saw that you had multiple texts.

FROM: Jaebum

Are you here yet?

FROM: Jaebum

I came by your locker like usual, but I didn’t see you.

FROM: Jaebum

Meet me at mine?

A small smile spread across your face at the thought of someone caring about where you were. It had been so long since you felt that slight spark of warmth inside of you. Knowing that someone like Jaebum was waiting just a hall away, made your steps move a little faster than normal this morning. The burden of walking through the halls seemed to grow lighter each day. Yet, your heart still felt so heavy. Did it mean that you were at least still alive? You could feel it beating, but was it really working? Loosing track of your thoughts, you made your way around the corner and stopped at the sight of him.

“There you are.”

“Here I am.” Looking up, it seems as all the problems in your mind were being pushed back, making only room for him. But, the slight sense of pain lingered within you. There was too much inside you weighing down on all the walls of your mine. But, for Jaebum, you did the same thing you did every day. You slapped a smile on your face and pretended to be okay. The last thing you wanted was for him to worry about you. Losing him was the last thing you wanted to do. Losing him was the last thing you needed. Because with Jaebum, he was the last one willing to stand by your side.

“Are you okay? You’re late today. Usually you beat me here.” The concern on his face was impossible to ignore and with each twinge of his brow, you could tell he mustered up all his courage just to ask you.

“I’m fine, really.”

“Are you sure? If you’re feeling sick or anything, I can walk you back home.”


Funny that he would choose such a word.


If only you could tell Jaebum just how sick you truly were.

“I’m sure. Really, don’t worry. Come on, we’re going to be late to class.” Nudging his arm faintly, you began to walk away from him. You knew he was close behind you. You could feel him without turning around. Just the presence of him comforted you, but yet it still didn’t feel the same as before and your shoulders naturally slumped lower. An instant later, you could feel his large hands clasp down onto them embracing you in a tight hug. “What are you doing?” He closed the gap between the two of you even more and lowered his head onto your shoulder as he spoke.

“It’s your fault this is happening you know?” The smirk on his face grew bigger each time you tried to wiggle yourself from his arms.

“How is this my fault? Would you get off of me?”

“You decided to slump your shoulders all sad like that and I guess my instincts just kicked in. I’m not getting off of you so just continue to struggle.”

“Come on, it’s embarrassing.”

“Nope. Not a chance (Y/N).” With laughter erupting from him, he leaned against you, pushing you forward and into the classroom.  Struggling to stifle your own laughter, the two of you came bounding through the door and right into another person.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I should have been paying more attention.” Feeling the release of Jaebum’s arms, you no longer heard the voice and laughter by your ear. In fact, you didn’t hear anything at all. Sweeping the hair out of your face you looked up at him only seeing shock spread across his face. “What’s wrong? Did I hit you by chance too?” He didn’t move his feet, but his eyes, they wavered. As you stood there facing Jaebum, the sweet melody of a voice rang out behind you.

“It’s fine…” Barely turning, you didn’t directly face him, as your body started to tense up.

“Jinyoung…” The tear ducts of your eyes started to sting while your body began to shake just at the sound of him.

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